Posted by Rachel Siena-Hudson on July 2, 2014
My dear Papa I think of you all the time, I always think about how much fun we would be having together if you were here. I remember all the good times we shared. I miss you a lot. Today on your birthday I light a candle in memory of you. Your story will live on as long as I do. You are in peace with the Lord. Love you. Until we meet again......
Posted by Desiree Siena on July 2, 2014
Just because you are not here for us to celebrate with, we remember your birthday, your smile and the way you were gentle with Starr. I will never forget the day you told me how you got Starr. Hopefully you see that we think of you often and fondly. Happy Birthday in heaven.
Posted by Rachel Siena-Hudson on December 3, 2013
I light a candle in honer of you my dear father. December 4th is never a easy day. I truly miss you much. I think about you all the time and wish you were still around me and my family. I wish you were here to have celebrated my 40th birthday with me, and know that I have a wonderful husband, and blessed with two great kids. Also that I am a pre-k teacher's aide, and a CCD teacher,teaching the Catholic faith, and made a lot of progress in my life over the years. I remember your voice like it was yesterday. My Papa I love and miss you much. Thank you Jesus for giving me those years with my father. You are gone but never forgotten. Love your daughter
Posted by Rachel Siena-Hudson on April 22, 2013
Papa I just finished leaving a tribute to Aunt Jennie, so of course I thought of you too. I miss you both so much. I would do almost anything possible just to hear your voices for a minute. As time goes by it really never gets easier. It gets harder because the more time you are gone I miss you more,& want to break down & cry. I guess it was time for us to part, but it hurts so bad.
Posted by Rachel Siena-Hudson on April 22, 2013
Dear Papa I wish you were here to celebrate my 40th birthday with me.
Posted by Carol Green-Siena Berger on December 4, 2012
Johnny, no matter what I always think of you. I do miss you so very much. We had our bad & good times together, as every married couple goes through. However, I have no regrets marrying you. We brought into this world a Beautiful Baby-Girl, Rachel Ilene Siena, Together. Dear God, Johnny if I had to do it all over again, I would. I, miss you to this day so very much. R.I.P. Love, Carol!
Posted by Melissa Berger-Harper on March 16, 2011
Johnny was such a wonderful, caring, & loving person! We will play our card games one day & I will still win! Hope your smiling down on us! You are missed & loved.
Posted by Desiree Siena on March 15, 2011
Remembering my Uncle John, who had a heart of gold. My favorite memory is him saving this little dog, Star. Some kids were teasing the dog and he saved her. He loved that dog and it was so sweet. A heart of gold!!
Posted by Rachel Siena-Hudson on March 14, 2011
please read my tribute under stories, and please leave one if you would like. Thanks!
Posted by Stacie Carew on March 14, 2011
Lights a candle in memory of my favorite Uncle. One day we shall play cards again. Love & Miss you daily! <3

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