One thing is certain—He is calling you, calling you to give your all.
—John Lello
  • Passed away on November 26, 2012 in Papua New Guinea.

A Message from Pam Lello:

Dear family and friends,
After returning to the states and attending the memorials and funeral, we are presently staying at the AFM Training Center in Michigan.

We would like to thank all of you for your prayers and support during this difficult time. The Lord is so good and we have so much to be grateful for.

A few months before the accident our computer crashed making it difficult to communicate. However, with a new email address we will once again be able to correspond.

Thank you again for all your prayers, financial support and encouraging words. God bless you all.

Pam, Abby & Alissa Lello

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In Loving Memory of John Lello, 1966-2012

The Lello family joined Adventist Frontier Missions (AFM) in November 2009, accepting a call to live among the animist AMA people along the Sepik River and raise up a Seventh-day Adventist church among them that would bring the Gospel to the entire tribe.  The Lellos completed their fundraising and launched to Papua New Guinea in March 2012.

John Lello died on the afternoon of November 26, 2012 in an accident while felling trees near the site of his AFM mission project in Papua New Guinea's Sepik Province.  Please surround his family in caring and prayer--especially his wife, Pam, and their two girls, Alissa and Abby.

Stephen Combe who picked up the family from May River shared this observation (From comments on ANN news story)“I had the sad but great honor of picking up Pam and her daughters from the May River.  There were so many villagers who wanted to pay their respects to John and Pam. His body had been lovingly wrapped and flower petals garlanded his casket.  The girls were given flower garlands too. Such a sad time and yet Pam gave a very moving and courageous speech of hope before she boarded the helicopter.  The whole village joined in prayer for her and the girls, for the SDA ministry in the Ama tribes and for the remembrance of John to always honor his commitment to Jesus and his love of the Ama people.”

