John Wesley Keith Pepper
  • 82 years old
  • Date of birth: May 18, 1932
  • Place of birth:
    Lincoln, Kansas, United States
  • Date of passing: Sep 12, 2014
  • Place of passing:
    Redding, California, United States
Dad, you will always be a part of all we are and all we do! We miss you and think of you everyday! Mom is with you now and for that we are grateful.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, John Wesley Keith Pepper "Wes", born on May 18, 1932 and moved on into eternity on September 12, 2014. We will remember him forever.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Allison Lucero on 18th May 2017

"Happy Birthday Grandpa! Love and miss you so much. <3"

This tribute was added by Lindsay Stølen on 12th September 2015

"I miss you Grandpa, but I just think about where you are now in heaven and how wonderful it must be.  I wish I could have breakfast with you today and then go catch a movie at the Cinema with you like old times.  Love you Grandpa!  You will always be loved, cherished, and remembered by this granddaughter of yours.

This tribute was added by Joseph Dunn on 4th May 2015

"I served with Wes in the Air Force. We flew in the same plane. I was tail
gunner on that plane. Wes and I had a great time together, we not only
served together but we enjoyed many social activities. He was a great
guy and I am proud to have served with him !!"

This tribute was added by Teresa Rust on 10th October 2014

"I have created a Find A Grave Memorial for my dad at: http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=136726656
Please take a look."

This tribute was added by Jeannie Cooke on 24th September 2014

"Miss you Uncle Wes, although I know where you are, it is much more than we here on Earth can imagine... Your presence is  very much missed. Please say hello to  Grandma, I miss her much still too. If you get this Let our Savior.. Yeshua know how grateful we are to have been blessed to have had you in our lives.. Even if for some it was many and others but of a few min..  You are missed, and you were loved.

Your Red Head Niece, Jeannie JoAnn

PS: In the lyrics by Mathew West.. Save a Place For Me ;)

Don't be mad if I cry
It just hurts so bad sometimes
'Cause everyday it's sinking in
And I have to say goodbye all over again

You know, I bet it feels good to have the weight of this world
Off your shoulders now
I'm dreaming of the day
When I'm finally there with you

Save a place for me, save a place for me
I'll be there soon, I'll be there soon
Save a place for me, save some grace for me
I'll be there soon, I'll be there soon

I have asked the questions why
But I guess the answer's for another time
So instead I'll pray with every tear
And be thankful for the time I had you here

So you just save a place for me, save a place for me
I'll be there soon, I'll be there soon
Save a place for me, save some grace for me
I'll be there soon, I'll be there

I wanna live my life just like you did
And make the most of my time just like you did
And I wanna make my home up in the sky just like you did
Oh, but until I get there, until I get there

Just save a place for me, save a place for me
'Cause I will be there soon
Save a place for me, save a place for me
I'll be there soon, I'll be there soon

Don't be mad if I cry
It just hurts so bad"

This tribute was added by Terri Larson on 22nd September 2014

"I know it is typical to speak to and wish well to the deceased but, as many of you who truly knew Dad, He would rather say something. And if he was not able to speak, I think he would wish for something to be said on his behalf.
We all wish him God's mercy and that his eternal rest be peaceful. The truth for those of us who believe in eternity with our creator... whatever name we choose to give him... we KNOW that he is already in a grand place with peace beyond what we could ever dream of, and he's basking in the comforting light of God. And, if he had an opportunity, I believe he would want to relay messages to us... his loved ones. We're told, in the Bible, that we only see dimly, like looking at our image in a mirror in almost complete darkness, and we can only see a little bit,  but when we see God we will see and know FULLY and be fully known.
I believe Dad, after seeing fully, would want us to think carefully about what we are doing as his family. I think he might say the following, "Now that I am here, with the lover of my soul, all those things I saw as so important are really as ashes. Let me instead, now say what I wish I would have said when I was there, still with you. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Choose love, kindness, caring and genuine concern. The creator is all those things and he will then recognize himself in you. Just as you will see fully when you get here he will see fully his reflection in you. And God the Father has all wisdom and all knowledge, therefore, his job to judge is His own and no others. If you have concerns, pray and listen, but His answer will never be for you to judge but it he will lead you where you should go. Trust him to lead you because even if it is in uncharted waters, he is there with you. Many have claimed to know God by their actions of religiousness, but the only action that God recognizes is Love (Himself). It may be found in different forms but it must be love. Then our creator will Fully know us... by seeing His reflection in us"
I think Dad would challenge us all... and the coolest part... it is for no gain whatsoever to himself but out of complete and total Love for us all, for he is already there with our Papa God (:
I'm looking forward to seeing you again Dad... and I will choose Love."

