Please know how much your posting of stories and remembrance of John will mean to us now and in the years ahead.

We will cherish everything written.
  • 65 years old
  • Born on October 29, 1949 in District of Columbia, United States.
  • Passed away on April 22, 2015 in Maryland, United States.

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  Dear Friends & Family,

     With deepest sadness and very heavy hearts, we are writing to tell of the devastating loss of John Michael Hennessy.  John,  Mike, Michael, big Michael, Hen Hen, Monk, or Toy Boy-- as many knew him,  passed away on Wednesday April 22, 2015 leaving behind a long, long list of people whose lives he touched with his amazing kind heart, sense of humor, strong hands, and sweet soul.  You could meet him and in 5 minutes be forever touched- he just had that way about him. 

     His greatest wish was for his final resting place to be at Arlington National Cemetery.  His other wish was to have an Irish Wake rather than a traditional memorial service, or funeral.  Arlington Cemetery’s time frame for internment is late June to late July.  We are planning to have John’s Irish Wake coincide with the ceremony at Arlington. When we have the date we will post it here.

    This is the Memorial website where we would love to have you write stories of remembrance and post photos which would help us and others see how much John touched all our lives.  It will be a place to check updates on arrangements and ever changing with new stories.   He was known for helping all of the people he knew and many people he did not know.  We all know he had amazing skills in building or fixing anything, and was always the one to call on first.  John had such a gentle soul and he always seemed to attract kids and animals (or critters as John called them) like a magnet.  We have always been amazed at his patience in all we asked of him.  As we all know John served in the military and had a deep love for the country and servicemen.  He was a life member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

        We are moved by the outpouring of support and love for Michael and me, which we know is an extension of your love and friendship of John.  There will never be another quite like John and our lives will never be the same.  Thank you all for being here for us, your kindness will never be forgotten.  Please know how much your posting of stories and remembrance of John will mean to us now and in the years ahead.  We will cherish everything written.  Even the smallest detail of what you share about him will mean so much to us.  To post here you have to register with an email address.. If you would rather not, please send your story and or pictures to email and we will post for you on this memorial page.

              In lieu of flowers, contributions can be made payable to VFW post 2562 - Address is 11316 Fern Street Wheaton MD. 20902 RE: Hennessy Fund, to help us cope with funeral and education expenses.