Posted by Cindy Nimeskern on 11th January 2019
Dear Pam, Alissa and Abby, I just now read about your husband John's passing in 2012. on AFM posts. I want to send my condolences to you and wanted to let you know you're in my thoughts and prayers. We've been getting AFM magazine through our church and also in the mail and have enjoyed reading stories in other countries what God is doing for people around the world. God bless you. love Cindy Nimeskern
Posted by Lois Burn on 27th November 2018
Miss you dearly my brother! I can’t believe it has been six years. When I see your smiling picture above you are frozen in time - even as the rest of your family grows up and grows older. Can’t wait to see you again and welcome you home from your mission trip here on earth. Come quickly Lord Jesus. We all need to go home with You.
Posted by Karen Cunningham on 26th November 2018
Our hearts still go out to John's dear family as we remember his service in the Lord's work. May the Lord keep you all close to His side and may you all be reunited together again soon. Much love, Ashley & Karen
Posted by Jeannie Windels on 26th November 2018
So good to know that the One for whom John gave his life, is the One who loves and leads us through those mountain top and deep valley experiences and will one day take us home to Heaven where there will be no more goodbyes. Come quickly, Lord Jesus. And keep us faithful!
Posted by Dennis Altman on 26th November 2018
We still can not believe that John is gone. He was a good Christian man and we know that he is safe and resting in the loving arms of Jesus and we will meet again when Jesus comes to take us home. What a grand and glorious day that will be.
Posted by Lois Burn on 26th November 2017
Dearest Abby your daddy would be so proud of how you have grown up into such a wonderful young woman, I'm sure he would take you in his warm arms and give you a big hug! Today as you turn 16 we celebrate this special day with you. God bless in this new year of adventures with Him. Aunt Lois
Posted by Jeannie Windels on 26th November 2017
Dear Pam and girls and the whole family, I still remember where I was when I heard about John's accident. I wanted so desperately for it to be a terrible rumour. As time has passed I have been so blessed to watch how God has strengthened and sustained His precious children through this heart-wrenching loss. And I look forward to the reunion in Heaven when John is with his family again. How beautiful it will be to see redeemed from around the world who will recount the significance of John's life and death and the continuing ministry of his family in their Heavenward journey. May God bless you all and keep you faithful!!!
Posted by Karen Cunningham on 26th November 2017
Dear Pam and girls, We still continue to remember John and the work you all started with the Ama people and will continue to pray and uplift you all. John would be so proud of you and the girls and the work you are doing. I don't think it will be much longer before you will be reunited again with your precious husband and father. Love to all, Ashley & Karen
Posted by Judy Lello on 21st January 2017
Our daughter Lois Burn made a surprise visit the to our home, 19-21st of Jan. 2017. The occasion was her dad's 80th birthday. It was a wonderful time we spent together BUT it was bitter sweet, tears filled my eyes as I wished her dear brother John could have been here to share in the celebration of one of our families special moments. It is at times like this we miss his presence so much. This makes me long for the glorious Day of The Lord when we will all be reunited again." Lord we miss him so much. Help us Finnish your work so that Day will not be too long. Please bless our dear Pam and the girls as they keep on trusting in you and growing in the Lord. Thank you for giving us this loss and helping us through it for it has made us grow more in your likeness. Even so come Lord Jesus, amen.
Posted by Karen Cunningham on 26th November 2016
Dear Pam and girls, Even though the years roll on, we will continue to remember the work that John and your dear family started. You are in out thoughts and prayers. John would be so proud of all of you. God bless you all. Much love and respect. Ashley & Karen
Posted by Judy Lello on 6th December 2015
Never a day goes by that John is not missed. The pain and memories linger. But my heart goes out to our darling daughter Lois and our precious daughter Pam and grand children, Lissa and Abby who daily live the reality of a family of three. I long for heaven when the redeemed of all the ages will be reunited forever with all our loved ones that sleep in the grave awaiting the trumpet call of Jesus, what a day of victory that will be?
Posted by LaRenne Lacey on 6th December 2015
I think of your precious family every time I open an AFM magazine and all you each have sacrificed. Praise God for holding you up each day giving you a fresh measure of grace to continue in ministry for Him. Yes, soon Jesus will return and resurrect John to spend eternity with all of you. Praying for each of your family members! Remember, Jesus is carrying your sorrow.
Posted by Jeannie Windels on 26th November 2015
This man, his wife, daughters, and their mission continue to fuel a mission passion in my heart. Their dedication is an inspiration and blessing to me. I look forward to the reunion in Heaven and to hearing the stories through eternity of the impact they have had on people around the globe. God bless you!!!!
Posted by Jeannie Windels on 30th November 2014
Dear Pam, Alyssa and Abigail, Your family picture is still on my fridge, too! I think of you often and pray for the Ama and for the missionaries who are heading there. I just pray that each of you will have strength and courage to remain faithful to Jesus until the Glorious Day of Glad Reunions!!!!!
Posted by LaRenne Lacey on 29th November 2014
yes, I think of Pam and the girls often when I read AFM mag. When I read update on your current work with AFM in preparing candidates I praised God for the strength and growth He has given each of you. For the "good He has brought out of tragedy!" I continue to pray for you and look forward to meeting John and all your family in heaven.
Posted by Karen Cunningham on 26th November 2014