This tribute was added by Sasha Faizulaeva on 17th September 2014

"Teresa, I am looking at the photos of Your father, and it is difficult and hurtful for me to believe that such cheerful, full of energy man already is not with us. Very, very sad...

I am thankful to the fate, that my family met Your family during the course of our life and my children, especially Sanya, were lucky to get to know Your father closely.  

Such remarkable people as Wes Pepper do not abandon us. They continue to warm our hearts with their warm, heartfelt smiles.

From Tanya Faizulaeva"

This tribute was added by Robin Carrigan on 16th September 2014

"Thank You Uncle Wes "The Claw" We appreciate your Love and Sincerity. Thank you for sharing the Love and Knowledge of Jesus in your life. I'm so happy you are in His Eternal Grace and look forward to seeing you again in Glory!

Robin Carrigan (Brooks)"

This tribute was added by Deede Pepper Marshall on 15th September 2014

"My thoughts and prayers are with all of you
Uncle Wes was a wonderful man who had an amazing life and will be missed by all."

This tribute was added by George and Judy McAnally on 15th September 2014

"Wes was a great friend and we have many good memories of our lives in the Half Moon Bay days.  He was good to us and our son Mike plus all the other boys in Pop Warner. Oh what fun we used to have.  He will always be in our hearts and thoughts as well as Evelyn and the family.
God Bless You."

This tribute was added by Abbie Rust on 15th September 2014

"I know grandpa is up there talking to Jesus about how to improve the earth, giving him one of those "now, lemme tell you" talks.

I still remember our last dance, I will miss my classy gramps! send love and prayers our way!"

This tribute was added by Manette Owens on 15th September 2014

"Though we only met briefly, you left a lasting memory with us.  We never had the chance to visit you in Cabo and will never have the pleasure!  However we will remember the stories about how beautiful and exciting it is there!  Thank you for welcoming our son into your family.  God Bless you and your family!  With deep sorrow.  

Phil & Manette"

This tribute was added by Debra Talbott "Pepper Cousin" on 15th September 2014

"Wes, I always enjoyed you and your family coming to visit. I so enjoyed listening to all the stories you would tell while setting around with all the other cousins and family. Will miss you."

This tribute was added by Ed Wallace on 15th September 2014

"The Lord needed another jewel in his crown.Another carpenter too going to miss ya Wes"

This tribute was added by Tahmina Gregor on 15th September 2014

"These are very sad news my sister had passed to me! I remember Grandpa as a very lifeful and optimistic person and now I can still hear in my head his voice, how he is talking to my sister and me. I realize that he and Evelyn must have been outstanding parents to raise such a wonderful person as Teresa, who became an American mother for my sister! Maybe Teresa doesn't know, but she remains my ideal since our families met in Tajikistan. I am so grateful to have known Wes and his family! I want to express my deep condolences to Teresa, Evelyn and all the close ones for missing Wes in this life."

This tribute was added by Marissa Anderson on 14th September 2014

"Prayers to ease the pain of the friends and family and love towards the departed."

This tribute was added by Lubov Chechumasheva on 14th September 2014

"This is very sad news saddens me and our family. I was very happy about the fact that my friend Teresa has such a wonderful father!
  I saw you just the photo, but I have always been amazed and pleased a positive energy that comes from you! At 82 years, you had such a sporty, beautiful and happy man! You've always loved your family, and even those who are friends with your family! A little bit of this love has got me and I am very glad that you occupy a place in my heart!
  18 May your birthday. And my birthday is also on 18 May.
Every year I think of you on this day. And it was this very nice. Now it will be a day of remembrance for you. We love you and will always miss you, Wes!"

This tribute was added by Pamela Moeder on 14th September 2014

"Wes your trips back to Kansas will be greatly missed.  You were always so easy to talk to.  Your strong love for family and really just life in General was always felt.  Rest in peace forever with Jesus.