Love and thanks,

Teri and Michael Hennessy

Posted by Robert Wolpert on 29th October 2018
We often think of John--especially when we see what a great young man Michael has turned out to be. A lot of that is attributable to John. He was also a wonderful husband to Teri and we miss him.
Posted by Teri Hennessy on 29th October 2018
Another day you are not here. Today is your birthday and Harley's and even though you are both gone there is still reason to celebrate. Without your birthday I would not have had you in my life. So today I give many thanks for your special day. Another sad day but will celebrate the love of my life on his birthday.
Posted by Bob Cissel on 29th October 2018
Hard to believe it's three years. We just had our 50 year high school reunion last week and you were missed by us all. Those folks we haven't seen in years all asked about you. You left us all way to soon. We miss you brother.
Posted by Tom Hennessy on 29th October 2018
Happy birthday big brother
Posted by Dy Wolpert on 22nd April 2018
This is the 3rd Anniversary of Johns Leaving this earth. I often think about you. Think about where you are, what your doing.... Are you watching your son grow up....You mean something to me. I remember all your kind, encouraging, and supportive words. I kn ow you have looked down on me seeing all the toys I have collected since I met you. I have lots of antique toys. I always remember you taking me to the auctions. Love and hugs forever.
Posted by Tracy Morris on 2nd December 2017
Hey Teri, Just wanted to drop ya a note saying how sorry i am of your loss,for some reason I stumbled over Johns tribute tonight ,hope all is well with you and Micheal,if anything I can do for ya give me a holler !!! sincerely,Tracy 240-876-2439
Posted by Dy Wolpert on 29th October 2017
I have very fond memories of John and Teri. I loved the baby goats and donkey on their farm. I really enjoyed all the heart felt talks. Teri and John were one of a kind. Love and Hugs, always....
Posted by Teri Hennessy on 22nd April 2017
Lighting a candle in memory of my soulmate. Love ya honey and miss you everyday
Posted by Douglas Noble on 22nd April 2017
Can't believe it's been two years already. I still think of John on my walks with Lance our dog down to your barn. I think of the time John was making a bonfire in your pasture for you all to sit around and cook marshmallows. John is still missed very much by all who knew him. He was one of the good guys.
Posted by Douglas Noble on 29th October 2016
Still missing a good neighbor. Happy Birthday in Heaven John.
Posted by Jim Aker on 29th October 2016
Happy Birthday Mike, Sorry you had to leave so soon. My best friend always says "What did you do with your dash". 1949 (dash) 2015. You had a positive affect on those you came in contact with and enjoyed yours to the fullest. Thanks for the memories. R.I.P.
Posted by Bob Cissel on 29th October 2016
Happy Birthday Mike. It's a bright morning with a great sun rise today. I thank you for that. I'm sure it's part of your making. I first met you during this time of year in 1963. I remember running around with you, Pat Harris and David Cutler playing pranks on the neighborhood during Halloween. To say those were the days would be an understatement. The guys all still talk about those days and your always part of those conversations. You should know how important you were in all of our lives. You had crazy thoughts about politics but were a great friend who was always there for us. If there is a heaven I'm sure you're riding a very cool motorcycle today, whiteout a helmet and letting that full head of hair being washed in the breeze. Rest in peace my friend. Someday we'll all be back together. I look forward to seeing that smile.
Posted by Teri Hennessy on 28th October 2016
Just wanted to light a candle for John's birthday. Saturday Oct. 29th is a special day to me. It is the year he was born and I got to be with him for so many of the special birthdays. Miss and Love forever....
Posted by Teri Hennessy on 8th May 2016
It's hard to believe it's been a year since we lost Mike. He was one of the first guys I met in 1963 when my family moved to Silver Spring. A friendship of 52 years. We went to Europe together. We went to Florida together. He was in the Army when I was in the Marines. Truly a great guy that was loved by everyone. A great friend and a ton of fun to hang out with. He is missed by everyone who knew him Love you Michael. rest in peace brother. Bob Cissel
Posted by Dy Wolpert on 4th May 2016
Teri & John were amazing. John was kind, courageous, and inspirational during one of the toughest times of my life. I remember going to auctions with him. I love the little baby lamb that would pass out in his field when chased. I remember......
Posted by Chris B on 22nd April 2016
Lighting a candle for JMH and saying a prayer for all. Seems like yesterday.....
Posted by Jim Aker on 22nd April 2016
Mike, You and I had some good times growing up together. I could write a book. You were a great friend and I think of you quite often. Thanks for the memories.
Posted by John Conley on 22nd April 2016
Will always miss Mike, even though we didn't see each other we will always be brothers
Posted by Teri Hennessy on 22nd April 2016
Just wanted to light a candle today for my soul mate and the love of my life. Miss you more than words can say...
