Let the memory of John J. be with us forever
  • 73 years old
  • Born on July 4, 1939 .
  • Passed away on February 28, 2013 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, John J. La Porte 73 years old , born on July 4, 1939 and passed away on February 28, 2013. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Sue Lee on 4th July 2018
Happy Birthday!! I miss you so much. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about you. I wish you were here to celebrate everything that has been going on around us. In our hearts we believe that you had a part in helping Dana and Julio find their new home. I know you are celebrating in heaven with all of your friends. Say Hi to mom for me. I hope that you are with Jason and Sean the most. Please continue to watch over all of us. I love you very much!!!
Posted by Sue Lee on 28th February 2017
Another year has gone by without you. I always imagine life with you here. I just hope you are watching over Jason. Jason and Sean are both at Misericordia now. Thar dirty dam day is here as you described it. Dana and Julio are engaged to be married please be with them every step of the way. We all miss you so much. I am glad that you are your family and friends that have departed before you. I know you are not alone. I love you very much. you are always in my heart.
Posted by Sue Lee on 4th July 2016
I miss you so much. It's not the same without you here especially when it comes to your Birthday. I know I am selfish and still wish you would have survived Lung Cancer for a Third time. I know you are at peace. Just stay with us.
Posted by JoAnne Lee on 28th February 2016
Thinking of and missing you today as always.. Miss our conversations at family parties , we don't see much of anyone anymore .Miss you.
Posted by Sue Lee on 28th February 2016
It is so hard to believe that you have been with out us now for 3 years was told as time goes by it gets easier. Not always. I miss the relationship that you had with Jason. He will never have a relationship like that again. I do talk to him about you. He listens. You fought so hard to stay here. I didn't want to believe that you were a very sick man. Dr. A said that we gave you 3 more years and you had 3 good years until the last 6 months. I miss seeing your car out in front of my house. Dana and I talk about you all the time. I know you will be there at the wedding that you knew would eventually happen between Dana and Julio. I would have been looking forward to your speech. I know someday I will see you again. Until then please watch out for all of us. You were great at that. Always in our hearts.
Posted by Sue Lee on 4th July 2015
It's so hard to believe that we are going on a 3rd Birthday without you. I miss you so much. I don't feel that you are with me but you must be. I won't tell you whats going on because I know you have to watching. Please be with us as we celebrate you along with Jason and Elaine like we always did on the 4th of July. Happy Birthday Pops as Katharin would say.
Posted by JoAnne Lee on 4th July 2015
Happy Birthday ,Happy Fourth of July !!! We miss you so very much but know that you are celebrating today with many friends and family members..Love and miss you Jack & JoAnne
Posted by Sue Lee on 28th February 2015
Dad, I can't believe that you have been gone for 2 years now. I miss you so much. Life without you is very different. I miss our dinners. Us going out and you helping me push Sean in his wheelchair. Margaret has SSDI now. We will find her a place to live. We are going to Disney World with John, Katharin and the kids. I will be thinking about you every step of the way. I know we are flying because that is what you have wanted us to do. We are going to visit Uncle Bob too. I love you very much. I remember blowing you a kiss the night before you passed away and told you that I loved you and you waved good bye and said the same thing. I couldn't hear your voice but I read your lips as you waved good bye to me. I had no idea you would not be here with us the next day. You are in a better place I know that. I am selfish I wish you were still here. Please continue to look down upon us. We are all doing ok. Think about you everyday. I know you and mom have to be together doing that. She told me that she would be. I hope you are proud of all of us. Thank you for tapping me on the shoulder and telling me that you better not drive to Disney World. Always in my heart, Sue
Posted by Sharon Nagelberg on 28th February 2015
We think of you everyday especially when we think we hear you walking up the stairs. We listen for you to knock on our door to ask for your cherry coke. We can't believe that it has been two years since you passed away. Our thoughts go out to your family and wishing them lots of prayers in remembrance of you.
Posted by Sue Lee on 11th December 2014
I was thinking about you today. I think about you everyday but I needed to write. I often wonder how you and mom are doing? Please help us get through this Christmas. Us kids are on our own now. I have so much to share the kids are growing up so fast. Dana is a journalist now. Jason graduated and Sean is blossoming now. I hope you guys are proud of us. Vic is another story. You know that. I know you are shaking your heads about that. Mom I hope you catch your Chinese lantern that we are going to release to you on Christmas. Dad I hope you catch one too. I hope Nana will catch the other one. Love and miss you all.
Posted by Sue Lee on 4th July 2014
Happy 75th today. As we celebrate you, I will raise a glass in your honor. I miss you so much. Today we will release balloons in your honor. I think of all the birthdays we celebrated with you. Then Jason came along and we celebrated even more. I think of you all the time and more so today. Happy Birthday Dad I love you very much.
Posted by JoAnne Lee on 4th July 2014
Happy Birthday John... We miss you .
Posted by JoAnne Lee on 2nd March 2014
Every time I go to Jim & Sue's house I expect to see you there. I miss you every time . Loved sitting and talking to you ,you were a friend of mine . I will always remember your love for your family that we always talked about . I miss you John and may you continue on your travel adventures that you loved so much . Love JoAnne
Posted by Sue Lee on 28th February 2014
It is a year today that you are not here with us. We know mom will be with you soon. We took care of her like you asked us too. Thank you for everything you have done for all of us. When you see mom please take her hand and guide her to the people she has loved and lost. I know you will both be watching over all of your children and grandchildren. I think about you everyday and all of the fun times that we had. I love you very much!
Posted by Susan Sgarlata on 27th February 2014
I know how much you must miss him Sue. He will always be in your heart. Chris has his picture of your Dad on her shelf with the grandchildren. She misses him also. They were always on each others "shit list" which gave us many laughs and memories. Rest in peace John - we miss you. Especially by Rick and Mary Ann's at Christmas - he always would come over for "a few" cocktails before coming by your house. Take Care - will be thinking of you tomorrow!
Posted by Sharon Nagelberg on 27th February 2014
Being a neighbor for over thirty years have brought us closer to the family. We spent many hours with John especially fixing his computer. My son, chad would always be available to fix his computer. At the end we would always check in on him to see if he needed anything at the store. His favorite item would be cherry coke . We miss him so much and can't believe it is a year. Our thoughts go out to your whole family to send a prayer for you.
Posted by Sue Lee on 26th February 2014
You helped me so much miss you so much. I can't believe you have been gone almost a year. Life without you has been hard but I know you are with your friends now and your parents. Please watch over us and continue to watch Jason. He looks up at the sky and will say hi to you.

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