This tribute was added by LaDonna Goddard on March 5, 2020
John was a person who left the world better than he found it through his kindness and easy nature, his caring concern for others and his devotion to his family. He is a man of integrity who will be missed.
This tribute was added by Catherine Tiwald on January 22, 2020
John will be forever missed. I loved his kind gentle spirit. He was a friend to everyone. He helped me build my garden and I know he will help me watch over it. John brought light to our PDO community with his smile and his laugh. He brought support and love to this community with his willingness to help everyone and jump right in and work on many PDO projects, like our library.
He was a warrior with his illness and would not allow it to be an excuse not to help others. John you have set an example of how to live for all of us.
This tribute was added by Jerry Yates on January 20, 2020
John will be missed by me, as a friend and fellow beach walker, John will be remembered as man who faced adversity with unwavering strength and gave it one hell of a fight. A Real Hero
This tribute was added by Jenna Kanwischer on January 19, 2020
I was truly blessed to be able to get to know John in the last year. He was so kind and endearing. John and Melanie came to Petaluma last March for our wedding and hosted our rehearsal dinner. I got the privilege of sitting next to John. He was so kind and ask Me lots of questions. We laughed and got to know each other. He eased my nerves of meeting my in-laws for the first time and instantly felt like family. I couldn’t wait to make more memories with my new family. I’m so grateful to John for being an amazing example of hard working, honest and loyal man for my husband Adam and a loving grandpa to Jasmine. I will always cherish the memories of our last conversation when we talked about your granddaughter Jordyn on the way and seeing your face light up with a big smile as you touched my stomach. John you are truly a special one of a kind man. You are in our thoughts and hearts every day. We love you always!
This tribute was added by Chloe Sissa on January 17, 2020

Your positive outlook on life and wonderful laugh and smile was always a joy to be around . I always cherished how much you loved my mom and respected how you treated her like your queen as well as loved and supported our whole family . My son Jahfari always mentioned through the years how much you believed in him and the future that he has been creating for himself . I will never forget our family dinners and thanksgiving was always such a great time and good laugh with Mario and adam . The three of you would keep me in tears of laughter . You had a special green thumb and I never met anyone who could create such beautiful gardens with such a sense of peace and tranquillity. I still cannot believe your gone, but I know you are at peace and at rest and what a joy it was to spend time with you at Adams wedding recently . Please know you are always in our thoughts and we smile when we think of your laugh and your New Yorker accent. We know you are enjoying your coffee and cookie at 4:00 Pm and watering your beautiful garden and sitting with mom and loving her . We love you John , never forgotten ...
This tribute was added by Shar Crone on January 12, 2020
Bruce and I wish we could write a tribute about John. We heard over the years from Bruce and Melanie’s mother many wonderful compliments about John and his generosity and strength of character. We would have enjoyed spending time with him. So much of family anymore is spread geographically afar and don’t get to experience those treasured memories. We have enjoyed reading the beautiful tributes about John and send much love to Melanie and the rest of the family. Love and Blessings to all.
This tribute was added by Adam Kanwischer on January 12, 2020
Dearest John.
  Words cannot express how much you will be missed and how much of an impact you had in my life. When you and mom got together are life's changed we had more opportunity and a more comfortable life from your hard work and dedication to your business forchelli construction! You played a huge role in my life as a young man you showed what a responsible father, husband, and man looks like. I am forever grateful I had a step father like you john. Your kindness, generosity, and always wanting to take us out to dinner is how I will always remember you. I always looked forward to you taking us out to dinner and talking and laughing with you at the new Yorker pizzeria. Me my wife Jenna and jasmine are still going there and I love being in that restaurant and it will always remind me of you. I am so grateful that we got to see you in your last weeks of life. we love you john. you will be forever missed and forever loved. I pray and hope that you are in a better place now with no pain and no discomfort. And will do ever thing that we can when it comes to taking care of mom. Just wanted you to know that. Love you john!.
Sincerely, kanwischer family.
This tribute was added by Kate Sinon on January 12, 2020
This is such a beautiful tribute, Melanie. I only got to meet John the one time at Bec's Summer BBQ and he and I spent a good deal of time chatting on the porch away from the crowd. I always thought I would have liked to get to know him more and I'm so sorry I didn't get the opportunity. Much love to you, -kate
This tribute was added by Greg Mckinney on January 12, 2020
I am honored to have known John. He was such an incredible force of personality and humor and gentleness.
From the pictures, you can see that he was always up for helping his neighbors.
His work on creating the library
at Playa de ORO will always be remembered and I am so grateful to have been a small part of that with him and our neighbors. I will treasure those memories always. I know that John is looking down with that smile of his and watching over you Melanie.
This tribute was added by Igor D on January 12, 2020
John and his family let me stay at there home in Petaluma for almost a year while I was exchange student in local high school. I have only the best memories of him and Melanie with Adam.

John was very generous, nice with great sense of humour but especially always ready to help whenever I or anyone else needed something. He also made me fall in love with films and good New york style pizza which stayed with me for next almost 20 years.

I am very greatful and will never forget those times.

Love Igor

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