This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Engineer John Oluremi Fatikun 76 years old , born on June 3, 1942 and passed away on January 2, 2019. We will love and remember him forever.

As he always said..  'I am allright!' and that is your portion also, in Jesus Name!!!

Posted by j anyanti on June 29, 2022
Hi daddy, was planning to drop this note when your birthday came up but unfortunately the network challenges. I am sure it is great over there. Stay in our memories. Sun shining beautifully. Time rolls on.... as the hymn says...

“Time, like an ever-rolling stream,
Bears all its sons away;
They fly forgotten, as a dream
Dies at the opening day.”
Posted by Tola Omotoso on June 5, 2022
Baba you so cherish your birthday. You would have called to remind me a few days to. Rest on baba
Posted by Tola Omotoso on January 4, 2022
You are greatly missed baba. Continue to rest on.
Posted by Jenny Anya on October 30, 2021
Daddy you are missed and will forever be missed. I really miss you and wonder why good people leave too soon and feel so sad that you are no longer a phone call or trip away from us. This is a time your advice would have been so helpful. God knows we needed you and He kept you after that terrible accident..... every day I appreciate the gift of having you as as father.
Posted by Tola Omotoso on June 5, 2021
Continue to rest on baba. Happy posthumous birthday. You are greatly missed.
Posted by Jenny Anya on June 3, 2021
Another birthday year.. Congratulations Dad on your 79th Earthly Birthday.. missing you today as always! We would have chatted and discussed at length today....
Posted by Tola Omotoso on January 5, 2021
You are greatly missed baba. Continue to rest on in bosom of God.
Posted by Jenny Anya on January 4, 2021
Dear Daddy,

We keep missing you... i know you are enjoying the Sonshine over there!

You know all that is happening as one of the cloud of witnesses...

Posted by Christine Oyewo on January 2, 2021
We miss you very much daddy especially your wisdom, advice, stories and jokes. Keep on dancing in the Lords presence.
Posted by Tola Omotoso on June 4, 2020
Happy posthumous birthday baba. You so cherish your day June 3. I remember you always reminds me once is close. May your soul continue to rest in peace.
Posted by Jenny Anya on June 3, 2020
Loving you Dad, today and always. Just remembering how you looked after us as kids, despite the accident you had. You never let us down, always present, always helpful, always faithful. Still hard remembering that you are no longer a call away. See you over there by and by!!!!!
Posted by Abey Elizabeth Joshua on June 3, 2020
Amazingly, I thought about you again today daddy and then when I checked my mail....I got a mail from forevermissed about your birthday. Happy post humous birthday daddy....indeed you are forever missed. Continue to rest in the bosom of the Almighty daddy....we miss you forever.
Posted by j anyanti on January 2, 2020
Well, and as is the manner of Time, a year has passed. We all miss you. Grandkids are fine, Olumide is growing, global warming and climate change still on, premier league, politics, and Nigeria's health system still on its platonic progress. Days go to days, weeks to weeks, months to months and a year passed..... just the way scripture talks about eternity. May we all count the days, so we can apply our hearts to wisdom.

Thinking of you today as always. Enjoy the Sonshine over there!!!!
Posted by j anyanti on November 22, 2019
Hi Dad, keep enjoying the sunshine up there...just thought of you again today as always.
Posted by Christine Oyewo on September 5, 2019
Dear Daddy,
When I reflect on the love that a parent has for a child, nothing can surpass it. Truly my happiest moments were in the home of my parents. Especially in the security of the bond that existed between father and daughter. Growing up was full of peace and security, patience for my mistakes and joy in my achievements. What other love can compare to this except the love of Jesus Christ for his Church. Rest on in the bosom of the Lord Daddy.
Posted by Jenny Anya on September 5, 2019
By Wunmi - Grandaughter

To my late maternal grandfather - Mr. John Oluremi Fatikun. I honestly thought I would have to search the deepest parts of my mind when I was asked to write this tribute, that was not the case at all. I have observed quite a few things about him in the time that I spent with him. He was a very selfless man. Although he was confined to a wheelchair as a result of an accident several years ago, my grandfather never displayed the classical fault fall out effects of being depressed by his condition. He was far from being so. He was always so concerned about his children and grandchildren and always wanted them to feel loved.

