On April 6th, 2021 John Peter Yuknevich passed away in death at the age of 36 and entered into Jehovah's peaceful memory. While we mourn his loss, we celebrate a life well lived, and a person well loved.
 He was the middle son of Peter & Linda Yuknevich, and Grandson of Theresa Guadagno and Catherine Yuknevich. He is also survived by two brothers; Peter Jr.(Tisa) and Joseph (Amanda) Yuknevich, and his nephew Payne Yuknevich. He came to be known affectionately as, “Johnny”. From the day he was born, on March 8, 1985, Johnny had a contagious giggle and beautiful smile. The first ten years of his life were spent in and out of hospitals, at the age of ten he was finally diagnosed and had corrective brain surgery.  Despite this early hardship Johnny grew up to be jovial, light-hearted and had a friendly outgoing disposition. He was kind, modest, and sincere. Johnny was always smiling and eager to help anyone in need. 
 Johnny grew up with two brother's - Peter Jr. and Joey. Together they spent hours playing with legos, trucks, fishing in the backyard lake, and swimming in the summer.  Some of his favorite times with his family were spent with his cousins Adam & Tara at Villa Roma Resort, and at the country house with James, Nick, and Michael. He treasured spending time with his Grandma Tess and Grandma Cathy. Johnny loved his Aunt Sue & Uncle Mike, Aunt Annamarie & Uncle Jimmy, and his Uncle Pete and Aunt Joan. Johnny was fortunate to have a big loving family with too many names to mention individually.  But the apple of Johnny’s eye and his most special relationship was with his much-loved nephew, Payne. 
 Some of his hobbies were bicycling, skiing, fishing, snowmobiling, traveling, and he loved technology and gadgets. It was this love that spurred him on to become a Computer Support Specialist for almost a decade at Newburgh Metals where his helpful attitude towards others really shined. 
 Johnny found delight in the outdoors and enjoyed a good sunset so much that he would pray to Jehovah, and thank him for the beauty. In fact, Johnny’s entire life was devoted to demonstrating his appreciation for such things as he centered his goals on a spiritual career.        
 On December 21, 2002 Johnny became a baptized member of the Christian congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Soon he began volunteering as a full time Bible teacher in his community, and did so for 15 years. He also volunteered for many years at the World Headquarters of the WatchTower Bible and Tract Society, and the Newburgh Assembly Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses where he was known to be supportive, always ready, and eager to serve wherever he was needed. Yes, Johnny spent his entire life as a generous and self-sacrificing giver with a willing spirit that enriched all of our lives, but he always viewed his assignments as a privilege and a blessing. His passion was in pleasing Jehovah God and he was rewarded with rich blessings throughout his life. One blessing came as an invitation to represent the United States as a Delegate at the 2016 International Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Kenya, Africa! 

 He was so like-able that Johnny came to have plentiful friends, Jehovah blessed Johnny with with some of the most loving and supportive friends that a man could ask for. Johnny's friends were always there for him.

Johnny has left a hole in all our hearts the size of Johnny's heart. We want to say thank you from our family to all our dear friends and family who have provided so much comfort during this difficult time. Proverb 17:17 proves true that “a true friend is loving all the time, and is a brother born for times of distress.” We know that our God, Jehovah, has provided our brotherhood as a source of encouragement and we thank you all for your prayers, kind words and love. 

