Posted by Harry Netti on July 10, 2021
Times like these leave me speechless. Words never can accurately express the feelings they are meant to represent. That's how special an individual JB was. Indescribably funny, loyal, intelligent and most of all warm. He was perhaps the best friend I ever made "on the road". JB is the one who talked me into becoming a Texan, then he convinced me that I would love living in the Austin area. He was right on both accounts! Let's never forget that he so enjoyed teaching his interns and proteges. He did it so unselfishly, too. He was a great teacher and one of the best audio engineers I have had the pleasure to work with. I will miss him more than I could ever say.
Posted by Chari Short on June 19, 2021
More responses on the invitation page from Showco Alumni: 
Buford Jones - I wish I could be there. I always thought very highly of John and loved his smile. We had lots of fun together and worked some great gigs. Blessings and peace to all his family as I know they miss him dearly. I refuse to get on another airplane....ever, but will consider a drive there.
Camilla Whitright - We are sorry to miss it. RIP John.
Christy Axford Allen - Great memories John! "Turn up" in afterlife! Best regards
Karen Chellew (Schertz) Wilson - So sorry we're unable to make John's Celebration of his life. He was such a great guy and loved by many.
Ken Byrnes - Still in VN (Vietnam). I saw you are thinking about a Dallas event in July....we'll see what that month brings. We've gained 10,000 maybe more since the end of April. But my thoughts are with you and all the gang. I'll have a drink to JB (actually maybe the bar will have a round) if the bars are opened then. Give my best to everyone...miss you guys. See ya soon....maybe. Hehe.
Tana Douglas - Thoughts from Los Angeles
Andy Moore - Still on vacation on the day. Good thoughts, memories and prayers though.
Mark Harless - Unfortunately I won't be able to attend but will be remembering JB for ever and praying for his family's comfort and peace.
Diane Smith O'Meara - Wish I could be with you all. John was always great to me.
Bruce Thatcher - Wish I could be there to share in JB's memories. Peace & Strength
Posted by Chari Short on June 17, 2021
I have posted things other people have said, so now I post my feelings about JB. JB was one of "my boys" when he came to work at Showco in 1974. He was friendly, funny and always had a big smile and hug for me when he came into the office. We were friends 'till the end. I miss him.
Posted by Chari Short on June 17, 2021
More responses via email from Showco Alumni:
Ted Shawe - Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it to either Austin or Dallas, but I will have JB and Patti and all of you in my thoughts.
Danny "Chicken Ear" Huffman - He was a great guy.
John Wiseman - Please pass on my heartfelt sympathies to the family...JB was a good dude.
Bruce Thatcher - I've been trying to figure out a way to get to Austin, but just too much on the schedule for the 19th to happen. I can't make the 10th in Dallas either. Please pass along my regards.
Kevn Carl (Sims) Gilpatric - Personall JB, like Donnie, was a huge part of my Showco "life" and now another part of that life has passed. 
Gary Bayles - Thanks for this info. I was one of JB's "kids" as he would say. I've kept in touch with him over the years and went down to visit a few times in Austin. This hit me hard. I really wanted to see him again.
Kevin "KT" Taylor - Thanks so much for letting me know. I enjoyed my time with JB on the Vince Gill tours. He will be missed.
Rance Caldwell - I called him and we spoke for awhile, so glad I did. He was a great engineer. We did a War tour and had a blast. I learned a lot from him, and he was always glad to teach. 
David Hickey - Dang it!
John "JR" Rea - Sad news to hear about JB. RIP John.
Billie Osburn - Oh my! Sad to hear this. Toured with him on
Joe Casanova - I'm sad that JB's not with us anymore, but I'm also sad for Patti. I had some great conversations with her on a few occasions. Like JB, always cordial and "never met a stranger". 
Mike Garvey - John did FOH for the Who tour in late '79. When the tragedy happened in Cincinnati, John was a consummate professional who always set an example of how to handle adversity. He was mentor to many of us and is missed. Then in a later response: A selfless mentor to many of us who aspired to be the talented & skilled engineer he was. He is missed. Please extend my condolences to John's family.
Jim Bornhorst - I do remember John as being engaged and eager to help. In the mid-70s when we were rapidly pursuing technological changes and putting out the "PA du jour", JB rolled with the changes never grousing. I greatly respected his mixing skills as he always made the Superboard and the PAs sound great. He was a pro! After an absolutely wonderful night in Memorial Auditorium with The Blues Brothers, JB handed me the board tapes which I treasure today. What a remarkably generous gift.
John Gill - So sorry to hear about JB.
Charlie "Chuck" Parnell - John helped make me the man I am today. ML. Sarge. Big Daddy. Jack Maxson. Rusty. Bad boy Badenhop. JW Roberts. Mark Hughes and George Wheatley. And so so many GREAT PEOPLE from SHOWCO. JB was such a great GUY. It is a very sad day. I LOVE YOU JB. Rest in peace, my friend.
Wil Sharpe - So very, very sad to read this news. JB was a kind and good-hearted man!
Dave Barnett - Now that dos hit close to home.... tempis fugit, amiga
Chris Lantz - He was a good man. He hired me at Showco.
Gary "1K" Kudrna - This one hits a lot harder than most.
Mike Caterina - Godspeed JB
Carter Buschardt - RIP John
John Wiseman - Shit, this sucks. JB was always nice and had a smile.... my best to the family...dammit
Mark Hughes - After ZZ opened for The Stones at the Cotton Bowl in 1981, driving home in a flash flood, JB told me to "jump in the back seat" and miraculously started the engine and drove us to safety. Bystanders applauded.