I recall an encounter I had with him when he prayed for me during a difficult part of my life in school and gave me some sort of assurance about the situation and it gave me hope. I saw love, purpose and kindness in him and I would always appreciate him for that. I thank God for the privilege to knowing him.

Oluwamiwunmi Oyewo (Grand Daughter)
Posted by Jenny Anya on September 5, 2019
From Daniel - Grandson

When I was told to write a tribute about my grandfather honestly the first thing that came to my mind was that he was such a really cool guy. Then I thought more about who he was and what he meant to me that made me see him as that and everything about him just portrayed valour and courage, as it matters not how a man dies but how he lives. Every talk I had with him, he made me more confident in who I was and what I wanted to do.

I can never forget how much faith he had in my decisions, he treated me like a man before I even knew the meaning and cuddled me like a child no matter how old I grew. If a man can bridge the gap between life and death, or can live on after he’s dead, then he is a great man, and my grandfather would always live on in my heart.

Death is a destination we all share no one escapes it, and I am grateful to God for giving him the privilege to die in the faith because I know this is not a goodbye but a 'see you later' and that is in the confidence that there is life after death and we all get to reunite once again in Jesus our Lord.

I’ll see you later Grandfather

Daniel Anyanti (Grandson)
Posted by Jenny Anya on September 5, 2019
By Wole Ajewole - Nephew

Latiku was one of the wives of Gona, the Sagburin of Ijesaland. Latiku was a Princess from Ile-Ife who came to her husband house in Ereja Square of Ilesa with a lot of fortune and slaves. She begat six (6) children: Okere, Sayeye, Komolafe, Sajemiku, Ajewole, Sabusola. All the siblings of the first generation died quite long time ago.

It is heart rending that our Uncle, Olu Fatikun, who was the only one left with the institutional memory of the first generation also gave up the ghost on Wednesday 2nd January, 2018. It was distasteful as human to lose you at the age of 76years. But who are we to query God as death is a necessary end for every mortal. We appreciate God for his life and the impact he made in life in spite of his involvement in an accident. He lived a modest and dignified life. I did not know much of him until he relocated home from Kano but from Information my mum passed to me, Pa Olu Fatikun shown considerable interest in the welfare and wellbeing of members of the family. From the little interaction I had with him, he proved to be kind hearted and a good motivation. I could remember I visited him twice in year 2018 and the last was in May in which he promised to host all the great grandchildren with the sole aim of making us knowing one another. Little did I know he was bidding us farewell. He will be remembered for his interest in ensuring that family bond is tightly secured. He has shown tremendous love to my mum during her lifetime which he transferred to us before his demise. He knew the love and bond among the first and second generations and had wished this would become stronger. He was always enthusiastic and warm seeing me around. He exhibited sense of fairness, tolerance and justice. It’s unfortunate that the last of the old horses finally gave up. The connecting rod is gone. The only link between the old and the new generation is gone. Who will take up the challenge now? Who will sow the seed of unity and love? Oh God, grant us restoration and rejuvenation in the family. We ask you Lord to bless us with a worthy and able replacement. It is our prayer that the good Lord will grant him eternal repose.

I equally ask God to be merciful onto US in shouldering the responsibility ahead.

Adieu My Great Uncle. Adieu Pa Oluremilekun Fatikun.

'Wole Ajewole,  February, 2019
Posted by Jenny Anya on September 5, 2019
From Landlords and residents of the Alafia Tayo Community in Ilesha, Osun State

On behalf of the Alafia Tayo community of Oshogbo road, Ilesha where baba lived for over 40 years, we appreciate Baba Fatikun and are deeply shocked about his sudden demise. Baba actively contributed to all our activities both in the areas of finance and advice for community development. We will certainly miss him. May Baba’s soul in peace.

