Let the memory of John be with us forever
  • 88 years old
  • Born on December 28, 1925 .
  • Passed away on November 28, 2014 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, John Grayson 88 years old , born on December 28, 1925 and passed away on November 28, 2014. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Jerry Gilmore on 13th August 2016
John - Fitting this month, while unpacking items at my new pad, North of Atlanta, I find 'The Balladeer' Gold record from RainSoft. This was presented to me, Dan Hager & Roy Dixon for our musical contributions at various conventions. It's a treasured memory, like so many of the RainSoft memories and the incredible people you seemed to attract. For all the 'doors you opened' - thank you so much, Mr. Grayson..RIP, until we meet again & hopefully, I'll still have a catchy tune to share with you. Now, that will be a 'hoot'... sitting there together, singing old RainSoft Songs! Heaven won't be the same!
Posted by Wendy Stonis on 11th August 2016
Mr. Grayson, I cant seem to put in words the great respect & wonderful memories I'll always have of you. You believed in me when I didn't / couldn't even believe in myself. I have never forgotten you or your fatherly kindness, Thank you so much for the wonderful letter of recommendation you wrote for me. It has opened many doors, I personally love the part that reads " Wendy is a joy to have around" I cherish that letter and have read it many times over the years...
Posted by Peter Waelti on 28th December 2015
"All know the way, few actually walk it!" You showed so many of us the way to be successful and gave us an incredible vehicle to accomplish anything, even if it seemed impossible at the time. You did not walk ahead of us, you did not walk behind us, you walked with us! Today is the 90th anniversary of your birth and every day still feels to me as if you are daily with me, walking by my side. You are loved today and every day until one day we meet again! Peter Waelti - Denver
Posted by Robert Ruhstorfer on 28th December 2015
Dear John, You're in our hearts and minds everyday. God bless you for all you did for us. Until we meet again. Bob
Posted by Kathy Javers on 28th December 2015
Dear John, You are still in our thoughts and in our hearts, and always will be . . . Happy Birthday . . .
Posted by Kathy Javers on 30th November 2015
It's hard to believe it's been a year since we all said our tearful goodbye to you dear John. Although you are no longer a part of our everyday lives, you still hold a special place in the heart of each persons life that you touched throughout your lifetime. Memories last a lifetime, you are still remembered by so many of us, and you will remain in our hearts and memories forever . . .
Posted by Wayne Jensen on 28th November 2015
John - You will continue to be in our hearts, and will remember all the special times we had with you forever! You are man we will never forget! Love ya my friend.... Wayne Jensen
Posted by Richard Chase on 19th February 2015
John had that gift of touching peoples life’s in so many different ways. He had one of the most complete set of skill tools and an extremely cunning way of using them to bring out the best in others. In my 52 years of knowing him he was truly the pinnacle of salesmanship.
Posted by Kurt Peterson on 12th January 2015
My family and I thank you for your friendship and support for so many years. I imagine you will be swapping stories with my father Jerry. God bless! Kurt and Sharon Peterson
Posted by Peter Waelti on 28th December 2014
Today would have been RainSoft founder JOHN GRAYSON's 89th birthday. Sadly for all of us, he passed exactly 1 month before his birthday. I not only had the good fortune to spend quality time with him over the last 31 years of my RainSoft career, but was in touch with him via e-mail over all these years. John Grayson was "greater than life" on this earth and beyond. One of the few people that leaves a mark on everyone that met him and had the pleasure to work with. I cherished his Christmas cards every year or little notes, always written with a green sharpie. I cherished so many moments, like when I visited the factory and he himself drove me to O'Hare. At the airport I spontaneously hugged him and he looked at me and said: "Oh, you're a hugger". Or when I proposed to him the idea of a video for consumers (and later on a second one for sales people / dealer recruiting), he trusted me completely, gave me free range - even in choosing an actor - and never saw the end product until the evening before the general session at a convention. Or the memories when we went with some sales people and regional directors to a Super Bowl in 1992. I will never forget when my wife Donna took me for my 50th birthday to Las Vegas and he heard about that, he spontaneously came to Las Vegas too, took us to a fine restaurant at the Mirage and then to see the "Siegfried & Roy" show together. How awesome is that!! To have the founder (and engineer with sales know-how) of RainSoft sing "Happy Birthday" is an unforgettable moment! And, and, and - John gave so many people a platform and tool for success. Never selfish, always good-hearted! Every day I thought of him, as I looked at his picture at the office. And every day since November 28th, 2014 have I thought of him. He is and always will be part of my life. John Grayson - we salute you and may you rest in peace, knowing how many people love you and will never forget you!! You left your mark - now it will be up to us to carry the torch, one consumer at a time. Respectfully, Peter Waelti President RainSoft Of Denver
Posted by Robert Ruhstorfer on 28th December 2014
Happy Birthday John! Your memory and legacy will live on in so many for years to come. Thank you for all you did for so many of us.
Posted by Kathy Javers on 23rd December 2014
I will always remember working for John Grayson in the early days of my employment at RainSoft. I quickly realized that John not only welcomed me to his company as a new employee, but as a part of the RainSoft family. John's strong leadership, kindness and generosity truly touched my life in so many ways. Merry Christmas dear John, may you rest in peace knowing how many lives you touched in such a positive way during your lifetime. Our memories of you will live on forever within our hearts.
Posted by Don Miller on 22nd December 2014
John leaves us with a mixed heavy and also joyful heart. What great memories, with such Champions from around the world that we got to know and love because of the brilliance, work ethic, coaching and friendship of John. In England they would say 'Well played.' Nice job, John. Generations will speak highly of you.
