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Excellent host

Shared by Martijn Peters on April 5, 2021
In 1995 I attended Camp Buckskin (Ely, MN) as a camp counselor. As from the Netherlands I was able to do this because of a program called Camp America. At Camp Buckskin I met this lovely lady, Michelle. She truly was one of the people that made my time over there one to remember.

After camp I (and Dundee) got the opportunity to travel with her and her parents all the way back to Fort Lauderdale. When I first met John and Marlene Prosje, it was like having relatives from the Netherlands very closeby.

On our way to Fort Lauderdale we dropped of Michelle and headed on our way.
There are three moments I remember very well.
1. We stayed at a campingsite and when the next morning when we drove off, the antenna dish wasn't put down, so when driving by some overhanging trees, it did a little damage. There were some words that I won't put down.
2. On our way we had to get some diesel, so we entered a gasstation. When filling it up, it did not go that well and John's arms and hands got covered with diesel. We smelled it driving some miles.
3. Our journey to Fort Lauderdale wasn't straight forward. John had heard of an auction of cars, A person named Ed Weaverly passed away and his car collection was 'for sale'. He asked me and Dundee if we wanted to come along. We were eager to do so. The entrance fee was a lot to me, but he payed for it. The hallway was huge and he could tell us a lot about all the cars there. He was such a good storyteller.

Later Dundee and I had the privilege to live in one of the appartments. Every day we could come over for breakfast, lunch and dinner. One day he took us both to the antique shop, there was just room for 1 person in the front next to John, so I sat in the back of the truck. At the Antique shop he told us many stories, he showed us many wonderfull things. The Honda Goldwing was amazing to me.

Then in 2001 I went back with my wife. And again we were very welcome to stay at an appartment, we had lots of talks, also about the Netherlands.

I'm very grateful to have known John. I wish Michelle, Marlene and the rest of the family all the best.

Kus en knuffel van Martijn

Obituary- Sun Sentinel in Ft. Lauderdale

Shared by Michelle Prosje on April 10, 2021
See the Obituary placed in The Sun-Sentinel

Obituary- Canada

Shared by Michelle Prosje on March 27, 2021
See the Obituary placed in Canada Newspapers: Hamilton Spectator & The Sachem (Caledonia Newspaper) 

Disney Cruise- March 2020

Shared by Michelle Prosje on March 19, 2021
So, we had planned a Disney cruise to celebrate Dad's 90th year in March 2020. When my family arrived from Jacksonville to meet up with "Grandpa and Grandma," my Dad asked me my thoughts- "Hey Michelle, what do you think about this virus-thing? Do you think we will be okay?" I told him that Yes, I think all will be alright, especially since this is a Disney cruise. Dad responded, "Well, it's okay if I die. I am 90 and I have had a great life." Dad had a fabulous time enjoying the Disney cruise. And, we all LOVED taking photographs with him dressed up as pirate. My 3 daughters who adore Dad had such a BLAST with him. 

Dad's Stroke- March 5th

Shared by Michelle Prosje on March 19, 2021
According to family friend and handy man Tom, Dad had a good morning. He was walking around building for 4 laps and then went to his favorite chair outside under the large fichus tree watching the birds, doing his word puzzles, and looking out to the canal. A few minutes later in the afternoon Tom noticed Dad had fallen out of his chair. He was mumbling and struggled to use his right side. Tom was able to help pick him up and get him to his feet. With support he made it inside the house but continued to mumble and experience left-sided weakness. Mom emergently called 911, and he was taken to Broward General Hospital ER, admitted, and given TPA (Tissue Plasminogen Activator) in a timely fashion. Imaging showed he suffered a left-sided Middle Cerebral Artery stroke (affecting his language and the use of the right side of his body). He was taken to the ICU that evening. 

Additional notes: (Mostly for my neuro colleagues and for Michelle to remember: CT showed a Left MCA stroke. (Brain MRI from 3/12 revealed a Left Middle Cerebral Artery distribution infarct with involvement of the left insular cortex as well as left temporal and parietal lobes. Mild pitichial type hemorrhage and cytotoxic edema.)  

An amazing day- Monday March 15th

Shared by Michelle Prosje on March 19, 2021
Dad had an incredible day even in the midst of significant right-sided weakness and receptive and expressive aphasia (difficulties understanding what was said to him and inability to clearly and reliably express himself). He woke up smiling with the sunrise. Jeff's wife Bo was there when he opened his eyes. He passed his speech and swallow test. He started with successfully drinking water, then cranberry juice. Then, when asked if he wanted a banana, he immediately stated YES. He was able to use his right hand (the weaker side which had hemiparesis) to take the banana to his mouth. In between mumbles, he stated, "I LIKE BANANA!" And, he followed some commands. He continued to smile. He acknowledged me/Michelle on facetime and laughed and waved at me. 
(*See photos and video of morning activities and smiles posted by "Bo"- Oraphan). After a fantastic morning, he was tired. Over the afternoon, his breathing became a bit more labored and he had a very long restful night.

Dad's passing- March 16th-17th

Shared by Michelle Prosje on March 19, 2021
MARCH 16th: Dad took a turn for the worse on the morning of 3/16. He went into respiratory distress. We agreed for a ventilator to help determine the cause of his quick deterioration and mental status changes. Over time, we learned that he had significant bleeding in his bladder and had gone into kidney failure. There was a cascade of organ failure and accompanying increases in lactic acid with an elevated white blood count. 

Dad's first daughters, Diane and Patty, were able to visit and be with Dad on the afternoon of the 16th (and the 15th). Jeff also visited both days. I arrived to see Dad on Tuesday afternoon- I do believe he knew I was in the room but he had been unresponsive for hours. He was breathing just a bit over the ventilator. Jeff's wife "Bo" (Dad's daughter-in-law) was present throughout, as was Mom (of course, Mom has always been there for Dad--each and every day prior to and during the hospitalization). 

MARCH 17th: Upon arrival first thing in the a.m. we learned that he required 3 pressors to keep his heart rate stable (he had had only one the day prior). Blood cultures remained relatively stable with good hemoglobin somewhat reduced lactic acid and improved white blood count. However, his kidney and liver function were declining. Dad's first son Russ called and spoke to Dad. Later that afternoon, Dad's heart rate started slowing. Mom had just left the room to use the restroom. I had my arms around Dad and was talking into his left ear. Bo was supporting on Dad's left side. As I told him how strong he was and that he put up such a good fight and that I loved him, his heart rate slowed and simply stopped at 5:00 p.m.. Dad was at peace. Once the ventilator was removed, his face had such a peaceful genuine smile on it and his furrowed brow of frustration had completely disappeared. It was a beautiful moment that I will be forever grateful for. *Thank you Dad for trusting me that I could handle this and giving me the opportunity to be there. Mom was of course distraught as I found her returning from the restroom. There was a purpose for her not being there...Dad knew that Mom could not handle his passing. Then, Mom, Bo, and I shared precious moments with Dad. We are grateful to pastors Chris and Jeff who prayed with us soon after Dad's passing and gave us their blessing. 

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