Please leave your name in the tributes section, as this will serve as the guestbook. If you have anything else you'd like to share about Johnny including pictures or how you know him, please do so.
Posted by Dians Capo on January 1, 2022
My deepest condolences for loss of Johnny. I had my son named Johnny Christian Salim too. As I passed to leave a comment I enter here., They sleep now no more pains. Johnny's mom forever 27. Will keep you in my prayers. Ms. Dianys Capo Salim. Cleveland Tennessee,
Posted by Deborah Walkden Walkden on April 24, 2021
Dear Yuknevich Family,
We were saddened to hear of the loss of your son John. We knew about him from our daughter Heather, and from our friends Josh and Danika Gest. They told us what a wonderful brother John was.
May Jehovah comfort and sustain you until the new world so close, when at that time you will welcome John back.
Christian love and affection,
Deborah & David Walkden
Chagrin Falls Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses
Posted by Vincent Olivieri on April 20, 2021
The Yuknevich home was our first bookstudy when we got to Bethel. After every meeting we ate amazing food and grew close to a beautiful family. All three boys became like little brothers to us. Johnny was about 10 years old. His signature laugh always got everyone rolling. Even then, we saw the spiritual man inside that fun little boy. We were so proud to see what he had become. This terrible loss, if anything, leaves us with hope that we’ll see him be that man again. We love you Peter, Linda, Peter Jr, John, and Joe.

Vincent & Lisa Olivieri
Posted by Troy and Julie Snyder on April 20, 2021
Dear Yuknevich Family

We love you all and are assured that Jehovah the God of all comfort will soothe you. During the Warwick project and after Johnny while working at the gate house represented Jehovah organization well. He was the first face many saw when visiting and he always had that warm smile and disarming charm. He will never be forgotten. Romans 14:8 

With Love
Troy and Julie Snyder
Posted by Misty Rains on April 19, 2021
To all in the Yuknevich family....
We are so truly heartbroken for all of you. Johnny was always so happy and giving! His Memorial talk yesterday really was a great shout of praise to him and Jehovah. Not only is he missed by all of us but he is especially missed by Jehovah and Jesus so we can't wait along with them until he is back laughing with us again. Johnny's example has made us want to be better people, more giving, more loving, more self-sacrificing, and better servants of Jehovah. Thank you for raising him and giving him that foundation. We love you all!
Steve and Misty Rains
Posted by Pandora Gigante on April 19, 2021
Johnny was a beloved freind and brother to us all, He will be dearly missed. We look forward to the next time we will see him, which is just around the corner! - The Gigantes (Ronnie and Pandora)
Posted by Brian Versace on April 19, 2021
As the days pass by, we stand still.
Our heads and our hearts swim in the pain of our loss. Johnny is safe in Jehovah's memory and he will be resurrected back to life on Earth. These things are a guarantee. Now it is incumbent on the remainder of us to serve Jehovah and be there to welcome Johnny back.
Posted by Gregory and Sharon Duhon on April 19, 2021
Dearest family Yuknevich. We are so sorry that you’re going through this large loss. Even though we really only knew “the fringes“ of Johnny, it was enough to know how heavy the loss is and what a wonderful member of your family he was. And what a beautiful memorial service that was. Take comfort in knowing that we will all see him again. And we look forward to getting to know him better. In the meantime, we can’t wait until we can see each other in person. We pray that you all be asstrong as you possibly can through this difficult time. You’re in our prayers and thoughts.
Posted by Heather Walker on April 18, 2021
I’m so terribly sorry for your loss. I’m praying for you daily.
Posted by Russell Cunningham on April 18, 2021
We thank you for being able to be with you today to let Jehovah massage our hearts through Justin's fine talk. Johnny was easy to love and a treasure of a friend. He was and is Jehovah's friend. May you find comfort in Jesus' words at John 16:21,22 -"When a woman is giving birth, she has grief because her hour has come, but when she has given birth to the child, she remembers the tribulation no more because of the joy that a man has been born into the world. So you also, now you have grief; but you will see Johnny again, and your hearts will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy." Scott and Jan Cunningham -Kennebunk Maine
Posted by Angel Rosado on April 18, 2021
No greater friend could I ever ask for, Jehovah blessed me with a true loving brother. I long for the day when he'll tap me on my shoulder in the new system and say "hey". 1-Samuel 1:26.
Posted by Marie Garcia on April 18, 2021
Peter and Linda my heart goes out to you and the Family. Johnny was a wonderful and respectful young man who was loved by many who knew him. He always had a smile on his face and so patient with kids. He will always be remembered by all the people who's heart he touched.