Posted by Geoffrey Thomas on 12th December 2014
He was a great man who impacted many, many lives and has truly left a legacy! He is now back together with our greatest RainSoft legends. May God bless him and his family.
Posted by Brian Belmer on 10th December 2014
I read all these tributes and feel we all can do better in life because we knew John. I know that I am forever grateful to have known Mr G RIP and some day we will all be together again. Thanks John.
Posted by Martin Rumishek on 9th December 2014
He was my mentor and in time he was my friend. John repeated his philosophy to us often which was "Help enough people get what they want in life and you will recieve everything you want in life." He certainly accomplished it while leaving his mark on the world. He will be missed. Marty
Posted by Arie Brals on 8th December 2014
20 years ago I did meet John the first time, He did chance my live on this planet. I had a very warm welcome to the RainSoft family my sincere sympathy for everyone.
Posted by Ken Hampton on 8th December 2014
Mr G. left us on earth but will forever be with us all. I am very thankful that my life path crossed with his. The best mentor anyone could ask for. May he forever rest in peace.
Posted by Keith Locati on 8th December 2014
John's appreciation and belief in his staff and dealer network will always be inspiring. Thanks for changing my life and so many others.
Posted by Dave Pettinato on 7th December 2014
John was the a wonderful man who had huge impact on my life. His loving memory will remain in the hearts of me & I am sure in all the lives he touched. He will never be forgotten & I feel blessed to have known him. Dave Pettinato
Posted by Brian Gibson on 6th December 2014
John was a wonderful all round person and business leader, . May he influence as many people in the world he is going too. This world will miss him dearly. I am blessed to have known and worked with John.
Posted by John Piatek on 6th December 2014
A man who touched so many lives in a so many wonderful ways. Rest in peace, John.
Posted by Richard Sieghart on 5th December 2014
John was a great person and recognized business and people. He is direly missed and we wish him peace. They don't come any better.
Posted by John Coffman on 5th December 2014
Mr. G, Was an inspiration to everyone he touched. A true leader in every sense of the word. We all have many great stories about our experiences working for and with John, all positive and often funny. Gone but never forgotten. RIP
Posted by Joseph Harrison on 5th December 2014
I shall always remember how John Grayson befriended me shortly after I started with the WQA in the early 1990's. We became great friends and he helped the new WQA Technical Director a great deal. John was a true genius in our industry. I shall forever have warm and respected memories of him! Joe Harrison WQA Technical Director (retired)
Posted by Chuck Minott on 5th December 2014
Heaven has a new Saint. I'm sure John ran through the tunnel and into a cheering stadium with his fists high over his head to a standing ovation as he was welcomed into Heaven. I, for one, look forward to being with him again some day. Well done Mr. Grayson ! Very Well Done !
Posted by Wayne Jensen on 5th December 2014
John was the most professional business leader I have ever known. He opened many doors for people to become successful. He was a true leader and confidant. Rest In Peace my Friend. You will never be forgotten. Wayne Jensen
Posted by Robert Ruhstorfer on 4th December 2014
Dear Bob and Friends, I am sorry to hear about John while I did not know him as much as you and others that have worked with him. However, from the few times I met him and from the love I felt everyone at RainSoft felt for him I can see how great he was. May he Rest In Peace and I wish his family and friends my sincere sympathy." Hamad AlAmmari Saudi Arabia
Posted by Robert Ruhstorfer on 4th December 2014
Good memories and a great example to follow in life." Eric Webb
Posted by Robert Ruhstorfer on 4th December 2014
We should all hope to leave this world after inspiring so many people in a positive way as Mr. Grayson did. He led a wonderful life and shared his passion with people who would continue his dream. He was truly a unique, great man. Rest in peace John Grayson" Richard Brouse
Posted by Robert Ruhstorfer on 4th December 2014
I vividly remember the day John Schneemann introduced me to Mr Grayson, a true gem! I am certain the two of them have much to talk about today. God rest his soul!" Chuck Pecoraro
Posted by Robert Ruhstorfer on 4th December 2014
Mr. Grayson gave us all a wonderful Opportunity! He was a blessing to many. God rest his soul." Donny W Beasley
Posted by Robert Ruhstorfer on 4th December 2014
Mr. Grayson was a father figure to us as well as our fearless leader. Words cannot describe his wisdom and kindness. God Bless John from all of us." Terry Bonik
Posted by Robert Ruhstorfer on 4th December 2014
John was a wonderful man, who gave many a great opportunity. RIP Mr. Grayson." Art Anderson
Posted by Byrone Swarts on 4th December 2014
Sorry to hear about Mr. Grayson's passing. He allowed me to experience the best twenty years of my life.
Posted by Wendy Embrey on 4th December 2014
I met him once at a convention and I still get chills thinking about it. He was a wonderful person and touched so many. May God Bless his family and may his memory live in all of us at Rainsoft. RIP Mr. Grayson
Posted by Danny Brewer on 4th December 2014
In my 30 years with RainSoft Mr. Grayson was the inspiration for me to strive to be successful. He was a busy man but he always took a call from me. That showed me the character of this great man. If one was to look up integrity in the dictionary. ..Mr. Grayson's picture would be there. RIP. Mr. Grayson. .you have earned it.
Posted by Rick Keck on 2nd December 2014
John may never know how many lives he touched and changed for the better. I can say that I am one of those lives. John you will be missed.
Posted by Robert Ruhstorfer on 1st December 2014
John's big heart and firm leadership will live on in many of us forever!

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