Let the memory of John be with us forever
  • 42 years old
  • Born on June 20, 1959 .
  • Passed away on June 12, 2002 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, John Merolli 42 years old , born on June 20, 1959 and passed away on June 12, 2002. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Robin Harper on June 20, 2019
Well John, today would’ve been ur 60th birthday! I know you’d have all gray hair & wrinkles bc I do! lol! Sure wish u were still here so we can celebrate you. ♥️
But instead ur up there, & I’m not. So I will say Happy Birthday John! Love & miss you brother! ♥️♥️
Posted by Robin Joy on June 18, 2019
Hi dad its me i miss you so much man and your old 60 wow lol jk.kids are getting so big Jr is gonna be 15 Madison Joy is 10 Christopher Robin is 6 Lilliana is 3 and William is 2. Oh and guess what you are a great grandpa lol from Tyler...Kyle is 19 and tall looks just like his mom and lazy lol.
Happy Father's Day..Happy Birthday
             Love you so much ❤
             Miss you ❤
              Robin Merolli
                 ❤ ❤
Posted by Robin Harper on June 12, 2019
Brother, I can’t believe it’s been 17 years since I last saw you. Seems like just yesterday! I miss you each & everyday & often wonder what we’d doing now in our old age! You would’ve been 60!
One day we’ll see each other again! I love & miss you John! ♥️♥️
Posted by Karen Tole on June 20, 2018
We all miss you John especially your family.
Posted by Robin Joy on June 20, 2018
Hi dad well happy birthday 59 wow i wonder how u would have looked its been a long time i wish u were here i just wish everything would have been different u were taken from us so early.ur grandkids r geting so big jr is gonna be 14 Madison is gonna be 10 Christopher is 5 Lilliana is 2 & william is 1 and walking.dad of u only new how sad an lonely feel i just wish u were here to see all them grow up..
       Forever & Always
           I Love you
Posted by Robin Harper on June 20, 2018
Well little brother, here it is again your birthday! You would’ve been 59 today. I miss you everyday & think of you often. I love you, John & one day I’m sure we’ll c each other again!! ❤️
Posted by Robin Joy on June 23, 2017
Happy Birthday dad sorry im late i no been so busy ugh been crazy i miss you i didnt forget about you on your birthday your so old lol jk man i freaking miss you luv you always..all your grandkids say happy birthday..
Posted by Robin Harper on June 20, 2017
Well John here it is your 58th bday! I so wish u were here so we all can celebrate together! I don't know what it's like in heaven, but I'm sure it's better then here! The world has changed for the worst since left it!it has changed so much from the day u were born!
 Anyways, today I have my heart surgery! Can u believe this?!? They r giving me a new Mitral valve! & they're going to try & fix my a-fin that's been happening too! I'm pretty scared but I know God has my back!
My husband Roger is my rock! I feel bad for him taking care of everything at the house, especially the animals!
 Anyways little brother, Happy Birthday & I love & miss u so much! C u soon! Love, your sister Robin ❤️
Posted by Robin Harper on June 20, 2017
For u my brother ❤️
Posted by Robin Harper on June 12, 2017
 Wow! I can't believe you've been gone 15 years! It seems like a lifetime tho. How I miss you! I sometimes sit around thinking of all the stupid things we did growing up in Connecticut! Brings a chuckle to me! I look back at our lives now & wish they different. But, that's the past. Just wanted to tell you how much I miss you & loved you disputed our differences, they don't matter now tho!
Posted by Robin Harper on June 12, 2017
For you always....❤️
Posted by Robin Joy on June 12, 2017
Hi dad here it is again dam i miss u omg little Lilliana is 1years old now & walking im sure u no our suprise baby boy little William i had to name him after ur middle name im having a hard time with no one being around its sucks i get so mad cause ur gone last year when Lilliana was born i had such a hard time & just the other day i had to take a long drive and go talk to u u always told me not to worry about things well as u no im having problems with my heart kinda scared me mom hasnt yet to find a peace she lost that nite when u passed away i just wish i can go home to ur guys house an relax jr will be 13 this year Madison 9 Christopher Robin just turned 4 and Lilliana 1 and William just born may 17..luv u dad miss you
Posted by Connie Merolli on January 16, 2017
John, John, it's so very hard, sometimes I feel like just giving up! , but another day the sun cones up and I just keep going. Very tired and living only comfortably numb. I lost a huge part of me that night and haven't found it yet. I do miss you but I wouldn't want you to have to come back here to this world, you are in such a better place and we will meet again someday, till then I miss ya, Con
Posted by Robin Harper on June 12, 2016
  I have no words to tell you how much your daughter Robin misses you, as well as myself! Her life has never been the same since your passing. None of our lives are! I miss yelling at you, (lol) & just miss seeing you & saying your name! I'm sure you know, you have 4 beautiful grandkids, one of which was born a few days ago. She is premature, but as precious, & beautiful as she can be! She's a real little fighter! She's doing so fantastic, even the nurses can't believe it!! Robin turned out to be quite the little mom! She loves her children so much! You would be proud of her, as I am!!