I have you all in my prayers Yuknevich family May Jehovah watch over you all and guide you all through this difficult time.
Posted by Abigail Brecheisen on April 18, 2021
Dear Yuknevich family. Our heart goes out to you and to everyone who loved Johnny. This is such a huge loss. I hope there’s some comfort in knowing just how loved Johnny was.
I really admired the way he encourage and guide the younger ones while working at the assembly hall. For him, it was very important to get things done, so when we had to work, no lazing around. He would encourage us in a very loving and kind way, making a blessing working side by side with him.
May Jehovah provide you comfort in these hard time.
With love, from Dan and Abby Brecheisen
Posted by Madisen Simon on April 18, 2021
Yuknevich Family,

Our hearts go out to you now during this painful time and will continue to be with you until we see Johnny again. Jehovah is especially close to the broken-hearted and will stick by y’all as long as you stick by him. Keep praying to Him for comfort and find solace in knowing that the pain you feel will soon be a distant memory, and that the Paradise we and Johnny have been waiting for is just around the corner. So we’ll see him just around the corner...

Madisen & Kameryn Simon
Posted by Frannie Wilner on April 18, 2021
The first time we met Johnny was at Briana and Ron Jr. house. He brought a book of poke e mon cards and they were laughing and sitting together looking at the cards. Then for years when Henri and I went to the assemblies with you all, Johnny and his brothers would walk up to us and he greeted us with that wonderful smile...we will keep that smile of his in our hearts, until we meet again. We love you Pete and Linda and are here for you both if ever you need a hearing ear...
Posted by Jules Constantin on April 18, 2021
He was always such a joy to be around. The world is truly a little worse off for the loss of him.
Posted by Dennon Schembre on April 18, 2021
From the Schembre Family,

All the many beautiful things we heard about your precious son and brother today is the reason why we heard "Everybody Loves Johnny." We hope to have Johnny as a close friend in our lives and hear that laughter for ourselves very soon. Our hearts send a great big hug to each and every one of you and we'll have one waiting for Johnny when we get to see you all with him once again. We send our love to all of you.
Posted by Jean Sarachelli on April 18, 2021
Johnny - I wished we saw more of you, but glad I took alot of pictures with you & Michael & other cousins too when you were younger. You grown up to be such a handsome young man who I see got alot of good qualities from your mom & dad too. Forever in our hearts, Love Aunt Jeannie & Michael
Posted by Ruth Neyrinck on April 18, 2021
I remember Johnny fondly. He was always so kind and gentle. A big teddy bear. He used his youth to praise Jehovah. That's a beautiful thing. He will be missed. Our condolences to you all.

Love Tom & Ruth ( Sharras)
Posted by Scott Adkins on April 18, 2021
The short time we we’re privledge to spend with Johnny will always be remembered. He loved life and loved people. Without a doubt, loved Jehovah. He will be my mentor.
Thank you, Johnny
Posted by Veronica and Juan Alcanta... on April 18, 2021
Linda and Peter, Peter Jr., Tisa, Payne, Joey and Amanda,
We wish to express our deepest sympathies for your loss. When we think of Johnny we have nothing but happy memories and great respect for the man he was. Kind, funny, ready to help, with a contagious laugh. We had the privilege of working along side him at the Newburgh Assembly Hall. We’d go out of our way to bother him at his desk, and we’d always see him working on the pool while we restocked the closets and if we didn’t see Johnny he was working behind the scenes on computer equipment. He will be so missed and we are so eager for the day when we can hug and laugh with him again.
Love, Juan and Veronica Alcantar
Posted by Laura Mazzone on April 18, 2021
We were so saddened to hear of your loss. He was a great friend and we can’t wait to see him again. We send our condolences and love to your family. May Jehovah continue to comfort you in this difficult time. - Matt & Laura Mazzone
Posted by Beth Becker on April 18, 2021
Dear Yuknevich Family,

