• 88 years old
  • Born on March 11, 1923 in At home, E. 62nd & Lexington, New York, United States.
  • Passed away on August 15, 2011 in Malibu, California, United States.

John Molteno Mays took flight for Olympus on August 15, 2011, joining Luisa Bibiana Noriega Mays (1931-2003).

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Chris and Claire, Victoire and Valentine



Posted by Claire & Chris Mays on March 11, 2017
John & Bibi's house in Malibu is rented out to a very nice couple who love the home as it deserves. Thinking back to when a potential tenant told us that there were spirits in the house, especially concentrated in the kitchen! This sounded quite on-target.
Posted by Robert Shulman on March 14, 2014
When John and I were students of Charles Townes in the late 1940's he was corresponding with the Consumers Protection Agencyof NYC about the repeated violations he had been finding of their regulation that awnings had to be at least 6' 4" high, since he had been bumping his head on Broadway. He continued throughout his life to be aware of the personal embedded in the general and appreciative of the general reflected in the personal. In this way he helped us appreciate how he, and we, are more interesting, and more lovable, than cats and parrots
Posted by Claire & Chris Mays on March 11, 2014
Ninety one years ago at "the Birthplace", 62nd and Lexington! "The Guv" (as he thought we should call him instead of Father or Daddy or something) was always very impressed by the thought that this Manhattan address should have benefitted from hosting the homebirth assured by Monica Celia Molteno Mays.
Thinking today also of a date back in the 1980's when John announced to me that it was the 100th birthday of his own father, John Glascock (Glazy) Mays.
Posted by Brenda & Sandy Green on November 1, 2011
"Let us be grateful to people who have made us happy...they are the charming gardeners who make our soles blossom" (Marcel Proust)
We are sure both Bibi and John, being such readers and Francophiles, would appreciate this qoute. They have enriched our lives.
Posted by Joachim Van Den Hurk on October 8, 2011
Having tasted lot of times very nice wines in Paris on John's valuable advices he was also that man who was watching me through his binoculars when I swam in the Pacific......Extraordinaire
Posted by Arthur Melmed on September 22, 2011
Coming over the curtain, the sound of a woman speaking in a foreign language continued without letup, as John and I talked. Looking up over the curtain, he interrupted briefly to say, "like water lapping on the beach". John had a talent for words.
Posted by Lawrence Frase on September 21, 2011
I remember John’s generosity, intelligence, literary acumen, and wit. I was honored to live with John and Bibi for a time and later enjoyed Internet contact--and his zingers to the media. I’ll miss those zingers.
Posted by DAvid Robinson on September 18, 2011
John and Bibi were an extraordinary couple, full of individuality, but with their trancending love overcoming all differences. John was an unsung hero of thoughtful science educaiton reform, recognizing outstanding thinkers.  Bibi was a clear thinker and a wonderful hnostess
Posted by Rosemary Clark on September 17, 2011
John was a most impressive man, handsome, intelligent, personable and a caring husband to Bibi, my schoolmate. His generosity enabled me and my husband to meet Claire, Marc, Valentine and Victoire in Paris which we very much enjoyed. We are grateful to have known him.

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