Shared by James Raposo Jr on August 7, 2020
I will always remember Johnny and his brother Louie treating me as theirĀ  little brother Jimmy.they always watched out for me protected me walked me to school and let me tag along with whatever they were doing that is my fondest memory of Johnny

one year today

Shared by Joyce Costa on June 7, 2016

My very precious and wonderful John.
One year ago today........The Lord freed you from your horrible pain,
but the pain in my heart will always remain.
I miss you more as each day goes by,
the tears in my eyes never really dry.
What beautiful memories I have of our life,
How truly blessed I was to be your wife.
Family and friends have been very comforting,
knowing you were my one true love, my everything.
But I await the day we are no longer apart,
so I can hold you once again close to my heart.

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