Mr Aluko (Chairman)
Posted by Jenny Anya on September 5, 2019
From Elder Leke Haastrup - Childhood Friend

A Friend, my very brilliant friend, I really thank God for your life. You came, you saw and you conquered. You fought a fight and made an impact. No matter how one views it, you were a force to be reckoned with in your generation. I know that many years to come, your footprints will not be erased. I am glad that I met you in primary school at The Apostolic Primary School Oke Ooye Ilesa in the year 1949. I gained a lot through you. Sleep well.

Your friend & Brother, Leke Haastrup 
Posted by Jenny Anya on September 5, 2019
Deacon John Adebayo Oyewo (On behalf of the Oyewo family of Igosun -In laws)

We want to thank God for Baba's life.

Baba’s life depicted that of a man who is satisfied with his Creator. He is a man of peace. Where some will say there is a casting down, Baba will say there is a lifting up.

A persevering father is Baba Fatikun. Baba is a lover of children. I didn't know it was the final bye bye on this Earth when the family visited him in June 2018.
Baba had the opportunity to bless that day, and he didn't let the opportunity pass by, for, after praying with him and we bade him "Good bye", he called one of his grandchildren, representing all the grandkids he is blessed with, and prayed for her and the other grandchildren. Though we wish Baba had remained with us a little longer, we testify to it that he lived a fulfilled life, prepared and ready to meet his Lord.

Baba is not an in - law to us but a father, brother and friend. We loved him but Jesus loves him more and better than we do. Rest in perfect peace with your Lord.

Deacon John Adebayo Oyewo (On behalf of the Oyewo family)
Posted by Jenny Anya on September 5, 2019
From Jessica - Granddaughter

O Grandpa

I know that where you are that you are in a better place now. I just wanted you to know that we love you and are grateful and I hope and know that you are looking down at us and feeling proud and happy. Thank you for the love, care and support, those are three things we all need and you gave them to us generously. You also helped in giving us your grandchildren two amazing people who are changing the world: 1) the best mother a girl could ever ask for and 2) The best aunty in the world. So right now, the only thing left to say and worth saying to you is THANK YOU.

May your gentle soul rest in peace.

Love , Jessica Anyanti
Posted by Jenny Anya on September 5, 2019
By EbunOluwa Oyewo (Grand Daughter)

To one of the best men; my loving grandfather Mr John Oluremi Fatikun.

When I think of my grandfather, I am short of words to describe him because I barely spent much time with him. However, I can confirm he was a good father as exemplified in the lives of my mother and her younger sister who he has brought up to be very disciplined and well cultured. He was very kind hearted and also concerned about the wellbeing of his children and grandchildren. He was a much disciplined man and took the word of God seriously. He ensured that his children and grandchildren understood the importance of God in their lives and always put us in his prayers. He was a man of great sacrifice as he did all he could to ensure that his children and grandchildren had the best opportunity no matter the situation or cost to him.

I appreciate God for blessing my family with a great man. Rest in Peace!

