Let the memory of JOHNY be with us forever
  • 33 years old
  • Born on May 12, 1979 .
  • Passed away on May 12, 2012 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, JOHNY ELLEDGE 33 years old , born on May 12, 1979 and passed away on May 12, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Mary Elledge on 13th May 2018
I know I'm a day late but I still have a hard time fathoming that you're really gone. The heartache of losing you never goes away and I cry everyday. I'll never understand why God took you and Jake, our lives are broken. Even though you're watching over us daily, our lives will never be the same. Happy Birthday in Heaven, take care of Jake, I miss you and love you with all my heart, love Mom!
Posted by Misty Elledge on 12th May 2018
Another year has flown by since you and Jake have been away in heaven. I still cant believe it. Please give Jake a hug from all of us and never forget how much that you both are loved and thought of by all of us. Happy Birthday Johny!
Posted by Jennifer Harris on 12th May 2016
Happy birthday in heaven Johny! I think of you often and still can't believe your gone. Enjoy your day with Jake. Love- Jen
Posted by Misty Elledge on 12th May 2016
Happy Birthday Johny! I know that you and Jake are celebrating in heaven! You are and will always be loved by so many. Take care of each other always.
Posted by Mary Elledge on 1st January 2016
Another year has come to a close and I cant stop crying. As we go through our 3rd Christmas without you and our 5th Christmas without Jake, it still seems unreal. You should both still be here with us because the pain and sadness never go away and it never gets any easier. You would have been so proud of all your nieces and nephews, they loved you so much. Tske care of Jake, you are for ever in my hear,. I miss you and love you with all our heart.
Posted by Janice Walsh on 12th May 2015
Can't believe you have been gone 3 years! Brian and Mike went to a mass this morning that Brian had for you.it was at the beautiful Basilica in St. Louis . You would have been so proud. We all love and miss you. So many prayers for you. Rest in peace dear sweet Johny. Aunt Janice
Posted by Misty Elledge on 12th May 2015
Happy Birthday Johny! I know that both you and Jake are celebrating together in heaven. The kids have a picture of the both of you in their rooms. I point to you and tell them your uncle Johny is your guardian angel up in heaven with your angel daddy so they will never forget who you are. Miss you.
Posted by Mary Elledge on 12th May 2015
I can't believe you've been gone for 3 years, it doesn't seem fair, you and Jake should still be here with us. We live each day missing you and wondering why God took you and Jake. I still expect you to come walking up the basement stairs,, I just wish we could go back in time and have you and Jake back here with us. I'm crying as I write this, I just miss you so much and our tears and heartaches will never stop. Happy Birthday in Heaven, I love you and miss you with all my heart! Mom
Posted by SHANNON INMAN on 12th May 2015
Hi Johny, I want to wish you a Happy Birthday! We all miss you very much and I miss your funny ways lol Hugs to you and keep sending pennies and butterflies to your mom and dad! GOD BLESS YOU!!!
Posted by Andrew Russell on 12th January 2015
Sending some love to you today and always, keeping watching over us and we will meet again soon. Miss you.
Posted by Misty Elledge on 11th June 2014
I'm sorry that this is the first time for me visiting your memorial page. I'm so very happy that you were able to see and hold Roslyn & Carson when we visited that summer. I'm sure you told Jake all about them. You would have been an amazing uncle to them. You both are missed everyday by so many. Please take care of each other. We love you!
Posted by Tracy Inman on 12th May 2014
You were not just a relative, but you were a friend. I know I will see you in Heaven one day. I really do miss you and wish you were here with all of us. You are truly missed. I love you.
Posted by Mary Elledge on 13th May 2013
Sorry I'm a day late with your Birthday, but I was just too sad to do much os anything yesterday! I can't believe it's been a year since you left us. Getting through each day is so hard we just miss you and Jake so much. I don't know why God took you both, it just isn't fair1 I'm so thankful that I had such wonderful sons lkie you and Jake. I miss you and love you both so much, Mom!
Posted by Mary Elledge on 10th May 2013
I cant believe its been a year since you left us ,your mom and I sure miss both you and Jake. I wish I had just one more chance to pat you on the back and tell you I love you.'boy its really hard sometimes but I got to say we are proud to say you are our son love Dad
Posted by Mary Elledge on 1st April 2013
We missed you and Jake so much on Easter yesterday and everyday! It seems so unreal that you are both gone! I miss you you every minute of everyday and even more than that! People say it gets easier with time, but not for us! You're always in my heart, I love you, Mom! people
Posted by Mary Elledge on 25th December 2012
Oh Johny, this 1st Christmas without you is so hard and so sad! I miss you with all my heart! As I think back on all our Christmas's together, it makes me smile and cry! I know you're in Heaven with Jake but it's so sad without both of you here. We will be forever keeping you in our hearts, I cry everyday and it doesn't get any easier. I miss you and love you! Merry Christmas, Mom!
