Let the memory of john be with us forever
  • 35 years old
  • Born on April 27, 1980 .
  • Passed away on November 10, 2015 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, john hamilton 35 years old , born on April 27, 1980 and passed away on November 10, 2015. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Diane Hamilton on August 27, 2019
I love you son ! Gone but never forgot !
Xxxx ❤️
Posted by Diane Hamilton on June 6, 2019
I’m so sorry oor John xx
Posted by Diane Hamilton on May 21, 2019
Oor John still I think about you everyday , I suppose it’s normal for emdy that’s lost a loved one , but I remember thinking a few years back when we wer all out on a sunny day getting s during as usual ! Imagine when we’re 60 or 70 wtf will we look like ? Will we be stoating about wae oor zimmers ( pimped up by John Martin lol ) best wans in town I thought ! But to think now il do it alone without my best friend hero and brother beside me , I promise John if it’s true that when you die you don’t want your loved ones to hurt everyday and try to find strength in something ! I’m going to try it’s took me long enuf but I promise I will try , all my love big hammy big brother ma hero your wee sis Diane xxxx
Posted by Diane Hamilton on May 12, 2019
Hey brother missing you sooo much still ,will never get you out of my head or heart , your my lost soul mate I miss u , I love you n youl alaways be my hero , oor John love you son xx
Posted by Diane Hamilton on April 29, 2019
Oor John was down on your birthday big John dropped me for an hour with ma bottle phone , n speaker to play your songs , n then on came the rain so ironic when playin “why does it always rain on me “ good time to every song played a memory that will never be forgotten, I love n miss you always my hero Diane xx
Posted by Tebo Yuill on April 27, 2019
Happy heavenly birthday son love and miss you loads.keep the party going , till we meet XXX,
Posted by Margaret Hall on April 27, 2019
Happy heavenly bday pal hpe u r behaving up there. U mite b gone from our hearts but never from our minds. X x
Posted by Margaret Hall on April 27, 2019
Just a wee note to say hi doll. Hpe ur looking after everyone up there, not getting ur gran, grandpa drunk R. I. P John till we meet again. X X x
Posted by Janet Smith Hamilton on April 27, 2019
Happy heavenly birthday son. Missing you every day. Love and miss you always. Xxx
Posted by Diane Hamilton on April 21, 2019
Happy Easter oor John ! Wasn’t the best holiday for us but we always got son and we always had them eaten before Aileen so we could beg her for a bit of what she had lol xxx I love you I miss you and il never ever forget you , my hero oor John always your wee sis Diane xxx
Posted by Diane Hamilton on April 12, 2019
forever missed ,,,, understatement!
Always and forever Diane xx
Posted by Diane Hamilton on April 11, 2019
Awrite son I hope you can read see or hear me at times cos a never stop seeing you in my head hearing you in my ears or read this and Facebook constantly to keep you alive in me , missing you is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through, still going through it don’t know how but John if you hear see or read this I LOVE YOU SON always your wee sis n best pal ever Disne xx
Posted by Diane Hamilton on March 11, 2019
I love and miss you everyday son xx
Posted by Tebo Yuill on December 25, 2018
Well son it's Christmas again and it's just no the same way you no here popping in to wish your mam and me awe the best.hope your still partylng up there , everyone still misses you love you god bless XXX.
P.s we cleared your name so that's another excuse to keep partylng .
Posted by Margaret Hall on November 22, 2018
R. I. P our john u r so missed by everyone. X x x
Posted by Diane Hamilton on November 21, 2018
​I dream of you at night and think about you all day
The emptiness the pain will it ever go away
As I wipe away my tears and try not to break down
I just can’t handle you not being around
This life I’m live and really can’t deny
Everyday I’m living s lie
I can’t handle how you were taken
I wake everyday hope I’m mistaken
True as this is I don’t think I can accept it
But I do need to try and start fighting shit
I miss you so much I hope we will meet one day 
But until then my brother my best friend and hero youl stay
I love oor John
Posted by Ellen Caulfield on November 10, 2018
What can I say ... I'd no seen for ages cuz.. a couple times in the passing .. I remember you were built like a "brick shit hoose" lol .. I thought we'd catch up at some point...... .. till we meet again cuz XXX
Posted by Tebo Yuill on November 10, 2018
Hi son
Well that's another year went and still seems like yesterday, was down at yours yesterday and lit it up hope you like it , keep the party going up there, thinking of you awe the time love and miss you.