Dear Pam, Alissa and Abigail, You all are in our hearts and thoughts today as we stop to remember your husband and father. We know he would be so proud of his little family and how strong you have become. You are a living testimony to what God can accomplish through tribulations and trials. We praise God and ask Him to continue to give you all grace and strength as you work in His vineyard. Much love and respect, Ashley and Karen
Posted by Jerry & Charlene Leach on 26th November 2014
Be assured that John's ultimate sacrifice is not forgotten, and neither are you, Pam, or the girls. In the midst of great loss, you have been faithful to the Ama people as you have shared their story wherever there has been opportunity. But on a very personal level, a husband/father is deeply missed in your lives. May you continue to find comfort and strength as you lean into the Everlasting Arms.
Posted by Karen Cunningham on 26th November 2013
Dear Sister Pam, Alissa and Abigail, I know today must be a hard anniversary for you, but I praise God that He has given you the strength and grace to get through this first year. I know that He will continue to carry you through. John would be very proud of all of you. You have taken up a good work to continue to help out in the mission field and spread your testimony. We are so pleased that God has answered your prayers and has found a family to take your place among the Ama people. We will continue to uplift you all and praise God for His loving mercy towards you as you continue to work for the Master. Much love and respect, Ashley and Karen
Posted by Judy Winkle on 26th November 2013
Pam, Alissa, and Abigail...thinking of you today and know how painful it is for you to bring everything to remembrance again. I am sure there are good memories too. Uplifting you and the girls in prayer during this difficult time.
Posted by Jerry & Charlene Leach on 26th November 2013
Pam, Alissa and Abigail, please know that you are remembered especially in our prayers each Sabbath. Your loss is still very present in our hearts. And your "umbrella photo" is a permanent fixture on our refrigerator.
Posted by Maslova-Tarasova Olga on 15th March 2013
Dear Pam, Alissa and Abigail!We are your brothers and sisters in Christ from Ukraine. Today we read about the accident happened with your husband!I was crying during reading... We grieve with you!May be you feel fear or confusion...May You feel Jesus arms of love around you!
Posted by Maslova-Tarasova Olga on 15th March 2013
Luke 12:6-7 "Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings, and not one of them is forgotten before God? But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows." With love Olya, Vladimir, Ariel, Ruth.
Posted by LaRenne Lacey on 18th February 2013
Through AFM mag I feel acquainted with your family. Pam, as I read your detailed account of John's accident I marveled at your courage and dedication, your agony in leaving your "new family" in NG. Every time I awakened during the night I lifted your family in prayer to the Almighty One who "has carried our sorrows." May His strength be yours today! "Be Still My Soul," precious hymn.
Posted by Dennis Heintz on 29th January 2013
I read Frontiers cover to cover each issue. I feel like I know your family. Our hearts and prayer go out to you Pam, Alyssa, and Abigail. God knows your pain and promises to heal. We are praying for you all. Words seem so meaningless at a time like this. Heaven cannot be too soon.
Posted by Laurel Teller on 24th January 2013
You are in my prayers! To remember the importance of my teacher-- Mr. Lello played an important part in my senior year at Spring Valley Academy as my physics and calculus teacher as well as one of my class sponsors. We did many creative projects in physics. Mr. Lello would go to great lengths to help his students learn-always with a caring spirit and a desire for his students’ success.
Posted by Laurel Teller on 24th January 2013
As our class prepared for the AP Calculus test, he would come in on Sunday to help us. And when conflict came between the AP test schedule and our senior class trip, Mr. Lello upheld integrity by having us take the test on the right day. Mr. Lello: honorable, humble, and seeking to serve God. I’m looking forward to sharing stories and mathematics with him soon!
Posted by Wilder Domond on 19th January 2013
Dear Pam, Abigail and Alissa U may not remember us, we are the Domond Family Before I begin, id like to tell u how sorry we are when we heard about our friend John s passing. We live in Bethlehem, Pa. You, John and the girls came over our home to pray fo us. Tears are coming down my eyes. God bless
Posted by Jeannie Windels on 7th January 2013
Dear Pam, Alissa and Abigail, I have thought of you and prayed for you so many times over the last few weeks. My heart aches for you, and I pray that you will be strengthened and comforted in the knowledge of God's love for you and the hope of the soon return of Jesus. This past Sabbath our children's Sabbath School class prayed for you. Psalm 125:1, 2 and Psalm 126
Posted by Ugochukwu Elems on 5th January 2013
Indeed, John was on a mission - he knew it and gave his all to accomplish that mission. And yet the mission is unfinished. Who will continue from John Lello left off? And to you my beloved sisters - Pam, Abby and Alissa, John fulfilled his mission; what about you?
Posted by Katie Burge on 4th January 2013
dear Pam - I just discovered your tragic loss on the AFM facebook page. Oh my heart goes out to you. I don't know your family personally, but your family pictures are an inspiration. May you know you are held in the faithful arms of our Saviour. He will never let you go! May you be comforted, strengthened and led by Him always.
Posted by Kim Mazone on 28th December 2012
It doesn't seem like that long ago when you were visiting our home in Maine and telling us about your hopes of taking God's Word to the AMA people. Our family has prayed for you and enjoyed reading emails about the positive work you did in sharing Christ to those who needed to hear. We are heart broken over your loss. The kids send hugs to their pen pals Abby and Alissa. Love, the Mazones
Posted by Khin Mg Kyi on 24th December 2012
Dear Pam, Alissa, and Abigail, our prayers are with you always. As missionaries in PNG, we are very proud for the sacrifice that John and you all have made. May our heavenly Father continue to comfort you and give you peace. May the Lord hasten His return when John will wake up from his sleep and say "hello, good morning" to you Pam and his two beautiful girls.