We are so sorry for you loss. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Johnny was a wonderful brother. He love Jehovah and his family very much. We know Jehovah will give you strength and comfort you need right now.
Jason & Beth Becker
Posted by Tim Mathieu on April 18, 2021
Johnny was an incredible friend and example. Someone I wish to be more like. He will be dearly missed, but we will be welcoming him back very soon! My love and prayers are with the Yuknevich family
Posted by Daniele Capone on April 18, 2021
We're so sorry for your loss and we will keep you in our prayers so that Jehovah may comfort you. Although we did not know Johnny, thru the talk we came to appreciate what a wonderful brother he was and an example to be imitated. We look forward to getting to know him in the near future. Our sincerest condolences.
Daniel & Laura Capone
Posted by Trevor Lyons on April 18, 2021
I’m sorry for your loss. Although I didn’t get to see Johnny all that much whenever I did I’d always see him smiling or laughing nothing but good memories
Posted by CHARLENE MacDonald on April 18, 2021
Even though I never got to meet you may you rest in Eternal peace in the loving arms of our Lord Jesus Christ my condolences to your entire family and your friends all your coworkers and all the people's lives you touch throughout the years
Posted by Courtney Darmstadter on April 18, 2021
We are so sorry for your loss. Johnny will be deeply missed by everyone that knew him!

Courtney, Dylan, and Jaxon Darmstadter
Posted by Chanel Flowers on April 18, 2021
Dear Yuknevich Family,

I am so deeply sorry for your loss. John will forever be missed. My thoughts and prayers goes out to the family. John “Johnny” was loved by many and will remain in Jehovah’s loving memory until that wonderful day when God wakes him up. I know his family and friends can’t wait to be there when John wakes up, to see his smiling face and feel his warm embrace. May Jehovah continue to bring the family comfort during this difficult time. I look forward to having the opportunity to met John in the new world and getting to know my fellow spiritual brother.

Warm Regards,

Flowers Family
Posted by John Millington on April 18, 2021
Dear Yuknevich Family
Our thoughts and Prayers are with you during this difficult time.We pray Jehovah will strengthen and comfort you.
       Heartfelt sympathy.
    John@Amy Millington
Posted by Finochiaro Family on April 18, 2021
Our hearts truly ache during this incredibly difficult time. We know that Johnny was truly loved and extremely special to not just his family, but everyone who had the privilege of knowing him. What a humble and cherished servant of Jehovah. Please know that your Wallkill Family is here for you, and we all are looking forward to the time where we can hug you so tight and never let go. We can't wait till Jehovah fulfills his beautiful promise in the very near future. Just like watching a movie, sometimes the movie is paused. Similarly, death is like that pause. But once Jehovah hits the "play button" again, we will be right back to where we were with our dear loved ones. How beautiful that will be. We love you guys so much, and are continuing to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
Posted by Janie Cheung on April 18, 2021
Dear Yuknevich Family!