Till we meet again XXX
Posted by Diane Hamilton on July 30, 2018
Oor John never a day goes by a don’t think of you il miss you till the end il never forget you I love you oor John xx
Posted by Tebo Yuill on May 2, 2018
Well son sorry am just writing to you but ave just found out how to get on your page on this new phone you know me as bright as a 2 watt bulb anyway hope you had a blast and kept everybody up with your singing miss you EVERYDAY can't get that picture of you out ma head but Hay hi just got too get on with it, everybody is thinking of you and miss you so keep a place for us all, a say this everytime till we meet again and we will sleep tight and god bless miss you XXX
Posted by Diane Hamilton on April 27, 2018
Happy birthday oor john ma brother ma best friend my hero xx
Posted by Janet Smith Hamilton on April 27, 2018
Happy birthday son. Love and miss you always. Xxx
Posted by Diane Hamilton on January 27, 2018
Lying here on the phone wishing I’ve just had a bad trip
Reality kicks in once again like a bullet loosening the grip
A wish u had a life support waiting for a choice ,even a few hours with my favourite brother all never hear your voice
A can’t work out why it had to be you but brother am coming a need to be near u , a really need out of hear where a can run as fast as a can to meet u up there n know am where a need to be cos loosing you will never stop the ache until a rest beside u once again xxxxxx
Posted by Diane Hamilton on January 16, 2018
Missing you is a daily routine one a will never let go ,
Ano sometimes it’s hard for people to remember but remembering you is all av got ,n dyu know wit all take that n the memories that comes with it cos ano a can’t bring you back but I promise you ma brother I’ll always be keeping you alive in me ... forver gone forever missed till we meet again ma brother ma best friend ma hero Diane xxx
Posted by Tebo Yuill on December 18, 2017
Well son , that's another Christmas coming up without you, hope you like your wee garden, your mum has put some lights on for you ,she misses you something awful as we all do but she was your mam and misses you that bit more , hope you don't mind coz I only right on this three times a year (birthday, that day , and crimbo) but a think about you everyday and say goodnight every night. Things are just no the same son,ano you'd rather be here but the big man has seen fit to take you up there (maybe he just wanted to know what that noise was coming out your mouth, you know the noise we call singing lol ) . But anyway hope your having fun up there and keeping the party going try and keep everybody a seat. We're all thinking of you son so have a happy heavenly Christmas , love and miss you millions XXX
Posted by Diane Hamilton on December 17, 2017
Every step I take
Every move I make
Every single day
All always be missing you !
Oor john ma brother never forget you x
Posted by Diane Hamilton on November 25, 2017
Oor John am lighting a candle the day son for n oor Sharon who a hope is wae u look after her for oor angie wer no that much different uz cuzins xx
Posted by Diane Hamilton on November 25, 2017
Imagine all the people praying for you son xxx
A new song for the playlist love you always oor John keep me safe face Masefield if that's aloud lol
Posted by Tebo Yuill on November 10, 2017
Hi son , its been two years noo , dizny get any easier but it helps when we come down tae see ye , miss you millions love you loads , wish you could just walk through the door the noo just for your mam ( well for me tae ) but that's no gony happen is it, so we'll just have to get by with the memories we've got , so keep singing your heart oot, till we meet again (and we will ) . oh I and thanks for letting me be part of your life ,you are always in ma heart XXX
Posted by Janet Smith Hamilton on November 10, 2017
Another year has passed son and still cannae believe we wont see you again or hear you singing your heart out. Miss you sorely son. Just cannae stop thinking about that night you were brutally murdered and the reason why. Love and miss you always son. xxxxxxxx
Posted by Alison Mckenna on November 10, 2017
Posted by John Martin on September 28, 2017
Oor john ,,,,,Legend !