Posted by Andy Pope on 22nd April 2016
A year is a long time..., but longer still without you, big guy... Miss you every day... and especially these days with all the politics! what fun we would be having talking about that! hahaha.
Posted by Joe McClellan Jr on 2nd November 2015
When I was a.boy I looked up to my cousin so very much. I thought he was the coolest guy in the world. I like to think that he's with his dad and my dad on his birthday sharing a pint and watching over us all. I wore long hair and pierced ear to be just like him. I loved him very much and I will miss him greatly as I know all of us will. CHEERS CUZ
Posted by Sharon Aker-Hudson on 29th October 2015
Mike, Happy Birthday!! I know that you are in heaven having the start to one super birthday. May you look down and see all those who love and remember you. You left such a wonderful impression on us. You are gone but never forgotten. You touched so many lives. Today I want to say on your special day what an honor it was to know you. May you have one great celebration today. A toast to you on your 66th!! Birthday hugs!!
Posted by Darragh Mulrooney on 9th October 2015
I was very blessed to have John reunited with long lost relatives in Dublin before he left us and I am deeply saddened to hear of John's passing. John had a tremendous prescence and a deep silent strength that he managed to pass on to those he came into contact with. I will be forever grateful to the internal strength he managed to pass on before his passing. Dr Darragh Mulrooney.
Posted by Barney Hanna on 3rd June 2015
Teri we are so sorry for your loss I knew Mike many years and we enjoyed some good times together, Usually sitting around having a beer and knowing we had the correct answers to most of the problems in the world , luckily he would listen to me and I would listen to him and then we would move because we found out no one cared for our opinions although they were correct
Posted by Dy Wolpert on 23rd May 2015
Dearest Terry, I absolutely do not know what to say. I have been crying for days. I remember john was the only man ever nice and respectful to me. I remember him telling me about cars, the animals, and how to be true to yourself. Dr. Dy Wolpert
Posted by Sarah Olsen on 22nd May 2015
One of my favorite memories when I went down to see John and Teri was when we were working on fixing a water pump/ pipe in the barn. They always had some sort of project going on. I called Michael to ask him to turn on the water because we thought the water pipe was all good, much to our surprise the water went everywhere (mostly on John and Teri) who were in the hole we'd dug out to get to the water pipe. They screamed and ended up with water splattered on them and I was safe and dry in my corner of the barn
Posted by Jennifer Carpenter on 19th May 2015
What an amazing man, so lucky to have met him. Miss you, sending you are thoughts and prays. The Carpenter's
Posted by Nancy Schlensker on 8th May 2015
Teri and Michael, So sorry to hear of John's passing. I know you and Michael are strong amazing Mother and Son. This. Is going to be a difficult time, but time does help. I didn't know John very well, but he seemed like a wonderful guy. I know he loved you both very much. I remember the fire engine My John gave your John. Take care of yourselves and God is watching over you. Much love, Nancy and family
Posted by John Conley on 6th May 2015
I met Mike in the early 60's and we were roommates in the early 70's he was a member of the brotherhood I'll miss him even though we rarely saw each other RIP
Posted by Scott Kruse on 5th May 2015
Mike was my friend for over 50 years, my brother in spirit and just about the kindest person I've ever known. Judging from the prior tributes above, its no surprise that he touched everyone that way. But the longer I knew him and the closer we got, the greater his impact was. I will miss terribly. RIP my friend.
Posted by Lilla And Bill Hammond on 4th May 2015
We are so very sorry to hear about John’s passing so suddenly. We hope that the many beautiful sentiments already expressed by dear friends and family will lift this heavy burden for his family, and, especially for Teri, Michael, Ruth and Bob. John will always be remembered by us as one who took the time to answer questions with care and attention. He generously shared his knowledge which made him a great teacher in our minds. We are very blessed to have known John and will continue to keep his wonderful family in our thought and prayers. God bless you all!
Posted by Karen Parker on 3rd May 2015
Teri, my heart goes out to you and Michael,and you both are in my thoughts and prayers!! I have known Mike for about 47 years and he was always a kind, sweet, considerate person!!! I have a son who is 45 and when he was born there weren't any little kids in the crowd and the guys all would help out caring and giving love to my son and doing things with him as his Dad wasn't real involved and Mike was one of them, as a matter of fact he called his 2 favorites Big Mike and Little Mike, I sure you know who was who!!! I couldn't thank him enough for that special time, he would lend me his car when I was without.....he will truly missed by all he touched, I was really looking forward to seeing him in July at the reunion party for Einstein but I know he will be there I spirit and in all hearts of those that knew him!!! Sending you both lots of love!!!