Posted by Poka Launa on 23rd December 2012
There are billion places in this universe for such a wonderful family to live and enjoy their lives and do whatever they wanted to do to make them happy, but here in the land of PNG, obeying God seems to be their hearts' desire, the Lilo's, truly has left something that will be remembered of all times.God will richly bless and comfort you, Pam, Abby and Alissa all the days of your lives.
Posted by Zoë D'Hommée on 23rd December 2012
Dear Pam, Abigail and Alissa, I am so sorry to hear such sad news. Each of you are each in my thoughts and prayers. I pray for God's loving arms around you and his strength to carry you through this time. I pray that you will feel his love and know that He will carry you through, that better days will come. Sending you a big hug, Zoë
Posted by Jerri Kinney on 23rd December 2012
Dear Pam, Alissa and Abigail, sisters in Christ. My tears join with yours at the painful loss of your precious husband! How hard this trial must be, yet how wonderful that He is safe in Jesus. Seems like little comfort just now, but oh, how sweet the thought to know you will see, touch and share with him again. May God be your husband your strength and song through these dark days.
Posted by Carolyn Reid on 18th December 2012
On this eve of laying John to rest, I believe heaven notes our fresh tears and pain. By faith, I envision holy beings executing the Father's plan to bear you tenderly through this deep sorrow. The Mighty Spirit of Comfort is ministering even now, Pam. I believe this because the Eternal One, intimately acquainted with loss, has promised, "I will not leave you comfortless...I will come..."
Posted by Marilyn & Larry Lang on 18th December 2012
John Lello loved children. I'm sure he had a profound impact on the little ones there in the mission field; seeds that will bear fruit we can't imagine. May God bless Pam, Alissa and Abigail and provide them comfort. We will all see John again in "just a little while" when we all get to heaven.
Posted by Bruce Wickwire on 16th December 2012
Pam, Alissa, and Abigail. Our hearts are heavy with sorrow. John was a dedicated man and worker for the Lord. Heaven only will reveal the why. May God bless and comfort you. Come quickly Lord Jesus. Bruce and Victoria Wickwire
Posted by Casey Hastings on 13th December 2012
Dear Pam and children, we were saddened to learn of your loss.Kako church in upper mazaruni, Guyana, prayed for you.
Posted by James Kiangua on 13th December 2012
Pam, Alissa and Abigail, I want to praise God for the determination and courage you have to touch the lives of others with the Love of Christ. the seed you have shown will be harvested when He comes. May His providence be with you all.
Posted by Patty Giambra on 12th December 2012
Hi Pami! As I look at the pictures of your family, I can see love and happiness in your faces.Your girls are beautiful. I pray that God will fill the hole that has been left behind, with hope and strength to endure, and everything else that you need. His ways are not our ways. And that there is a bigger story going on that what we can see. I pray for God to use this for His glory. Big hug!
Posted by Meka Schwartz on 11th December 2012
Blessings to the Lello family and extended loved ones. I am so glad to have read about all of the wonderful work the LORD allowed the Lello's to do in God's vineyard. I am deeply saddened and crushed for Pam and the girls. They will forever remain in my heart and prayers. So glad to know that John lived the Light, and made his calling and election sure.
Posted by Karen Mogel on 11th December 2012
My heart is heavy and aches for you and your family. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Words cannot express the sadness that we feel for your loss. Stay strong in your faith. God will never leave you. Love and Prayers, Gary, Karen, Gary, Jr., and Aubrey
Posted by Lois Dittberner on 11th December 2012
Pam & Girls, I'm so sorry for your great loss.; I;ve wanted to write to you since John;s death. but I didn;t know how to get in to write. Pam I;ve known you since you were born. My heart aches for you. I hope by this time you will be home with loved ones. My prayer is that the Lord will lift you up in his arms the next 3 weeks. My love to you your cousin Lois
Posted by Lucy Chung on 10th December 2012
Dearest Pam, Abby and Alissa, Sending up many prayers for you. Have a safe trip back to the US. Elijah & Caleb send their love to the girls and pray that Jesus will hold them tightly and shower them with kisses. Thinking of you all daily, especially Pam. *Many, many hugs*
Posted by Lois Burn on 8th December 2012
Having worship tonight and came across this message for you: May the Lord send an angel ahead of you to guard you along your way and may He bring you to the place He has prepared for you. (Exod 23:20 NIV). Looking forward to seeing you and Abby and Alissa ... Soon!
Posted by Benny Mason on 8th December 2012
As Jobs friends could not speak for a week when they came to see him, I just can not think of more comforting words for you and the girls tho' I will support your family in this time.
Posted by Judy Lello on 7th December 2012
Dearest Pam & precious Abby and Lissa, Granny and Graddad still find it so hard for you to return home with out your Daddy. We weep with you and feel deeply for our loss, but we are so thankful for your continuing loving ministry for Our Lord Jesus to the people of PNG. We look forward to your return and long to hold you in our arms. Praying for you many times daily. "Jesus comfort them."
Posted by Richard Haas on 7th December 2012
Our hearts and our prayers and go out to you at this time. Richard and Betty
Posted by Danielle Koning on 7th December 2012
Dearest Pam, Abby and Alissa. Me and my parents have been profoundly moved by the news of John´s passing and have been praying for you ever since we heard. I remember John as both a leader and a humble learner: an extraordinary combination. You have a family in Holland and the larger AFM family that is deeply moved by your hurt and journeys with you in heart and prayer. You are not alone.

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