Let the memory of Johnnie R. be with us forever
  • 74 years old
  • Born on April 10, 1936 in Gilmer, Texas, United States.
  • Passed away on September 7, 2010 in Nevada, Texas, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Johnnie R. Davis SR. who was born on April 10, 1936 and passed away on September 7, 2010. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Dretha Welch on 9th April 2015
Happy Birthday Daddy, Miss you so much. Thanks for watching over us.
Posted by Dretha Welch on 6th September 2014
Miss you Daddy!
Posted by Dretha Welch on 9th April 2012
Happy Birthday, Miss you daddy.
Posted by Dretha Welch on 18th November 2011
Happy Anniversary! Wish y'all was here,,But I know you guys would rather be together, Wow if only! Love you guys and think of you everyday. Miss you guys more then you know. Happy Happy Anniversary.
Posted by Dretha Welch on 9th April 2011
Happy Birthday Mama & Daddy ,I sat down to the computer this morning and it told me you would had been 75 today,Wow. Wish you were still here to celebrate it.Love and miss you so much.Thanks again for all you have done for us.You are my hero.
Posted by Lil Paul & Noella Welch on 18th January 2011
Papa, really wish you were here right now. We love you & Granny
Posted by Dretha Welch on 11th January 2011
Just would like to say Thanks. I miss you and even though I wasn't around you, I Love you more then I ever could had told you. It is hard to deal knowing you are not here. I know If I get on here I feel you are still close. I will let you rest in peace. I will never forget you.
Posted by Dretha Welch on 4th January 2011
Thinking about you guys, Love and miss you both very much..
Posted by Dretha Welch on 3rd January 2011
Missed you guys at the New Year Party. Just wanted to say it has been 4 years with out mama, We still think of her everyday.Thank God for the memories. Love and miss you both.
Posted by Deloris Baldwin on 3rd January 2011
Just reading the things others are writing about how much they all miss ya'll. I can just hear the love and the loss. I so loved both of you. Sonny was the quite behind the scene's kinda person. I used to wonder if he was my brother or was Martha my sister. They were just 2 good people that I had the privilige to know . Yes I think ya'll cheated us out of a good party on your 50th.
Posted by Paul Welch Sr. on 24th December 2010
Merry Christmas Papa. You & Martha sure are going to be missed today especially. Give Martha a big hug for all of us.
Posted by Dretha Welch on 24th December 2010
Merry Christmas Daddy. We miss you so much.
Posted by Tammi Petterson on 2nd December 2010
Thinking of you and Granny alot.I miss you so much.I hope you hear me when I talk to you or even just think of you.Granny I can hear your laugh and it always makes me giggle and PaPa well just your warm smile always put a smile on my face.I sure wish you were here.I know you watch over us everyday but what I would give for one of those GREAT BIG HUGS of yours just one more time. Merry Christmas!!
Posted by Lil Paul & Noella Welch on 1st December 2010
Been thinking of you alot over the last couple of weeks. We love you and miss you! Merry Christmas to you & Granny
Posted by Dretha Welch on 19th November 2010
Happy 50th Anniversary, I so wanted to give you guys a party.Just thinking back at your 25th and the plans mama had for her 50th. Well glad you guys are together. I am a day early but as always Shells B-day is today and it always kept me on trac. Just thinking about you. You will always be in my heart.
Posted by Dretha Welch on 13th October 2010
Love and miss you!
Posted by Dretha Welch on 27th September 2010
Love you...Think about you everyday.It's hard knowing when I go to your house you wont be there.You were my angel, Thanks!
Posted by Dretha Welch on 20th September 2010
Just want to say I love you,It's now 2 weeks since you left us but still "it's hard" I know the way I feel can't imagine How the family feels with you being gone.Daddy you are in my heart and I will forever miss you.