Thank you so much for your loving support in helping dear John in his wonderful life! Your loving kindness is evidently seen by the love that John shared with all that he encountered. I had the privilege to work with John in the Tours Department at Warwick. The brief moments we had shall be forever treasured in my heart and memory. He was the younger brother who I couldn’t have. He always treated me with kindness and respect which empowered me to work joyfully despite challenges during the day. It breaks my heart while writing this but I truly appreciate the kindness of this opportunity. I will not say I know how you all are feeling now, but I can only imagine the pain. Please let us remember all sorrow will soon be in the past, continue to pray for each other and stay loyal to Jehovah’s promises. Soon we will all welcome John when Jehovah wakes him from his deep sleep!
Posted by Sean Green on April 18, 2021
Pete, Tisa and Payne,
    I am constantly thinking about and praying for you and your family. I was not around Johnny a lot but I am often around you and many of his friends. It was evident from you and his friends that he was someone who was highly valued. When I did spend time with him he lived up to this reputation. I look forward to the time I can get to know him as well as his friends and family did. 
Posted by Brittany Bartolotta on April 17, 2021
My heart breaks with the news of Johnny's passing. Johnny was one of the kindest and most caring people I've ever met and would do anything to make you smile. I looked forward to seeing him every summer and getting into trouble with him. His infectious smile and laugh will forever be in my heart. He will never be forgotten but forever missed xo
Posted by Judy Hulsey on April 17, 2021
I'm Tisa's Aunt Judy from Georgia. I wanted to let you know our thoughts and prayers are with you. Johnny was a happy, smiling, young man and he will be missed very much. Love, your Sister Judy Hulsey
Posted by Dorinne Andrusyna on April 17, 2021
I am so sorry for your loss.... you will remain in my heart and prayers during this difficult times. May Jah continue to comfort and guide you. Warm Christian Love
Posted by jon paul scully on April 17, 2021
To quote Neil Diamond,
"Jesus Christ, Fanny Brice
Wolfgang Mozart and Humphrey Bogart And Genghis Khan
And on to H. G. Wells; -------  Ho Chi Minh, Gunga Din, Henry Luce and John Wilkes Booth
And Alexanders King, Graham Bell
Ramakrishna, Mama Whistler, Patrice Lumumba and Russ Colombo, Karl and Chico Marx
Albert Camus; ------  E.A. Poe, Le Rousseau, Sholom Aleichem and Caryl Chessman
Alan Freed and Buster Keaton too;------

And each one there
Has one thing they shared
They have sweated beneath the same sun
Looked up in wonder at the same moon
And wept when it was all done
For being done too soon
For being done too soon"

Sorry for your loss.
Posted by Scott Malone on April 17, 2021
Johnny was always pleasant to be around. Always willing to help with whatever needed to be done. True gem of a man. Look forward to seeing him soon under better conditions.
Posted by Heather Holt on April 17, 2021
Words cannot begin to express the deep sadness we have. Johnny was a good and loyal friend to me and to Jehovah. He put up with our early morning antics and was always ready to help however he could. Letter writing days, bike rides, early morning service, brewery tours. I never bought an electronic device without Johnny’s stamp of approval. He was honest but kind, ready to laugh, easy to startle and a true friend. I’m so sorry for this time. I look forward to rejoicing with you all when we see Johnny again, until then please know how much we loved him and how we care for you all.
Posted by Brooke Holyachuk on April 17, 2021
Dear Linda, Peter, Peter Jr, Joey and all the Yuknevich family,

I would never imagine this pain to lose our dear Johnny. I want to share just a few good memories of him. He was bashful, gracious, and generous, a sweat heart. We shared many years of good times as loyal friends serving Jehovah. Early morning service that always had good breakfast. Mondays at the assembly hall. We got a lot done, spiritual maturity mostly.

The five borough bike tour was an adventure....that day we neared the end of and Johnny hits a median and him and the bike go down. He fell with such grace, like a feather. Then gets up as if nothing happens and finishes the ride back to car with a nice lobster tan. Johnny had a good laugh and a even bigger snore. I imagine him sleeping good until Jehovah wakes him up.

So happy to have shared our youth. What a good name Johnny has made with Jehovah. We love your family and until we see him again we know Johnny is safe in Jehovah’s memory.

