Let the memory of Johnna be with us forever
  • 67 years old
  • Born on May 23, 1941 .
  • Passed away on March 18, 2009 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Johnna Barney 67 years old , born on May 23, 1941 and passed away on March 18, 2009. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Frank Soudek on 18th March 2019
Hi my Love, Where has the time gone. It seems like only yesterday that you were here and now it's been ten years. I am living at the Regent now where Dad was at and hated it. Larry is here and he doesn't like it that much either but he has no choice. I've been here six days and I like it a lot. I have a nice one bedroom apartment, all I need. I miss you so much honey, wish you were here with me in good health of course. I love you so much.
Posted by Chris Soudek on 18th March 2019
Dear Mom I really miss you a lot. I can't believe that you have been gone for 10 years all ready. Dad moved out of the house we lived there for 53 years. I'm having a hard time being rushed. Love you hugs & kisses. God bless Chris
Posted by Frank Soudek on 19th March 2018
Still missing you every day Honey. I can't believe it's been nine years already, seems like yesterday. I love you and always will, never will forget you my Love.
Posted by Chris Soudek on 4th June 2017
Mom Sorry this is late but I thought of you on Mothers Day & birthday. It doesn't seem like another year has passed for your Mother's Day & birthday. Everyday I miss you so much. God bless, love you Chris
Posted by Frank Soudek on 23rd May 2017
Happy Birthday my love, still missing you daily. I have an empty place in my heart. The song playing on this site is very fitting, as it says "I will always love you". Much love to you my lovely lady.
Posted by Chris Soudek on 24th March 2017
Where has the eight years gone. I wish you were here with us. Thanks for being my mom. I miss you daily. God bless I love you Chris
Posted by Chris Soudek on 23rd May 2016
Happy 75th Birthday!!! You were always there for me. So many times you were there to brighten my day with nice things you said and did for me. As I thought back on all of the many occasions you lifted my spirits before... I thought about how you were there through all my years together. Always ready to listen and share with me. Always finding a way to give comfort and strength and to show that you really did care for me. Hugs & kisses & I miss you a lot. God bless, love your daughter Chris
Posted by Frank Soudek on 23rd May 2016
Happy Birthday my sweet Lady, wish you were here so we could celebrate together. I will especially remember you this day as I do everyday since you went to your heavenly home. I love you Honey.
Posted by Chris Soudek on 19th March 2016
On the anniversary of the Day You Went Away seven years ago. Today's the 7th anniversary of the day that I lost you, And for a time it felt as though My life had ended too. But loss taught me many things And now I face each day, With hope and happy memories To help me on my way. And though I'm full of sadness That you're no longer here, Your influence still guides me And I still feel you near. What we shared will never die It lives within my heart, Bringing strength and comfort While we are apart. I love you & miss you a lot.
Posted by Frank Soudek on 18th March 2016
Today is seven years since you went to be with our Lord. I miss you every day and today is going to be hard to go through, but with God's grace I'll make it. I will always love you and you are alive in my memories of you and your beautiful smile even when you were so ill. I thanks God for bringing you into my life. Much love to you my dear Johnna.
Posted by Chris Soudek on 31st May 2015
Mom Today at 4:30pm mass I had a mass said for your birthday because they couldn't do it on your birthday from dad & I. I'm glad it was this sat because Mary did the second reading & that was special to me. It meant a lot having her do it for your mass & all so father Douglas said the mass. I don't know what happened to the one tribute I wrote for you on your birthday but here it is again "A mom brings a special kind of love to the family... a special kind of joy to the heart." Even though you are in heaven, you're still my wonderful mom, and I'm still proud of you. So no matter how many candles are on your cake today in heaven, I'll never stop hoping with all my heart that every day of your life will be beautiful. So make a wish... celebrate your special day in heaven... and remember you're loved very much. Happy Birthday!!! Love you Chris
Posted by Frank Soudek on 23rd May 2015
Happy, Birthday my Sweet Lady, I miss you so much. Will go to cemetery in a while and place flowers on your special day. I love you still and always will, Frank
Posted by Chris Soudek on 19th March 2015
Mom I can't believe that it has been 6 years all ready. I wish you were to talk to, watch tv & due things with me like we used to!!! I think of you every day. There was a lot of fun trips & a lot memories to look back at. I wish we still had time together. Thank you for your love, listening to me, caring for me & being their for me. Hugs & Kisses to you & Jeff!!! Love you Chris
Posted by Frank Soudek on 18th March 2015
My Darling Johnna, On this six year anniversary of your passing, I want you to know I still miss you so much. There will never be anyone as wonderful and beautiful as you my sweet. I love you and think of you always, and the song is so fitting for how I feel. You are always with me in spirit.
Posted by Chris Soudek on 23rd May 2014
Happy Birthday Mom I hope you & Jeff are celebrating your special day in heaven. I can't wait to come celebrate with you!!! Love you a lot Chris
Posted by Frank Soudek on 23rd May 2014
Happy Birthday my love. You and our Lord are going to have a beautiful party. I can only imagine how glorious it is heaven. I will be with you one day to celebrate with you. Love you so much. Frank
Posted by Frank Soudek on 17th May 2014
My dearest love, the song is very fitting for what I have to say. I will always love you. there will be no other like you in my life. what a great wife, homemaker and mother to our children. Your picture is in our bedroom and I see you morning and night remembering all the great times we had together and your spontaneity. I hope to be reunited with you some time when God says O K. Love your hubby.
Posted by Rini Beeman on 16th May 2014
Johnna you were such an inspiration to me and made me feel right at home at our meetings. They are just not the same without you. Miss you
Posted by Dana Johnson on 16th May 2014
Johnna, pretty lady, I know that you are brightening up the heavens. For those of us still on earth, we remember you fondly. Even though you battled illness, you still had grace and a caring for others. In a small way, it's a comfort to know that Jeff is there with you too, but please know you will always be a part of our group.
Posted by Chris Soudek on 11th May 2014
Mom Happy Mother's Day!!! You & Jeff have a special day with each other!!! Take care of each other. Hugs & kisses God Bless!!! Love you Chris
Posted by Vita Charleston on 2nd April 2014
Hi Johnna! I REALLY miss you! Say hi to you lots still though cause your blue scarf is still on my angel. Hard not cry ! :) xoxo
Posted by Kathy Gray on 2nd April 2014
Johnna Soudek, you were one of the most amazing women I've met. God put you in my life for a season cut way too short. I'm forever grateful to you and Frank for your inspiration in dealing with the temporary absence of my son. I love and miss you, Johnna :)
Posted by Chris Soudek on 1st April 2014
Mom I miss you. Hugs & kisses take care of Jeff Love you Chris

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