Posted by SHANNON INMAN on 20th December 2012
Dear Johny, I wish i wasn't writing this on a memorial page and would rather be saying this to your face, but the Lord has you in his arms now. I even think of you for something and thinking you are still here. You are loved by many and the holidays are a rough one for all of us but knowing you are in heaven is a comfort. I will light a candle to let you know we are still thinkin of you
Posted by Casey Inman on 18th December 2012
Johny. There isn't a single day i don't think about you and miss you. You are my cousin and my best friend. I told you everything. I still tell all of my friends about all the fun times we had together. I remember going to your house every day after school my junior year. As i'm writing this I'm crying. I love and miss you man. You will never be forgotten.
Posted by Mary Elledge on 24th November 2012
This year was our first Thanksgviing without you, I cried all day! I remember last year when when you and Jenny Harris were dating and we also had Gage here, you were so happy then and we were happy for you. My heart aches for you every day, I miss you so much. the holidays are going to be so sad with you and Jake both gone. You boye take care of each other, love you and miss you soo much!
Posted by Mary Elledge on 24th November 2012
Your headstone was put up in October and I cry everytime I go out to the cemetary we see yours and Jake's headstones next to each other, I hate it. We went out on Thanksgiving and put grave blankets on your graves and cried. I can't believe you and Jake are gone. As Christmas nears we are full of sadness but so thankful for all the beautiful memories you left us with. We love and miss you
Posted by Mary Elledge on 27th September 2012
Your Dad and I went to the cemetary and it was so sad to see a headstone with your name on it right next to Jake's. I cry everyday and I'm so sad that you're both gone. I just miss you so much, this isn't fair, I still don't understand why you're both gone. We love you so much and I know you and Jake are taking care of each other but we'd rather have you back. Love you, Mom!
Posted by Lexii Raee on 18th September 2012
Johnny, you were such a nice guy. I wish you were still here. You were so good to the kids & you would always make me laugh. You and my mom were really good friends/cousins. You're with your brother now.. rest in peace. you're forever missed by me. I love you & miss you!
Posted by Jennifer Harris on 13th July 2012
Johny-Its very surreal to me that I'm leaving you a message on this wall when it wasn't long ago you were showing me Jake's. We experienced more as kids then most kids our age then do and I am quite sure that that experience is what brought us together again as adults...our angels! I know your at peace now and with our angels but u sure are missed! Until we meet again...Jen
Posted by Mary Elledge on 13th July 2012
Just sitting her crying because I can't believe you are gone, too. You always took care of me and told me how proud you were of me for being strong when Jake passed away. Well, now that you're gone some of that strenghth has faded. I try to stay strong but boy it's hard. I miss you both every minute of every day and this sadness in my heart will last forever. Love you and miss you , Mom
Posted by Nicole Stimac on 12th July 2012
Oh Johny...I sure am missing you and Jake..thanks for keeping our promise of letting me know there is a heaven...I will never forget when me and you and Brian drove to my moms and we were singing 50s music lol....all the talks we shared about jake and how much you love your family and most of all those beautiful neices an nephews. Love you Johnny always kiss jake for me :*(
Posted by Fran Russell on 6th July 2012
Johny, We love and miss you so much. Uncle Steve and Aunt Franny
Posted by Jarrett Wells on 4th July 2012
Dear Mary I know how hard it is to lose Jake and Johny. I know i did not know them much but i belivie that they are in hevean where they are not sick or in pain anymore. I pray that the lord will get you thought this sad time. I will keep you in my prays love you mary and don. God bless Jake and Johny forever.
Posted by Mary Elledge on 3rd July 2012
Oh my God, I can't believe I had to create a Memorial Website for you too.You left so many message on Jake's Website, we all missed him so much and now you're in Heaven with him. Our hearts are forever broken, our lives will always be sad and our tears will never stop falling. You were a wonderful son we loved very much. You and Jake take care of each, we love you and miss you. Mom
Posted by Melissa Harpole on 3rd July 2012
I will always remember your smile and laugh. Now the angels get to see your smiling face as we see them in our dreams.

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