Brooke & Nazar Holyachuk
Posted by Linda Re on April 17, 2021
Please know that your family is being lifted in perfect prayer during this tremendous time of loss.  Please know that our love is going out to you even as we truly know that the God of all comfort is already at work to ease your hurting hearts.   The God of strength be your anchor as you continue to look towards the hope of the return of our living Lord & savior, Christ Jesus. 
Posted by Peter Nasto on April 17, 2021
We recently learned a new word - ineffable - meaning incapable of being expressed. That describes our search for words to express our deepest heartfelt thanks to Jehovah for guaranteeing a wonderful future in store for Johnny and for all who serve him faithfully as he did. We will long to experience the fulfillment of Isaiah 65:17 and until then pray for all to rely on Jehovah for comfort, strength and endurance awaiting to see Johnny again. With much love, Uncle Pete and aunt Joan
Posted by Melissa Chace on April 17, 2021
I didn’t have the privilege of knowing Johnny as an adult, but I’m not surprised to read of all the wonderful words describing his beautiful personality. We used to go to the Yuknevich home for book study, and with all the love shown in that home it’s no surprise those boys turned out to be loyal worshippers of Jehovah. I look forward to getting to know Johnny as an adult in the new world. Until then, please feel the love and support from Melissa (Monteforte) and Bobby Chace. Our hearts break for you and we pray fervently for Jehovah’s comfort and peace to be with you and your family.
Posted by Vladimir Bellevue on April 17, 2021
What an AWESOME BROTHER! I had the Privilege to work with him when I started commuting. Always very warm, approachable and focused.

I learned a lot from him and will miss him. He made an impact wherever he went with his personality.
Posted by Marlene DiDomizio on April 17, 2021
To the Yukaevich Family
    Although we didn’t know John personally we do know his brother Joe and his wife Amanda. I was so sorry to learn of your loss no one should have to lose a son or a brother. I can’t imagine the pain your feeling but we know that very soon that pain will turn into tears of joy when we welcome him back in the resurrection. Please know that you all will be in our prayers that Jehovah ‘the God of all comfort’ will help you stay strong during this difficult time.  Love, Ray and Marlene DiDomizio
Posted by Irene Nieves on April 17, 2021
Very sorry to learn of your lost. We know that Jehovah will remember John and that we'll be with him soon.
Posted by Travis Millington on April 16, 2021
Dear Yuknevich Family,

Although it is almost impossible to begin to capture in written form how much your family is loved, thought of and prayed for during this time of pain and loss, I truly hope the thoughts and expressions of love and care from everyone are a comfort and support to each and every one of you. Johnny created many good memories with his friends and family, and especially with Jehovah. Prov 10:7 promises that his memory is due for a blessing, and we look forward to seeing that blessing being bestowed in the near future. We love you all!
Posted by Adam Eliassof on April 16, 2021
Johnny was truly one of a kind! He made time for everyone and always knew how to put a smile on your face and make you laugh. Growing up with Johnny as a cousin was like having a brother, although we lived an hour apart we did a lot together riding bikes and playing outside, watching movies like Johnny 5 (his favorite), road trips, going for haircuts together (Johnny always looked sharp and had to have a fresh haircut), family vacations to Villa Roma, trips to the city, going to car shows and so much more.

Johnny was a detail oriented person with a love for technology and working on gadgets. Whenever anyone had a question about a cell phone or a tablet Johnny figured out how to fix it. Johnny loved unique things, he had a monster skateboard as a kid, he had tiny ski’s that he flew down the ski hills on and a Scion XB or as he liked to call it, his box.

I will miss Johnny but will always remember the great times we had together and the amazing person he was.
Posted by Natalie Harr on April 16, 2021
Pete, Tisa and Payne,
Love your family so much, I know there are no words that can grasp the pain of losing someone in death but please know how much we all love you and that your whole Wallkill family is right by your side in the days and months to come.... ❤️
Posted by Aleah Marie on April 15, 2021
To the Yuknevich Family,