Posted by Ashlie Kelly on 20th September 2010
i just feel incomplete without you! The girls ask about you daily. Its going to be a while before we can form a new rutine that doesnt revolve around you and its going to be hard because we enjoyed it! Thanks for everything Papa you were my hero as well! Give Granny a HUGE hug and kiss for me! Love yall to the moon and back! oxoxoxoxoxoxo till we meet again!.... dretha, michelle I mean ashlie =)
Posted by Ashlie Kelly on 20th September 2010
Still have the sick feeling in my stomach that just wont go away! I feel lost! I am very grateful that your are not in pain but I so wish I could just hug you and kiss you goodnight still! I feel like im forgetting something through out the day ... making you something to eat, getting you something to drink, getting your pills ready, picking out your clothes out, finding something for you to watch
Posted by Dretha Welch on 15th September 2010
I think about you all day, I miss you and love you and have a lump in my throat that won't go away.It has been a little over a week since we seen you fade away and still it hurts to think of that.Just saying I love you.
Posted by Tammi Petterson on 14th September 2010
Papa, You and Granny saw the best in me when I felt it was the bottom you always stuck your hand out and grabbed mine. There are no words to express my love for you. I will miss you SO MUCH. Your legacy will live on through everyone that both of you have touched. I can only hope to be as great as you.I love you from the bottom of my heart. Till we meet again!
Posted by Beth Martin on 14th September 2010
Well Sonny, you are in that fabulous place we are all promised!!! God is so very gracious I know your family and friends are all comforted by the wonderful memories you left, just by being you! What a blessing to have you and Martha (and rest of family, too, of coarse) in my life. Now, you are home, no more pain, no more tears, reunited with Martha. RIP I love and miss you both.
Posted by Deloris Baldwin on 12th September 2010
Well Sonny, How's those streets of gold? Are you and Martha up there laughing at us , we're hurting and ya'll just got to move in with the MAN that owns everything! everywhere!! I bet the Cowboys are in the Super Bowl every year up there!! Martha won't have to get upset and cry and cuss them anymore. Sonny I think that you are the best man I ever met. Ilove You Give Mama & Bonnie, Daddy a hug
Posted by Jeannie Risher on 12th September 2010
Dear Sonny, Dad (your 1st Cousin, Jimmy Risher), sadly relayed the news of your passing to me by phone. Even though we didn't know one another very well, I feel I knew you through Granny's (Aunt Virgie) stories all these years. Look forward to meeting you up in heaven when I get there. Praying for the family . . . Jeannie
Posted by Brandy Roberst on 11th September 2010
The funneral was as Beautiful as the person you are. We miss you and love you, and please give granny a hug for me.....
Posted by Dretha Welch on 10th September 2010
Well just wanted to say you was right, The funeral was as great as you though it would be. The love that was in the room was for the man on the wall. All we had to do was look up to heaven and we seen you.You and mama was our heart. LOVE YOU AND WILL ALWAYS.
Posted by Dretha Welch on 9th September 2010
remembering someone special today. You fly with the angels now but part of you will always be with us.Love you!
Posted by Brandy Roberst on 8th September 2010
Guide us all through this day and tomorrow. The sun is trying to shine here, it must be you giving us light to follow. We love and miss you dearly Papa..
Posted by Dretha Welch on 8th September 2010
I just want to say that today is going to be a hard day.I will always love you.
Posted by Tobey Patton on 7th September 2010
Brandy, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Posted by Matt McRay on 7th September 2010
Papa you were the best grandad any one could have. I miss you so much! Im sorry I didnt get to be around more these last couple years but we had alot of goodtimes togather and i will never forget them. You will always live in our hearts and souls. I Love you and miss you dearly
Posted by Nina Combs on 7th September 2010
As my friend of 57 years and the father of My Niece and Nephew; I have always treasured our friendship,and will miss you dearly. - Nina Crenshaw, Webber, Combs Although I have only known you a short time but I am proud to have met you. - Papa Joe Combs
Posted by RICHARD DAVIS on 7th September 2010
We all miss you so much Daddy. I am glad you are with mom again. Yall were my best friends who I loved to vacation with....I miss ya'll so very much...
