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From Colleen Sherman of New York State Cancer Registry

Shared by Tricia Kulmacz on April 6, 2021
I have such good memories of sharing meals with him and our fun group during trips to Atlanta.   

From Loraine Marrett Walter

Shared by Tricia Kulmacz on April 6, 2021
I knew John best when I worked for 7 years (1975-1982) as part of the SEER program in Connecticut, where we had 2 sites: the Registry itself in Hartford and a Research Unit at Yale in New Haven. I was at the latter. This job was my introduction to cancer registries, and what a wonderful way - and time - to enter that world. The SEER community was a very collegial one and I met many fine people. Of course, John and Connie were among them - giants in the cancer surveillance world, along with Calum Muir. John had a big heart and was quick to laugh, a good and committed man-with-a-vision.

From Dr. Freddie Bray of IACR

Shared by Tricia Kulmacz on April 6, 2021
I was a generation or two before, it was evident from my first weeks at my very first job (South Western Cancer Registry, Bristol) that John was key in the development of cancer registration internationally and a pioneer in the field. We will certainly ensure there is a piece on the IACR website honouring his legacy and link this to the IARC homepage.

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