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Shared by Lorie Roberts on October 3, 2018

Hey John...I’m a little late...but been thinking of you. Gilly and I miss you very much...even miss you agitating me! LOL. 

You would be proud of mom...she has become quite independent. Sierra and Shane are growing into fine young would be proud of them too. 

It is hunting I know you are happy.

Love, Lorie and Gilly 

My Brother

Shared by daniel volna on October 1, 2018

Dear John,

You are always on my mind. I miss you and our talks so very much. You always talked and I listened now I guess it’s my turn. I’ll talk and I know you are listening. As the Fall ushers in, I know you’d be out in the woods in search of that trophy Buck. Every time I encounter one, I know it’s a sign from you, especially while me or the girls are out running. I wish you were here to listen to my troubles and give me your wisdom. Oh well, I know you are listening and you are with me, always. I love and miss you my brother.


Sierra's 16th Birthday

Shared by Elizabeth Volna on April 2, 2016

  My Dear John,

     Today was our Princess Sierra's 16th Birthday !  I can't believe she is 16.  I 

Remember how happy we were the day she was born. She has given us so much

Joy. She is such a beautiful girl  inside and out with such a kind heart. I gave her my 

Blue Star Sapphire ring you gave me when you asked me to marry you, as you always told me you wanted me to do that on her 16th birthday. So she has it now. She loves it. She will think of you always when she wears it. I pray God blesses her with a long

happy, healthy life. I love you and still miss you very much.  Love, Forever,

Your Elizabeth  Xoxoxo 

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