Posted by Wimberly Crenshaw-roberso... on 7th September 2010
Posted by Stacey Davis on 7th September 2010
Brandy, I am very sorry about the loss of your grandpa. I know your famliy is very sad and I am thinking of all of you. Thank you for sharing this website it is a very beautiful thing to do. Just know he is happy and would not want you all to be sad for long.
Posted by Shonda Booher on 7th September 2010
Are you and Granny dancing yet?? =) My heart hurts but I know you aren't hurting anymore so it gives some comfort...You were a WONDERFUL man that was loved by so many and for that we will all be forever grateful! Do me a favor and give my memaw and papaw a HUGE hug for me...RIP PAPA SONNY! We love you!
Posted by Michelle McRay on 7th September 2010
We love you Daddy! We will miss you forever, but you will always be in our hearts. You were the greatest Dad ever. Thank you for everything.
Posted by Lil Paul & Noella Welch on 7th September 2010
Papa, Words cannot describe the grief we feel...but we know that you are up there with Granny sitting on the 50 yard line. We will miss coming and watching football & NASCAR, or just coming and sitting with you. We love you. We are sad, but happy that you are no longer in pain and you are with Granny again. We love you always.
Posted by Dretha Welch on 7th September 2010
I believe this is the hardest thing I ever had to witness in my life.Love you.
Posted by Ashlie Kelly on 7th September 2010
Papa your gals... Sierra, Ashdon, & Branlie already miss you so much! Branlie keeps going to your room looking around and Ashdon asked why we left you at the hospital. Sierra said she knows you found Granny and Elvis! Its so hard being home without you! I love you so much.....I defintly would not be the person I am today without you and Granny... WORDS CANNOT EXPLAIN HOW GREATFULL I AM FOR YALL
Posted by Kenneth Crenshaw on 7th September 2010
I want to thank you for the good times I had with you as a kid when you let me work with you building fences.It was real nice knowing you and you were very kind to me.You are a great person and I am only sorry that we have not been around each other for years.You will always be remembered by me.Goodbye Sonny.
Posted by Billie Hankey on 6th September 2010
Although Sonny and my aunt divorced many years ago I still thought of him as my uncle. He always greeted me with a gentle smile and never had a cross word to say. To: Johnie, Dretha, Michelle, Richard, Larry and all the family... Our love and our prayers are with you in this time of grief.
Posted by Brandy Roberst on 6th September 2010
"Love you Papa, and you are very much missed, but I know in my heart your smiling with Granny and happy." Love, Brandy
Posted by Paul Welch Sr. on 6th September 2010
Well, I better go for now. I will talk to you soon.I will miss you. Love Your Son
Posted by Paul Welch Sr. on 6th September 2010
Your work here on earth is done but you will never be forgotten. Not just by me but by everybody that ever had the chance to spend any time with you. One more thing daddy, I must thank you for the best wife I could have ever have married. Thank you for her. Thanks for everything.
Posted by Paul Welch Sr. on 6th September 2010
You were always someone I looked up too. Not just because I lost my dad. You had a special demeanor about you. You were genuinely a great person. You would help out anyone any time you could. Now you have gone on because God needed you to help figure out something for him in Heaven. No, I don’t have any hard feelings at God for that. I figure that God just needed the best man for the job at han
Posted by Paul Welch Sr. on 6th September 2010
Daddy, Yes, you were my daddy too. You always reminded me of my own daddy that I lost when I was 26 years old. You were more like my real dad than you will ever know. You were both Mechanics, you both loved working on cars, you both had a knack of figuring out what was wrong with anything, but, most of all you both loved your children. You both stood by your children even if we didn’t always do
Posted by Ashlie Kelly on 6th September 2010
Papa I will FOREVER miss you! Your have always been wonderful to me! You were not just my Papa but you were also My Daddy! Thank you so much for everything. I will always be a Papa's Girl! You are the greatest man in the world!
Posted by Sherry Davis on 6th September 2010
Pappa - you are the greatest - you accepted me & Colton as one of your own- we will never forget you. We love you always

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