Love and memories last forever...
  • 31 years old
  • Born on June 15, 1982 .
  • Passed away on October 4, 2013 .

John Ross Santos crossed into Heaven's gates on October 4th, 2013.

John Ross was born June 15, 1982. He is survived by his adoring mother, Roxanne Starkweather, his beloved brother Michael Santos of Washington state, as well as his grandmother Betty Starkweather of Liberty, New York; his loving aunts Joyce Bifolck of Clinton, Connecticut; Deborah Trinks of East Hartford, Connecticut; Ellen Nietzel and husband Earle of Rock Hill, New York; Cathy Kinne and husband John of White Sulphur Springs, New York; Christine Starkweather of Tyler Hill, Pennsylvania; and Uncle Roger Starkweather of Liberty, New York; and many cousins. John Ross was predeceased by his grandfather Henry B. Starkweather. John Ross was an avid fan of the World X-treme Wrestling C4 Nation and recently spent one of his happiest days at Sports Fest in Pennsylvania where he was a guest commentator for the first wrestling match. His family would like to thank the WXWC4 and especially wrestler "The Great Samu" who helped to make one of John's dreams come true. John Ross' beautiful smile, sweetness, gentle humor, and kindness to everyone will be sorely missed by his family. Though his light dimmed on earth, it is blazing in heaven next to those who have gone before him and have now welcomed him with open arms in Heaven. We miss you, John Ross, and we love you very much.

Posted by Christine Starkweather on 15th June 2017
Dear John Ross, We want to wish you a Happy 35th Birthday in Heaven. You are forever missed here and are in my thoughts and prayers, not only today on your birthday, but always...Love Aunt Christine
Posted by Christine Starkweather on 4th October 2016
Darling John Ross, I'm remembering today, the last time I saw you....I was holding your hand when you were crossing into Heaven. I knew I would have to tell your mom and then it would be true. No matter how hard I held your hand I couldn't stop you from leaving. And I knew it would be selfish to try, but how I wished that the strength of my grip would keep you here with us. I loved you then and now I love and miss you greatly. I'm so glad you got to meet my son. You were then and I'm sure now in Heaven a warrior. You will always have people who will remember this day. You are always loved...Always.....Love Aunt Christine
Posted by Ellen Nietzel on 4th October 2016
Dear John. When this day comes it brings sadness and tears to me . I will never forget your last birthday party you came upstairs and said all these people are for me your mother had a cake made that lit up your eyes. You was a very unique person and I will always remember you may one day I see you again . Love always aunt Ellen
Posted by Christine Starkweather on 26th December 2015
Merry Christmas in Heaven, John Ross. We are missing you and holding you in our hearts. Loving you always....Aunt Christine
Posted by Elizabeth Marie on 26th December 2015
John, I am your sister and we were never able to meet, but I do know how wonderful of a man you were and alll the passion you had for life. I know you're no longer suffering and have moved on to a place where you cn enjoy life to the fullest! You are missed terribly! <3 EM
Posted by Christine Starkweather on 6th October 2014
Missing you John and always.....Love you forever, Love Aunt Christine
Posted by Christine Starkweather on 16th June 2014
It's the first year that you are celebrating your birthday with Jesus. We are thinking of you and loving you. Though we know that where you are Is happiness and love and glory, we do and always will hold you in our hearts. Love you always John Ross, Love Aunt Christine
Posted by Roxanne Starkweather on 31st May 2014
Although June 4th will be 8 months since you went to Heaven I miss you more everyday. From the moment you were first laid in my arms as a baby until infinity my love for you grows. Everyday I talk to you and remember all the great times we had. June 15th is our birthday. We will celebrate it like we always do.Love N-Stuff Mom
Posted by Roxanne Starkweather on 19th March 2014
I miss you so much you are my heart and soul. I will see you again. I love you so much. Till the day we see each other again I will always have our sweetest memories. I hope your wrestling in heaven. I Love yyou with all my heart.
Posted by Roxanne Starkweather on 9th February 2014
JOHN I think of the little things and the big ones of things you and I did and said to each other. Like the way I tucked you in each night. You are my heart my soul my little bonbon and my eggy beggy. lluv u much I miss you. but I will see you again and then we will be together for all eternitiy.
Posted by Joyce Bifolck on 19th December 2013
I am releived that you are no longer suffering, and I know God needed a very special angel, so he called you, you existed in your own special world, which was somehow better than the one we know, you were a champ here on earth and continue to be one in heaven, you are missed
Posted by Roxanne Starkweather on 5th December 2013
I leave this flower for you. I miss your smile. I review your photo's everyday. The videos of you are special to me. I love you with all my heart and soul. Mom will see you again. smile my baby commentate and wrestle in Heaven.
Posted by Theresa Nietzel on 20th November 2013
John, You will always hold a special place in all our hearts! As unique as you are made you that much more special to know. See ya soon, hold a place for all of us up there!
Posted by Deborah Trinks on 1st November 2013
John Ross i;am glad your not suffering any more you had a tough battle, I always love you , you always made people feel loved and i glad your in heaven now and your at peace
Posted by Ellen Nietzel on 30th October 2013
Dear John. I will never forget you and your kindness. Its so hard for me to let you go I want to hug you and you tell me I am your favorite aunt. They say we should not question god but when it hits home its very hard. I love you .
Posted by Melissa Herzing on 30th October 2013
I can honestly say that never in my life have I met such a true gentleman. From the moment you said, 'It's a pleasure to meet you,' until the moment you bowed gracefully and made your exit, you impressed me in every way. Your memories and stories will continue to bring smiles to anyone who hears of them. Thank you for gracing this world with your uniqueness.
Posted by Samu Anoa'i on 30th October 2013
John 14:1-2 "Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me. In my Father's house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you.
Posted by Christine Starkweather on 29th October 2013
John Ross,you never questioned 'why' or lost your faith. The well from which you drank gave us all strength. You gave when you needed to get, you comforted when you needed to be comforted, you spoke of the future when we were mired in the present. You were the teacher and we wept at your feet. I am honored to have been present as you prepared to go Home. Thank you, John Ross. I love you!
Posted by Roxanne Starkweather on 28th October 2013
To my loving son John Ross, I miss you and love you very much.I am at peace with my heart because you are not suffering anymore. You are in the loving arms of our almighty Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I will forever hold you in my heart and remember all the good times we had. Love-N- Stuff Mom

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