Posted by Janet Smith Hamilton on May 10, 2017
Thinking of u every day son . xxx
Posted by Tebo Yuill on April 27, 2017
Well son that's another year gone dizny seem like it , people say it gets easier but a can assure you it dizny , ah think maybe they mean you learn to cope and just carry on coz the pain is deffo still there , you know its funny people say(ah think about this and that every day and don't really mean it ) but ah can tell you this , there's no a day go's by a don't think about you ,sometimes when at work am just ploddin away and before you know it ave got a tear running doon ma face , just because o a song on the radio, as a said its every day we think off you wish we didny have to then it widny hurt coz youd still be here , but as the big man up stairs seen fit to take you up there we'll just have to face the hurt , pain , and sorrow , you know that we're down to see you all the time anyway coz we're awe missing you , no just the family every body , god a just came on to wish yo a happy heavenly birthday and here'e me rabbiting on see that's the effect you have , its just coz a miss ye son and a wish a didny have to write all this ,a wish you were here really miss you son , so HAPPY HEAVENLY BIRTHDAY son , and if your listening be good ..... LOVE YOU XXXXXXX
Posted by Diane Hamilton on April 7, 2017
Oor John a miss the bones af u ! Amiss your crap singing when you cannae even string the gither a word never mind a sentence , man a could tell better wit big Steven said n a wiz never done saying wit tae him , but ad sit aw day n listen ae u sing steriophonics in Punjabi put up wae u slagging iz under your breath wen am shouting at you fur no shutting up , there iznae a thing a wouldnae dae ae hear u again son X
Posted by Vicky Young on April 7, 2017
Aw hammy it's been to long. But still everyone speaks highly of you , and if they don't EVERY ONE DEFENDS YOU that's because you were one in a million xx
Posted by Catherine Mcfarlane on April 7, 2017
Hammy u always turned up to do a job with that smile on yir face u always had a story to tell. Many times u had me laughing infact all the time. A mind u came to do my monoblocking and u lived in the garage. Wit a great guy u were infact u were one of my boys brought up with them, u definitely have left some great memories still can't believe u ate not here. R I p son well loved boy Xxxx
Posted by Janet Smith Hamilton on December 25, 2016
Another christmas without you son . Been thinking about you all day about the things you would be up too, the folk you would be annoying lol. Just wish you were here to annoy me son. Hope your having a ball up there. Love and miss you loads. Sleep tight ma bonnie laddie. Until we meet again. Xxxx
Posted by Angela Kennedy on November 12, 2016
Well our John a still cannot believe that you are gone cuz and to be honest I don't think it will ever you were one of a kind cuz you touched the hearts of so many people as well as the nerves lol you had a queue when I came down to see you only you missed and loved forever cuz till we meet again xxx
Posted by Pauline Rennie on November 11, 2016
R.i.p Hammy gbnf xx
Posted by Rab Elliott on November 11, 2016
My big mate Hammy the guy who always put a smile on your face no matter what kind of mood your in, times weve shared will always be remembered, the good, the bad and the funny, memories i will cherish for rest of my life so glad to have met you i hope thers a place we can meet again restin peace my friend
Posted by Sharon Miller on November 11, 2016
Rip hammy gbnf xxx
Posted by Janet Smith Hamilton on November 11, 2016
Cannae believe its been a year son since you were brutally taken from us. A will never get over it and will keep asking myself WHY. You were not a bad guy just a daft guy with the drink in you but who isnt. Still keep thinking your going to walk through the door and pester me for a loan of a tenner. If a said no you would just keep on at me until i gave in and end up giving it to you. Never going to come to terms with this son . Think about you every day and always will. You party away up there ma big handsome laddie a will bring a tenner up to you when its my time. Love and miss you always son. Xxx
Posted by Margaret Caulfield on November 11, 2016
RIP wee cuz, such a lovely boy lots of love x
Posted by Tracey Erwin on November 11, 2016
A year already big chap can't believe how quick it's gone thinking of u gbnf
Posted by Dean Gower on November 11, 2016
its eck still thinkin of yei had a wee drink to u lost but not forgotten loads of love mate ❤️ xxx
Posted by Julie Erwin on November 10, 2016
Can't believe it's been a year already you where so cruelly taken miss everyday you where a very special boy GBNF Hammy xxxx
Posted by Ellen Caulfield on November 10, 2016
As always You are always welcome here .. sorry to have missed you on this side cuz .. always in my thoughts, memories and prayers ... till we meet again xxxxx
Posted by Arlene Lowe on November 10, 2016
Miss and think of you loads hammy,remember a sunday getting the millenium kebabs n n just laughing at nothing
Posted by Aileen Hamilton on November 10, 2016
A year has gone but it seems like yesterday since I got that chap on my door. I had just gone to bed and when I heard the knock I knew it was bad news. And I knew it was you. I answered the door with a smile and I was so calm. So much so that Marcella came back 2 minutes later to make sure I realised things weren't good. By this time I was out my jammies and about to get in the car. Our life's changed forever that night. Not just cause I can't call on you when I need something done lol You could've done so much with your life. You were the clever one. Remember getting the endeavour prize out of the whole school at Mossend Primary? lol Anything you tried you could've excelled at. That's cause you put your all into everything. You loved to see people happy with your work. You loved to feel pride in your work. Well I hope you are up there feeling pride looking down at everyone here. We have all tried to do you proud. Hope it's shown. Until we meet again xxx

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