Well, brother, just wanted you to know that I think about you often & I love & miss you very much!
Posted by Robin Joy on June 12, 2015
John William Merolli
Forever in our hearts
Forever Loved
Never Forgotten Loved by Your Daughter
Robin Joy Your grandkids
Madison Joy
Christopher Robin
Happy Birthday
Happy Father's Day
     Love Your Family
      Robin Joy Merolli
Posted by Robin Joy on June 20, 2014
Hi dad it's me robin ur daughter...I really miss u so much its been so hard this year for me really hard with u not begin here....you not being here for fathers day and now ur birthday I've been crying a lot this month I talk about you to the kids all the time Jr he ask a lot of questions about you I wish you were here he would have been ur buddy.lol..& Madison Joy...omg...she is just like me..lol..she would have been ur buddy to like I was dad and then Christopher Robin.....you would have hand your hands full....lol..he would have been ur buddy to.all three of them Dad they wouldn't never let you leave....dad I wish mom& genny would get right I really want them to know my kids I pray for the both of them every day.....Happy fathers day & Happy birthday daddy ......luv Robin & Jr & Madison Joy &Christopher Robin.
Posted by David Harris on June 14, 2014
Every Year we remember the sad memory of losing you. You left Connie , Robin and Genny with a lot of missing you. You never leave their memories. If I had to do it all over again to have a chance to know you the way they do. I am so so sorry. Love Cindy and David.You have some really wonderful grandkids!!!
Posted by Connie Merolli on June 12, 2014
Its been along time! Miss ya.. Con
Posted by Karen Tole on June 12, 2014
Lots of things have changed since you left---lots of things that need changing have stayed the same. God had a plan for your life---the devil stole that, but he couldn't steal your Salvation. We all think of you often and always will. We made a lot of mistakes in trying to help you---we know better now---wish we could have another chance at it. Love Karen & Howard
Posted by Robin Chamberlain on June 12, 2013
Hi dad today is very hard u have a other grandson his name is Christopher Robin he is 4weeks old.Ronald is turning 9rthis month and little Madison is gonna be 5 in November..daddy I miss u I wish everyone was close mom and genny r just lost I pray every day for them..love you dad.always in my heart..robin.merolli..
Posted by Karen Tole on June 12, 2013
We miss you John---wish your life would have been better---we are believing your with Jesus & wouldn't want to be back here. Wish your family could change direction---am sure you could tell them a thing or two.
Posted by Robin Chamberlain on July 24, 2012
Dear dad i hope u r lookin after mom she need u rite now.she is so lost with out u..
Posted by Robin Chamberlain on July 9, 2012
dear dad happy late birthday your grandson ronald chamberlain3.just tured 8 years old on june 26 2012 he was almost born on your birthday.little baby madison is geting so big dad i wish you were here to see them they would have loved you.daddy i miss you..
Posted by Robin Chamberlain on July 9, 2012
i wish i could talk to you there is so much i need someone to talk to dad..today grandma been gone for 8 years.dad i wish you were here.
Posted by Karen Tole on July 9, 2012
We all miss you. Love, Karen & Howard
Posted by Connie Merolli on May 1, 2012
I have others to comfort their loss, like the loss I suffered from loosing you! I get by sometimes from doing so, love.. Con
Posted by Genevieve Merolli on June 12, 2011

Posted by Robin Chamberlain on March 2, 2011
john merolli is a great dad.dad i miss you.you will always be in our hearts.
Posted by Connie S. Merolli on June 13, 2010
Miss you sweetheart, will see you again someday.You always wanted to be with Jesus more than be here on earth.......Your wife, Connie
Posted by Genevieve Merolli on June 13, 2010
My dad was the best dad ever..He will always be in my heart love and miss him..........................................................       Love you
Posted by Karen Tole on June 13, 2010
We will always miss John--he will always have a place in our heart.
Posted by Scott Loss on June 13, 2010
I never knew John but heard so much about him from his wonderful daughter Genevieve and he should know what a great daughter he has that i love so much. I know he is looking down on her and loves her

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