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Lunch with Dr. Stanford

March 2, 2011

Dr. Stanford was such a nice person to work for, and a wonderful example in everything he did. I could say I have many good memories of Dr. Stanford.  One in particular I believe stands out to me. I remember when I first started 20 years ago, Dr. Stanford would have lunch on occasion with a beautiful woman.  She would come to our floor enter his office, turn around to look at me, smile and wave hello and shut the door.  One of my responsibilities was to answer the phones and I remember speaking to his wife on the phone and she would always ask me “How are you, and how is your family?"  I thought to myself, "She sounds so sweet" time went on, I started to get a little disturbed because I watch this beautiful woman come visit him and have lunch with him in his office with the DOOR CLOSED.  I was a new employee, so of course I thought it was strange that no one else thought it odd that this pretty woman was coming to have lunch with him.  Then one day after he finished his lunch, he walked out of his office with her, and towards my desk, both of them were smiling, I tried to not look disappointed because I kept thinking how sweet his wife sounded on the phone “and now he is going to introduce me to this pretty lady”.

Finally, Dr. Stanford said "Maria, I'd like you to meet my wife “Joan”" with such a proud and sweet look on his face....well needless to say by the look on my face, I had to confess to him, that I thought that the Beautiful woman entering his office to have lunch with him, was his girlfriend and how could he have a girlfriend when he had such a sweet Wife.  I don't know if Mrs. Stanford still remembers it, but I know on that day we laughed.  I believe that I am still working at the ADA today, because I only thought of asking him WHY?   After that, with great joy, I greeted Mrs. Stanford (Joan) every time she came to visit Dr. Stanford. 
His passing will be truly missed by those who also knew him as a kind, compassionate, and caring person.
My deepest condolences to Dr. Stanford’s family.
Maria Cedillo-Perez
American Dental Association

The Ericksons

February 28, 2011

I have good memories of John from my interactions with him years ago.  He was very personable and kind to me.  In fact, I have a cute story about John.  For many years, as I attended standards meetings, John would ask me how my father was doing.  I would tell him that my father was doing well and we would move on.   Years later, as we were talking, we discovered that John thought Bob Erickson, former Clinical Manager from 3M Dental was my Dad.  Bob and I are not related, we just have a lot of Scandinavians in the Twin Cities.  John & I both had a good chuckle.  

My thoughts and prayers are with John's family.

Scott Erickson

3M ESPE Dental Products

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