This tribute was added by Sasha Faizulaeva on 14th September 2014

"It breaks my heart to receive the sad news about my Grandpa passing away. I love him dearly and miss him already. I feel grateful that our life paths have crossed and I was fortunate to spend time with him and and learn some life-long lessons from him.
I am not Grandpa’s biological granddaughter, but I never felt it to be that way. Ever since Teresa and Brad Rust (my American mom and dad) brought me to the USA from Tajikistan to live in their home, while attending Shasta Community College, I became a part of their family, and Grandpa and Grandma immediately included me on the list of their grandchildren. Their warm welcome and unconditional love I felt from the first day and feel to this day.
There are so many dear memories with Grandpa, since I know him for 14 years. The very first one of him is his smile. As a 18-year-old teenager, who just arrived from Tajikistan, a little scared, confused and apprehensive in a new culture and a new country, I remember seeing Grandpa’s bright, welcoming smile that made me feel immediately at home. That warm smile never seemed to leave his face, radiating love optimism and the feeling that everything will be OK. That smile made everything around brighter, making me want to smile as well.
I will never forget how Grandpa would always tell me that he loved me as his own granddaughter, just like he loved his biological grandchildren. I am grateful for his unlimited and unconditional love and will never forget it.
On one of the first days when we met, I remember Grandpa took me to his garage in Palo Cedro and showed me a plaque hanging over his workstation. The plaque had a quote on it by Winston Churchill. It said: “Truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it. Ignorance may deride it, but in the end it’s still there. Tell the truth-- it’s easier to remember.” I didn’t understand English that well at that time and Grandpa took a long time patiently (or may be not that patiently, but with a lot of heart and determination :) ) trying to explain to me the meaning of the quote and such words as “malice,” “deride,” and “incontrovertible.” I still remember this quote and have it written down in my notebook as a lesson from Grandpa!
One day, Grandpa decided to take me out on his old, huge pick-up truck to teach me how to drive on dirt roads of Palo Cedro. Little he knew that he was getting a very challenging student. Coming from a non-driving society, I didn’t have a clue about such simple car basic parts as break and gas pedals, gear shift and... let’s be honest... anything else about cars. When placed in front of the steering wheel, the truck veered uncontrollably from side to side. Luckily, I didn’t smash the truck into anyone’s fence! Regardless of my car-ignorance, Grandpa was determined to teach me how to drive safely. He took a long time explaining to me things like what the shifting gears are for and how they work, how to speed up the car when it is necessary or quickly stop the vehicle. One time, during his demonstration of how I should be able to quickly speed up the car on the highway, he sped up so fast that the belt on the engine got ripped and we had to pull over and go to repair the car immediately.
On the other occasion, Grandpa decided to teach me about guns, because he wanted me to be able to protect myself from danger and stay safe when needed. He talked about safety, different calibers and bullets (details of which I honestly don’t remember). He had me hold the gun and taught me not to be afraid to use one if someone attacked me. He was concerned about my safety and wanted me to be strong. When I was leaving Redding  to go study to Eastern Oregon University in 2003, Grandpa gave me a pepper spray as a going away gift. I faithfully carried the spray for three years, luckily never having to use it. But for me this pepper spray was more than a “weapon” to protect myself, it was a symbol of Grandpa’s love and his care about my safety, and it meant so much to me. I will never forget it.
Through many long conversations with Grandpa, I have learned a lot about life. For example how important it is to have good communication skills to become successful and how important it is to know your own rights. During those conversations I also learned quite a bit about multiple benefits of the ozone machine and hydrogen peroxide :).
Grandpa always had a fun, detailed story to tell from his past. I always treasured his stories ranging from his experiences at the Korean War to encountering the grizzly bear in California. I will miss listening to his stories and conversations.
Grandpa also tried to teach me how to swing dance. The catch is that at that time he was doing it very soon after his knee operation. But, that’s Grandpa for you, he lived his life to the fullest!
The last time we danced with Grandpa was in Los Cabos, Mexico, at Nate (my American brother) and Gaby’s wedding. I had a blast! I will never forget that too! That’s how I will always remember Grandpa:  a kind, smiling, vibrant and life-loving man!
I treasure these, and many other memories of Grandpa and especially all the love I have unconditionally received from him.
I will miss you, Grandpa!  You will always live in a special part of my heart!

This tribute was added by Nicole Pepper on 14th September 2014

"Thank you Uncle Wes for always being there when called and allowing us to be family"

This tribute was added by Scott Mitchell on 14th September 2014

"I pray our merciful Lord grant you His peace and comfort during your time of grief and loss and for the repose of the soul of your dear father.
Fr. Scott"

This tribute was added by Teresa Rust on 13th September 2014

"I miss you Dad."

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