Posted by Jenny Wyeth on May 13, 2021
As John's niece, first born to his sister Yvonne. My mother and two younger brothers would holiday each year in June/July at Granny and Oupa's beach house on the Bluff. John and Eileen - newly married would sometimes spend weekends there. I remember John snorkeling and diving for fish. He loved being in the ocean. (One time when I stayed with John and Eileen at their Umdloti beach house, John picked a whole bunch of mussels off the rocks, and prepared them so I could take them on the plane back to Cape Town to share them with my husband Michael.)
I also remember him tinkering with engines - a scooter he was fixing up on the drive way - with Eileen's help (I think Mandy has a photo of this). Later on I remember him fixing an old Corvette with little Ian peering over the engine and helping his dad.
He just love big family gatherings - friends were family too - and John was always the life and soul of the party. And yes those naps, I often remember him fast asleep after lunch on the stoep or lawn.
My memories of John and Eileen together have had a lasting impression, of a gorgeous power couple - a loving force to be reckoned with - Lubex and Just Looking! Uncle John your enthusiasm for life, and incorrigible sense of fun have been an inspiration. (Even though you would sometimes drive your sister Yvonne mad, she loved you so much.) You are forever in my heart.
Posted by Mandy Heiner on May 13, 2021
From Adele Wevell

My father and John were cousins and I remember as a child Oom Carel and Aunt Iris came round for lunch...Oom Carel had us in stitches telling us the story of when he was Headmaster and the students were all sitting down for lunch...Oom Carel asked John to please say everyone closed their eyes and waited..John stood up and said one word...GRACE...and sat down...Oom Carel was furious...just thought I would share that with you all...

Sounds like Dad, thanks Adele
Posted by Mandy Heiner on May 13, 2021
From Adele Wevell

I remember as a very little girl...John and Eileen used to come to our house to play music...John on the Dad on the piano....then Eileen and my mom used to use 2 lids as tambourines and I recall a wash board and I think a scrubbing brush...they had so much fun...
Posted by Mandy Heiner on May 13, 2021
From Taryn

Thank you to all of you for letting us share in your memories of Uncle John. Each of the words from all of you brought back vivid memories of my own childhood wandering the rocks with him and sitting in the jucuzzi. Listening to his made up songs as he walked around. He was a beautiful soul and time spent at Aunty Eileen and Uncle John’s home was an anchor for me too. I’m so grateful to have known him. Xx
Posted by Mandy Heiner on May 13, 2021
From Don and Pat McCarthy

Life is a journey and as we travel along the road we meet many people. A hundred or so may become acquaintances but only a handful become true friends. Our dear friend John was the exception to the rule.....he had a natural ability to make friends easily as he had a genuine and sincere interest in people. To his son Ian and daughter Mandy, John led by example and was a wonderful and caring father and a devoted husband to Eileen. You have been part of our lives for the past 66 years John and have left a void and will be greatly missed xxx
Posted by Marg Parise on May 12, 2021
Only met you once but you seemed to be a very likeable and jovial chap John RIP (we'll keep an eye on Mandy for you)

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