And another story from Mark Hughes - I met Patti at the ZZ Top Reunion in Houston in May of 2019. When I found John, sitting with her, I decided to hang out with him, as I hadn't seen him in many years. He said to me, "It sure is good to see you", and I felt and said the same. 
And another quote from Mark Hughes - John Blasutta was a great mentor to me in my early years at Showco. On a Beach Boys tour in the summer of 1978, he and Roy Snyder were leaving our afternoon outdoor show to do another show that night. Still a rookie, I asked JB how the truck was to be loaded. His answer: "All of the big black boxes go into the big white truck." RIP, JB.

Posted by Chari Short on June 17, 2021
Quotes from Showco Alumni:
Bryan Blasutta - Farewell, John. Thanks for everything.
Lee Lawley - Will truly be missed, a frontier to live sound production, great to work with and friend.
Gary Brown - You'll be missed, buddy.
Rosemary (Kretzschmar) Chardukian - Sad to hear.
Karen Chellew (Schertz) Wilson - Great Guy.
Roy Snyder - Hook 'em horns, JB...RIP
Lonnie McKenzie - Much Love. RIP JB
Michael Tomassetti - Godspeed, sir!
Thomas "TH" Hansen - Always appreciated his advice and kindnesses, and his smile was always welcoming. Thanks, JB.
Dirk Arnold - My condolences to the family. John was always nice to me and I learned a lot from him.
Dana Thornton - RIP JB
Jan Griffin - So very sad. Praying for the family and all his loved ones.
Jan Michael Alejandro - Rest in Peace JB.
Danny Machado - Rest in peace JB, it was always a good time... You will be missed.
Ken Byrnes - Adios John, will be missing you. Who's to remind me to go to bed? My prayers to your family...say hello to the gang for me.
Gary Taylor - I'll always remember him as a friend that helped me understand what my spot was in the process. He mentored me.
Johnny Watson - Rest in Peace JB!
Kevin "KT" Taylor - Will miss JB.
Blake Dewberry - I believe John would not want us to be sad. Celebrate the good, fun memories, remember JB helping pull off another gig and smile bigtime - he would!
Randy Hutson - Proud to have known you and even more proud to have worked for and with you! Till the next festival in the heavens, travel safe. Prayers for your family.
Ken Peden - Our heroes they come and they go And leave us behind As if we're s'posed to know Why. (from a Joe Walsh song)
Larry Allen (Harless) - My heart goes out to Patti and JB's family. JB was the absolute best, definitely one of a kind...much love.
Brent Brito - Spoke with him a few weeks ago and was met with "what are you up to boy" right on color.
Tom Littrell - A sad time and lots of memories. Sail on, JB.
Andy Moore - He was a fine man and a good friend. Give you the shirt off his back! Stayed at his place off of Bee Caves Road a couple of times, introduced me to the best breakfast taco truck. Used to, about this time of year, he would put his arm on my shoulder and say Andy, it's about time for the Big Burn to start." His way of saying that Summer is here.
Johnny "JW" Roberts - There is a hole in my hear.....RIP JB. Damn, we sure had some great times.
Jeff Cohen - Rest in Peace JB, God Bless
Michael Tomassetti - Godspeed JB!
Scott "Moose" Vanlerberghe - Rest easy JB. Thank you for everything you have taught me over the years... you will always be missed and loved.
Paul "Pablo" Boothroyd - Sad news.
Brian Haas - So very sad. Deepest condolences to his family. He's "solving world problems" at the great pub in the sky and will be missed.
Mark Hogue - Lost a fine human being there. Way too soon. RIP JB.
David Anderson - RIP JB.
Posted by Patti Horton on June 14, 2021
I met John the summer of 1965 when my family moved to Richardson. That day I met him at the neighborhood pool was the beginning of a 66 year friendship. John always was in a good mood and so fun to be around. I spent many Sunday dinners at the Blasutta house, it was always open to anyone who wanted to come for a good dinner and wine! John found his piece of heaven when he bought his house in Austin. He loved being there more than any of the places he visited around the world.
His work took him all over the world and he never got to have the regular family life. I was so glad that his wife, Patti, was able to give that to him. I know he cherished it.
When his health began to fail him, he never complained. Always cheerful and smiling.
I'll never forget you John or our adventures! You always called me your sister and I was proud to call you my brother. Till we meet again.
Posted by Shiloh Stamps on June 12, 2021
JB was a friend, confidante, loving father in-law and world's greatest grandpa. I actually lived with him when my son was born in 2002 and the first blessed memory that pops up when I think of him was his pride and delight in being a first time parent/grandparent. One night, after he excused himself for the second or third time to change his shirt post-spit up-incident, he returned wearing a trash bag instead of a shirt. He had a big smile on his clever face, and that will always make me smile. JB didn't miss many opportunities to make you smile. Anyone in any room brightened when he entered bc his energy was just lovely and pure. He even giggled in his sleep. JB had the best life, the best stories, and he loved to share it all. He will be missed.
Posted by Mikki Garrow on June 9, 2021
I have know John for over fifty years, he was a terrific person and loved by all who knew him. We shared some crazy times in our youth and seemed to lose touch with all that life throws us. I miss you my friend but I am keeping all our great memories we had.

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