Thanksgiving 1989

Shared by Christine Starkweather on October 29, 2013

While eating Thanksgiving dinner at Roxanne's house with John Ross and Michael, John Ross was about 6 and he was regaling us with a dream he had had about Christmas. He was telling the story using all of the character voices for elves, Santa etc when suddenly he held up one finger and was silent.
We  were waiting for him to speak when I finally said "Then what happened?"
In a dead pan voice he said "Santa paused."
Roxanne and I exploded in laughter and to this day we will hold up one finger and say "Santa paused."


My Dear Friend

Shared by Samu Anoa'i on October 29, 2013

John Ross Santos

Was my dear friend.  He had a special way of touching me & many in his short time here on this planet.  John lived with a strong will and heart of gold and an easy smile that could melt the titanic. He was  an old soul in so many ways, so very sincere with his family,  friends, &  passions. My blessing is he loved wrestling and it seemed to have brought John and I together, something we both love. He taught me how to care again and come out of my shell and have more passion and strength to carry on with what you have and believe in.  God knows I’m so glad I got to meet this special man and his wonderful family. May they find some comfort as I do, knowing John is in a better place with our Lord preparing a place we can all see one another again one day. I truly believe this. My Buddy John made sure he left his mark here with us, branded in our hearts forever. Go eat some ice cream and Dance like no one is watching =) RIP MY FRIEND

Christmas 2009

Shared by Roxanne Starkweather on October 28, 2013

John asked me what was in the christmas packages. I said to him Christmas presents are a secret. He said then whisper it in my ear. lol

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