EbunOluwa Oyewo (Grand Daughter)
Posted by j anyanti on June 3, 2019
Happy birthday Daddy.... a loving father. Missing you a lot. It is well.
Posted by Tola Omotoso on June 3, 2019
Baba, today would have been your 77th birthday. Continue to rest in the bossom of God.
Posted by Sayo Aluko on May 12, 2019
I belief we are gonna miss him in the present world, but not forever as we shall meet him again in the eternity next, where we shall be with the Lord forever..
Posted by Sayo Aluko on May 12, 2019
Engr. John Oluremi Fatikun, a man with very large a heart, generous, kindheàrted and loving. He must have inherited these good virtues from his mother, Iya onisu. My mother told me how Iya onisu displayed so much love towards her.
His home in kano was said to be a home away from home to the Omo Gona Shàgburin that lived in kano in those days. As a connecting rod, our uncle desired to link the generation next up to enable harmonious relationships in the present generation of Goona Shàgburin Dynasty, but I never knew that his time was up. Pa Remi Fatikun, Johannu Olufe, you came,saw and conquered your world despite all odds, and you left behind a fantastic legacy, your wonderful children. May God continue to keep them and make His face to shine on them..
Kato r'erin odigbo
Kato r'efon o dodan
Kato r'eye bi Okin
Odi gbere
Kato renirere bii Pa Jonh Oluremi Fatikun
Odi gbere, odi kese..
Posted by Anyanti John on March 30, 2019
Pa Pa John
Your life was a beacon of love, understand and togetherness.
The love you showered me was beyond anyother, your selfless act of concern and security was warm and blissful. I love you for impacting your warmness into my life.
I shall always cherish been named after you, A kind and loving soul. Love you more and forever.
Posted by Christine Oyewo on March 30, 2019
Missing you daddy. Thinking about you all the time but as Jesus said-"My peace I leave onto you. My peace I give you not peace which the world givest" which is no peace at all. Precious memories of you remain with me. Continue dancing in HIS presence.
Posted by Olayinka Adedoyin on March 11, 2019
We thank God for a life well spent to the glory of God.
Posted by Olu Adeyemi on March 9, 2019
Dear Uncle,
I look back with fondness on the years in Kano, as family friends (the Adeyemis and the Fatikuns) and gratitude for the life enhancing example, of your deep, dignified and (quietly) humorous outlook.
May the love of the light accompany you in your onward journey, and grant peace and healing to your loved ones.
With admiration and respect for a life well lived.
Posted by Simi Adeyemi on March 9, 2019
Daddy Fatikun,
Our many years in Kano together in the 80's, were some of our most memorable and richest by virtue of the gift of friends like you and our dearly departed mommy Fatikun.
You were a beacon of strength and devotion to your family and you opened your doors and hearts to others as well.
It pleases God, in His infinite wisdom, that now you go to join mommy in eternal rest.
With you, a beacon of friendship, strength and devotion has surely left the world.
Rest In Eternal Peace
From Mommy Adeyemi and Family
Posted by Ify Anyanti on March 7, 2019
May light Perpetual shine on the departed Rest in peace Grandpa. ...Eyin baba Aadaa in jesus name amen
Posted by Emmanuel Omotoyinbo on March 7, 2019
Dear Pa. Engr. Fatikun,
I met you first in the year 2012 @ a memorable event. The little moment spent with you meant so much to me. With all that has been said about you,heralds the quality of times, contributions and sacrifices you have indeed imparted in the lives of those that has crossed your path.
Though you are gone, you will forever be missed.
We pray that God will grant you eternal REST, till we meet to part no more. Rest on Grand Pa!
Posted by Jenny Anya on February 20, 2019
Daddy... we miss you! You are really loved and truly cherished! When i think of all the time we shared and now i keep missing you over and over again :(
Posted by Olufemi Longe on February 19, 2019
Engr John Oluremi Fatikun : Our Numero Uno is gone
Daddy, your death came as a rude shock to me. I was optimistic you would get over the illness when I heard about it but the inevitability proved me wrong. You left when I least expected, you left with your unusual candour and dexterity even in the face of utter provocation, you left the expanding vacuum in Fatikun cum Sagburin dynasty much more spacious.
Though your body and soul have departed the world, but can you really leave our world? I doubt it, because your footprints and mien live on in the world of those of us that surrounded you. The fragrance of love and the wise counsel you showered on your family and friends are still here with us.
You lavished enough fatherly love on me and mine since the departure of your elder brother on 22nd of March, 1998. Keeping strictly to your advice to take my eyes off certain things when I complained profusely about some development within the neclous family has not only been rewarding but defining. You were concerned about all that are connected to you at all times even when there is little or nothing you could do to change the situation. Unity of the family is uppermost in your heart. You strived, clamoured and worked for love, Peace and unity among the family members.
Your house while alive served as "parliament" for family and community discourse not because of its aesthetic nature or the proximity neither is it because of your lunar age, it is because of your understanding, robust world view and dispassionate approach to issues. On our family issues, you held sway but you never strayed. Hope the family finds another upright leader to lead the "parliament".
I am grieved that you are gone, but I take solace in the fact that nothing loved is ever lost. You will continue to live in the hearts of those you touched.
Daddy, I made series of requests from you while you were alive, but here is my last request. If there are interactions in the grave, if you meet your brother, your blood brother, your only brother and my own father, Late Joseph Folorunsho Longe Fatikun, extend my warmest regards to him, don't fail to tell him about how the dynasty is faring. Tell him he lives on in my heart.
Sun re o
Omo owa, Omo Obokun,
Omo Alayemode
Omo jogbin jogbin rogbodo
Good night Daddy
Olufemi Longe Fatikun
   March, 2019
Posted by Chinwoke Isiguzo on February 19, 2019
Daddy, you will be missed. May you continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus. We love you.
Posted by Tola Omotoso on February 19, 2019
Daddy.... I we forever miss you
Thanks for your support and concerns for my life. I never think you will be gone so soon but I believe you had gone to rest in the blossom of God
Adieu Baba Alayeire!!
Posted by Jessica A on February 18, 2019
Oh Grandpa

