Posted by larry stanley on February 27, 2016
Hi bro its been awile today makes 28 years you've been gone seems like a lifetime boy we sure miss you. Things are different here now wish we could do it all over again. But I guess that cant be. Lois is right sick got cancer. Guess it wont be long she will be coming to join all of yall. would love to go back to the old days one more time. Well I guess I will go for now will talked to you later until we meet again bro. love you
Posted by DONALD STANLEY on December 21, 2014
mery christmas bro love and miss you
Posted by larry stanley on February 18, 2014
Hi johnny ringo hows things in heaven things have really changed sence you left I think about you all the time. I am crying setting here writing this. If you only knew how much I miss you. Sorry I havevent wrote before. I bet you an wayne Mom an dad an all the rest. Ar watching over us things have been a little rough for me an diane the past few years. But we keep on trying to make it better. Don't know if its working or not. But still cant give up. Isure wish yall could see all my grandbabyies. Ive been having a lot of trouble with my feet sure hope they soon heel up. I sure miss the times we used to ride on the oil truck together. Isure hope some day we can be together again. Well I got to go now got to pick diane up from work she works at food lion now. I will write you again before long one day iam ganna stop at the grave an say hello to you mom an dad. Ive never been there yet. OK johnny ringo gotta go now. Love all of yall.
Posted by william stanley on February 18, 2014
Hi Johnny boy i shore do miss you i was just watching the old video of you and Brad and me when we went fishing i remember the game warden asked for your fishing license you said iam not fishing and he said will i will give you the benefit of doubt ha ha i have not been fishing since tell Brad we miss him and mom and dad Mary and Wayne i will say good by for now cant wait tell we meet again love you all
Posted by DONALD STANLEY on February 16, 2014
johnny it been 26 yrs now that you left us ill never forget that nite, i miss you alot and love you sure wish you were here.
Posted by DONALD STANLEY on November 28, 2013
happy thanksgiving in heaven brother miss you from donald and lois
Posted by DONALD STANLEY on July 3, 2012
happy birthday big brother sure miss you down you johnny ringo
Posted by DONALD STANLEY on April 19, 2012
hi johnny ringo just stopped by to say hi, we all miss you down here i guess you and wayne hang out on some cornner of gods golden streers talking bout good ole times
love you bro miss u
Posted by DONALD STANLEY on March 28, 2012
hi big brother ,wish you were but you are in a far better off place, miss and love u.
Posted by DONALD STANLEY on December 23, 2011
hi brother sure miss u all, we sure had some good time growing up , it will be christmas in a few days , how nice it would be to share christmas with god and the rest of the family, merry christmas bro love and miss you.
Posted by DONALD STANLEY on November 24, 2011
hi bro miss you happy thanksgiving with wayne/
Posted by DONALD STANLEY on October 21, 2011
johnny its been 23 tears that you left us it was such a shock to us all. a lot has change over the years down here, i guess u no wayne is up there to one day ill meet you all there . love and miss you/

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