Posted by Adetola Osifeso (Ademodi) on May 3, 2021
My Lovely Daddy! Bai that is what I love to call you, with a heavy heart and lots of tears, I write this tribute to you, you are more than a father, you are a friend, adviser, coach, and lots more. People pray to have a special being like you, i cannot ask for another man to be my father, you will be my DAD in my next life if I am opportunity to choose. I Thank God for the good qualities HE blessed you with, you loved all your children equally, you loved all your grandchildren as you own, you always go all out for us your children no matter how difficult and how inconvenient it is, you practically did all our admissions because you will always follow us to our schools especially when you knew we qualified. I remembered you will always come to my PTA meetings and stand-in for children with no parent present so they don't get beaten up, you will always wake me up in the middle of the night to take me to the bathroom so I don't wet the bed (lol), nobody can ever beat your child unjustly and go scot-free, you thought us to be respectful to everyone around us (old, young, friends and people we don't know), you thought us to be nice and compassionate to the people, there is nothing that is too big for you to share with others, you love and care for people that pray and which for your downfall you did all these things because you are indeed a good person. You loved your wife so much and you showed it to the point that people were jealous of her. I remembered when we were little and had nothing to eat, you will ask us to go get things on credit without knowing how you will pay back, you will take any insult and embarrassment people give you, so far your children and family eat, you didn't build a house when your friends built their own houses, instead you used your little income to send ALL your children to school and took care of family members. You had just one white cloth you wear to church every Sunday and you were not bothered nor ashamed when people mock you with just one cloth, you knew what you were doing with your money. You were a Sunday school teacher for almost 50 years impacting knowledge in kids to know the way of the Lord, you will sing to us, dance, and scold us if necessary all in the understanding to know the way of the Lord. You loved God so much that every morning you call for devotion to talk to him and commit our ways in his hands, and we MUST attend, you put God first in things you say and do. All these few things that I have mentioned, you did lots more, I remembered when I was leaving Nigeria, you cried so much and you told me you will see me again God's willing, here I am now and you are no more, I already filed for you to come to my graduation, but you will not be attending anymore. I blessed GOD Almighty for giving you lots of opportunities to live a good life, you were taking good care of, you lived a good life, you achieve all you wished for and even much more you ever imagined, you were special to us all. You saw your children's children (11 grandchildren), but you didn't wait to see mine even though you promised me you would. God knows how much I wish to see you again just one more time, but I believe and am convinced that you are in a better place now. Do not leave US your children and your lovely wife alone by ourselves. I LOVE you but GOD LOVES you more, continue to rest on Bai, till we meet to part no more. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH DADDY.
Posted by OLUWATOSIN ADEMODI on May 2, 2021
Daddy as I fondly calls you, I will forever be grateful to GOD for giving you to me as my father, I cannot but thank God for your life and times in this world. You wereĀ indeed a father and a good example to us your children and grandchildren. Rest ON my daddy. Till we meet to part no more.

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