I know that where you are that you are in a better place now. I just wanted you to know that we love you and are grateful and I hope and know that you are looking down at us and feeling proud and happy. Thank you for the love, care and support, those are three things we all need and you gave them to us generously. You also helped in giving us your grandchildren two amazing people who are changing the world: 1) the best mother a girl could ever ask for and 2) The best aunty in the world. So right now, the only thing left to say and worth saying to you is THANK YOU.

May your gentle soul rest in peace.

Your last grandchild to date
With Love,
Jessica A
Posted by Elizabeth Abey on February 18, 2019
Adieu will be greatly on baba dada... ever strong and courageous.......sun re ooooo.
Posted by Babatunde Oyelana on February 18, 2019
May he continue to rest in the bossom of the Almighty.
Posted by Ohemu Okpe on February 18, 2019
May Papa's soul rest in peace. May his legacies never be forgotten. And may God answer all the prayers he made for those he left behind in Jesus name... Amen!
Posted by OLUGBENRO ABIODUN on February 18, 2019
May the gentle soul of Daddy rest in peace. In Christ alone our hopes are found.God Almighty will comfort the entire family Daddy left behind. It is well in Jesus' Name.
Posted by Emeka Okafor on February 18, 2019
May the Lord grant his soul eternal rest and continue to strengthen and comfort those he left behind
Posted by Edim Pascaline on February 18, 2019
We celebrate you dad. Your marks remains even in death. Adieu papa

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Recent Tributes
Posted by j anyanti on June 29, 2022
Hi daddy, was planning to drop this note when your birthday came up but unfortunately the network challenges. I am sure it is great over there. Stay in our memories. Sun shining beautifully. Time rolls on.... as the hymn says...

“Time, like an ever-rolling stream,
Bears all its sons away;
They fly forgotten, as a dream
Dies at the opening day.”
Posted by Tola Omotoso on June 5, 2022
Baba you so cherish your birthday. You would have called to remind me a few days to. Rest on baba
Posted by Tola Omotoso on January 4, 2022
You are greatly missed baba. Continue to rest on.
his Life

Biography of John Oluremi Fatikun

Engineer John Oluremi Fatikun was born in Ilesha on the 3rd of June 1942 into the family of Pa Longe -Fatikun and Mama Sayeye Longe Fatikun both of blessed memory. He was the last child of the union and one of only two children of his mother who survived to adulthood having come after the loss of 6 children between him and his eldest brother late Pa Folorunsho Longe of blessed memory as often happened in those times. As a result, his parents named him Oluremilekun, which means ‘’The Lord has wiped away my sorrow” shortened to Oluremi.

Daddy attended Apostolic Church School (where he met many of his long term friends till date), then St John’s Anglican Primary School Iloro between 1951-1957 and Council Secondary Modern School Muroko Ilesha from. 1958-1960 for his secondary Education.