Posted by Julie Kinnaman on 2nd May 2015
Dear Teri and Michael, We just heard about John. We're so sorry for your loss. John was a wonderful man and we always think of him smiling. John will make sure John's 10 speed bike gets some regular rides in his memory and spirit. Our prayers and love are with you two right now. Julie & John Kinnaman
Posted by Troy Ford on 1st May 2015
To a dear friend that will be greatly missed.I'm very thankful to have know John although his time with us was cut short I truely beleive it's not quanity but quality that counts. Johns drive for life and his love for family was something to be admired. His kind words and attitude towards life told me he was very happy man. The way he spoke of his wife Teri and his son Michael told me he knew the true meaning of the word love. May your peace be restful may your memories be forever
Posted by Andy Pope on 30th April 2015
Growing up, we all called him Mike. We also called him affectionately “monkey” or “monk.” And most of us (from the old days...) never got used to the name change to "John." But whatever you called him, he was always the big guy with the big heart and the easy smile. He could and would talk with anyone, about anything. And he had opinions about most things - - even if he didn’t know anything about it…! Hahaha! My first memories of Mike are from when we would hang out at his house on Forest Glen Rd after school – Montgomery Hills Junior high school. We’d make fun of his sisters’ boyfriends and smoked cigarettes and for some reason we usually ended up wrestling over something. I always lost, of course…. And there was hanging out at Sam’s and Bobby’s with Pat and Scott and Mike and JC and Rosemary (Roe da hoe, haha)…. And Jimmy Aker… It was a close group of friends and we have all remained so for over 50 years…. He and I drove to California together in the summer of ’68. We landed eventually in Long Beach and worked in restaurants to support a fledgling surfer habit. When we returned in the fall, all of our other buddies were joining the Marines. We didn’t though…. Many years later we lived together in Columbia with Sam and Theresa and others who rotated through as roommates for varying periods of time. Mike took over the small work shed as a garage for his Triumph motorcycle. He worked on it incessantly and if he wasn’t working on it, he was cleaning it. There was lots of Budweiser involved... Those were good times… But marrying Teri and raising Michael were the 2 things that made him complete. He loved them more than life itself, and I’m sure they know it. His life revolved around Teri and Michael. As we all know, and anyone who ever met him would know, Mike was a generous, loving and caring man. But above all, he was a family man. And his mom and dad, his brother Tommy and his sisters Sharon and Francis were also never far from his thoughts or his heart. He was the big brother, the protector, the provider, the close friend, the patriot, the little kid at heart who liked his toys, and always, always the guy who you wanted to have as your best friend. He went to Arlington every year to visit his dad and pay his respects. I couldn’t be happier than to know that Mike will be there now, too. I will do what I can to go visit every year, just as he did, and pay my respects and remember the big guy with the big heart… I’ll always remember, miss, and love ya man…
Posted by Stephanie Desmond on 29th April 2015
From John & Debbi Polk Dear Teri and Michael Debbi and I extend our sincerest condolences for the loss of your much loved husband and father. Unfortunately we met him only a few month ago during our short visit but for me at least there was an immediate connection. His easy, friendly nature and enthusiasm for life were evident. His loss will be felt by many, but his memory will also sustain many. He loved family, friends and country. What else needs to be said. Love, John and Debbi
Posted by Tina Caffey on 29th April 2015
My condolences to the family. I didn't know John very well but I remember when my dog got away from me and traveled the neighborhood. I thought he was gone forever. I searched everywhere for him. I put out a call to my Barnes Road neighbors and Teri responded. John found my dog and took him to his house. I am so grateful to have such wonderful neighbors. John you will be sorely missed by everyone. Teri I know that you are still grieving but please know that you have plenty of friends thinking about you and hoping the memories of John wIll heal your heart. Bless you my friend Tina
Posted by Terry Lewis on 29th April 2015
Heartfelt condolences to all of you. I remember being so impressed when Teri came to work and announced John had surprised her with a Gator. He clearly was a kind and thoughtful man. I am holding you all in my heart as you work through this.
Posted by James Marquart on 28th April 2015
Joann and I extend our deepest sympathy and condolences to the family. We are long time friends of Ruth & Bob's, and feel we know Teri and Michael, from all the stories over the many years. As Bill and Judy Guggenheim concluded in their book "Hello from Heaven," life and love are eternal and one's spirit never dies. We hope it brings some comfort to you in knowing that John's spirit will always be with you. Sincerely, Jim and Joann Marquart