I am so sorry for your loss. When I read that there’s been a hole left in our hearts the size of Johnny’s heart I can’t think of anything more true. My heart aches, I miss him so much. He was always a light on my bad days. It was always between the two of us who locks up the building later in the evening when leaving work. We would have such deep conversations in regards to the truth, he would always be willing to listen me and give me help. He was so kind and loving. He was my friend, a good friend and I cared about him so deeply. He used to always get whatever food i’d get when we’d order “i’ll have whatever you’re having” and he’d say it with a smile. I’d make food and share it with him, and he’d always tell me good things about it but his favorite was my stuffed shells! Now i’ll think of him every time I make them. I look back at our texts and I just get sad. At this time now I couldn’t imagine how you are all feeling. When I found out I broke out in tears. But as I sat there in tears, I said, he made it.
He’ll wake up in the new world and not even know what happened. John 11:25 “ Jesus said to her: I am the resurrection and the life. The one who exercises faith in me, even though he dies, will come back to life“ . He did just that. Exercised so much faith and acted so christian like at all moments, it spread on to all of us. He made it. I hope you can find comfort in that. He has been so loved and he is so so missed. I’m virtually sending lots of love and hugs. ❤️❤️
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Posted by Dians Capo on January 1, 2022
My deepest condolences for loss of Johnny. I had my son named Johnny Christian Salim too. As I passed to leave a comment I enter here., They sleep now no more pains. Johnny's mom forever 27. Will keep you in my prayers. Ms. Dianys Capo Salim. Cleveland Tennessee,
Posted by Deborah Walkden Walkden on April 24, 2021
Dear Yuknevich Family,
We were saddened to hear of the loss of your son John. We knew about him from our daughter Heather, and from our friends Josh and Danika Gest. They told us what a wonderful brother John was.
May Jehovah comfort and sustain you until the new world so close, when at that time you will welcome John back.
Christian love and affection,
Deborah & David Walkden
Chagrin Falls Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses
Posted by Vincent Olivieri on April 20, 2021
The Yuknevich home was our first bookstudy when we got to Bethel. After every meeting we ate amazing food and grew close to a beautiful family. All three boys became like little brothers to us. Johnny was about 10 years old. His signature laugh always got everyone rolling. Even then, we saw the spiritual man inside that fun little boy. We were so proud to see what he had become. This terrible loss, if anything, leaves us with hope that we’ll see him be that man again. We love you Peter, Linda, Peter Jr, John, and Joe.

Vincent & Lisa Olivieri
Recent stories

Johnny was the man!

Shared by David Gerber on April 18, 2021
Dear Yuknevich family,

Our hearts go out to you all. Johnny was amazing, and we know you are already aware of that. I told Johnny a number of times that he was my hero. And I don’t think he ever knew how serious I was about that. The love, care, humility, and generosity he showed was simply amazing. I want to have just a small amount of those qualities he had in abundance. I was responsible for getting our Kingdom Hall outfitted with our AV system and I knew he was my first call for help. Johnny is the only reason we have what we have at the KH. The amount of time and energy he gave to our KH still humbles me whenever I think of it.
We had Johnny join us in the Outer Banks on vacation a number of times. My wife loved getting him to help her work on puzzles. She would beg him to help for just a few minutes and then hours would go by while they kept working together on it.
Whenever he came over to our house he never came empty handed, even when we told him there was nothing needed. That really showed us his generosity and how well he was raised. 

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful son/man/brother/amazing friendwith us!!

We can’t wait to see him again in paradise!
Shared by Michelle and Rob Perales on April 18, 2021
Dear Yuknevich family,

I'm so grateful that I had the privilege to work with John in the Tours Dept at Warwick.   He may have been quiet but he was one of the hardest workers.  I can probably count on my hand how many times I actually saw him taking a break because he was always working.  I enjoyed my Friday challenge to make John smile or laugh- which wasn't too hard since he had a great sense of humor.  He wore that orange lanyard proud and we were all so proud to stand by him and work together with him or even just to be in the same room as him.  We got to see the Ramapo site with him for the first time in 2019.  Sharing that memory with John will always make Ramapo extra special to us.  We know we will see him again but in the meantime we cry with you and send you all our love.  May Jehovah comfort you, hold you, and be with you everyday until the reunion with him. "He will never be shaken.  The righteous one will be remembered FOREVER." (Psalm 112:6)
Shared by Austin Botto on April 18, 2021
I wasn’t around Johnny much but when I was there was never any bad moods to be had. He was always having a good day and adding joy to others, even if it didn’t start that way. I will miss him but know he’ll be back soon. My love and prayers to the ones that had the privilege of being around him more often