Daddy worked in Wesley Guild Hospital (now part of Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital) from 1961 to 1964. He married Mummy (Miss Adejoke Esho of blessed memory) in 1964 in a traditional wedding ceremony before proceeding to the United Kingdom in 1965 for further studies. Mummy later joined him in England in 1965. The marriage produced 2 daughters Christine Folashade Fatikun (Now Oyewo) and Jennifer Oluwakemi Fatikun (Now Anyanti).

While in the United Kingdom he obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering from The Paddington Technical College and became a member of the Royal Institute of Plant Engineers. He worked in England while studying to fund his education, and after its completion, he worked in different companies in the UK as an engineer.

He also played in amateur football leagues in the UK and lived in various boroughs in the City of London. Daddy arrived and studied in England at a time when combining work with studies and social life was a challenge for an African student. It is a testament to his strength, character and tenacity of purpose with his wife, that he was able to achieve his educational goals and all that he was able to do.

On returning to Nigeria he started working in the Nigeria Motor Industry (NMI) a subsidiary of CFAO as a plant Engineer in 1974 thereby contributing his own quota as an engineer to the development of his fatherland. His first posting was Lagos and later to Kano also in the same company as a plant engineer.

 A life changing event took place in 1976 when on tour in the then Sokoto State (a few kilometres away from Talata Mafara) when he was involved in a ghastly motor accident that almost took his life. He ended up with a severe spinal cord injury. By the grace of God, he survived the injury and underwent extensive rehabilitation in Dala Orthopaedic Hospital, Kano and in specialist hospitals in France, and at the Stoke Mandeville Spinal Cord Injuries Centre in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire in England and as a result was able to walk again.

With his strong will and stoic nature, he was able to continue to work in NMI for many years with the support of his wife after the accident to train his children through university and support his extended family members.

He retired from NMI in 1988 to establish his own business specifically a heavy duty machinery hiring and maintenance and servicing company dealing in forklifts and cranes in Kano till the year 2002.

Daddy retired home to Ilesha, Osun State from Kano after the death of his wife in 2002. While in Ilesha, he fathered a son, James Olumide Fatikun.

In Ilesha he participated in the governance of the local community and philanthropy. His heart and home were open to all.  He monitored and cared for both and his nuclear and extended family all over the world. He was full of wisdom and good advice.

He went to be with the Lord in the evening of the 2nd of January 2019 after a brief illness at the Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital, Ile Ife.

His passion was football (especially the English League) and Music especially of the Reggae Genre with a passion for the late Bob Marley.

 He is survived by three Children (Folashade, Oluwakemi and Olumide) and five grandchildren to date (John, Ebun, Daniel Wunmi, and Jessica), as well as adopted children, nieces, nephews, cousins and in-laws.

Daddy you are running and jumping and dancing now with Jesus. You are at peace.

And so we sing-    ♫Till we meet again, till we meet again, till we meet at Jesus’ feet….♫

Recent stories

Another memory

Shared by j anyanti on September 2, 2019
Remembering listening to the Beatles....

One of Dad's favourite songs by Fela: Zombie

Shared by j anyanti on May 10, 2019

76 Fela

Dad loved this song by Fela... I remember thinking as a kid that while the Beatles had 4 min long songs, Fela will play one song on the whole of one side of a LP!!!

.....a day doesn't pass when do not i think of you

Shared by Jenny Anya on May 9, 2019

Always wishing you are on the other end of a phone call... so many things have been happening since that fateful day when i thought everything was settled and the operational procedure had been done and it was all going to be alright after 5 days of touch and go... then when i dropped the items in the ICU room, you looked at me and said "Gee, don't go" and i said "Daddy, i am around but i can't sit with you in the ICU as it is not allowed" .. how i wish i had sat with you and said some more things, and listened to some more songs.... chatted a bit more and gotten some more advice on what to do next and how to manage the vacuum you knew you were planning to leave behind. 

Only the Lord knows..