Posted by Cindy Mandley-Lowry on 28th April 2015
Dear Teri and Michael, Reading the tributes to John confirmed what I feel was one of his best qualities,...his generosity. For example, several years ago Teri was helping me plan my husbands retirement party (from the fire service) when John appeared with many of his prized fire trucks and insisted I use them as decorations at the party. As many have stated, he was always willing to help. My prayers to Teri and Michael.
Posted by Glenn Lawyer on 28th April 2015
I was deeply saddened to here of Johns passing , and my most sincere condolences go out to the entire Hennessy family. I only knew John through our work, but still well enough to know what kind of person he was. I will surly miss our chats while waiting to load or unload on various job sites. He will be greatly missed and never forgotten by all who knew him.
Posted by Nicola Harman on 28th April 2015
Teri and Michael, We are so shocked to hear of your loss. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your loved ones. Take care and hope to see you around town. The Harman Family (Nicola, Richard, Isabel and Alicia)
Posted by Jenny Newman on 28th April 2015
Teri and Michael, we were just devastated by this news. John will always be thought of as one of the nicest, most genuine guys we've had the pleasure of knowing. Our girls used to LOVE how he played with all of them in the pool during your pool parties when they were younger. He was definitely one of the 'cool dads.' There will be sad days ahead, of course, but I KNOW that you and Michael will thrive. You are both smart, scrappy people and the love you have for each other will be made stronger for your loss. And John will be smiling down on both of you on your journey until you all meet again one day. Much love and peace to you, Jenny, Ernie, Sammy and Vicki
Posted by Deb Greubel on 27th April 2015
Teri, Thinking of you and hoping that you and Michael will find peace in your loss. John was a great guy.... (hugs cousin) Deb
Posted by Dottie Rendine on 27th April 2015
Teri, I was shocked when Sue told me about Johns passing. I am so sorry that you and your son have to suffer this loss. I think about you and Sue very often and how much fun we had all those years ago. I met John only once and thought he was the one for you! I still have my "emerald ring". My love and prayers for you and your Son.
Posted by Karen McClellan on 27th April 2015
Michael was the big brother I never had. If a cousin can have what is called a crush I certainly had one on Michael. He was handsome and sweet and gentle and loving. When his mom had moved out of the DC area the McClellan house became his stopping point in between Korea and Germany and travels with his friends. In my early adult life he was my good friend and I spent many hours in his company with all the great friends he had made a long the way. We had some fun times! Life put time and miles between our visits but the moment I was in his company the love was as palpable as if we had never spent moments apart. I was so blessed to have spent some time with him this fall on the farm he loved so much. We are lucky he left us a beautiful son to carry on his loving gentleness. My heart goes out to little Michael and Terri. He will be tremendously missed by all those he touched.
Posted by Johanna Waters on 27th April 2015
Dear Teri We are deeply saddened by John's passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. We can only hope Harleys are allowed in Heaven, so one day we can all ride together again.
Posted by Douglas Noble on 27th April 2015
Very sorry and shocked to hear of John's passing. I didn't know John that well but do remember talking to him when I walked our dog Lance down to greet the animals and your horse. I am still trying to process his being gone and am in shock. We appreciate all the help you have given to us Teri and hope you will feel free to call on us for anything you need.
Posted by Bob Cissel on 26th April 2015
I've known Michael since 1963. He was one of the first three people I met when I moved to Glen Ave off of Forest Glen Road in Silver Spring. We went to middle school together, high school, I went off to the Marines and he went off to the army in 1968. We went to Florida together after we got out of the service. We also went to Europe together too. There's just to many great memories to put them all here. He was the kindest and most gentle of all of our crew of guys ( there's about 10 of us ) that still are friends today after 52 years of knowing eachother. After five minutes with him you just new he was a good guy. He will be missed by all that ever knew him. My heart is broken for Teri and Michael. On behalf of all the " Boy's of the 60's " we are here for you both. Anytime time. Day or Night. Don't hestitate to call. I'll miss his smiling face the most. Rest in Peace Brother.
Posted by Marlene Philbrick on 26th April 2015
Our thoughts and prayers go out to Teri and Michael. What a wonderful husband and father he was. May he rest in peace and may he be rewarded for all the good deeds he did for everyone. Love ya. Marlene and Butch.

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