Uncle Jolly

Shared by David Baker on January 29, 2012

My Father and I would visit Aunt Linda and Uncle Jolly in Marianna, Fl., on trips to see my Grandmother staying at the nearby Nursing Home. While visiting with her, I was always amazed at the number of people Uncle Jolly knew at the Nursing Home. It seemed like every other person we passed in the halls and cafeteria at the Nursing Home, patients and nurses alike, Uncle Jolly would shake their hand, speak with or just take a moment to listen to the residents and employees. Remarkably, most of the people, he knew by their name. He was always kind and thoughtful with everyone. especially my Grandmother, whom he helped care for with my Aunt Linda. I know why he chose Teaching as a profession. He had a geniune compassion and interest in people, always willing to help others. After visits to the Nursing Home, we would often have lunch nearby at the T/A Truck Stop Cafeteria. Uncle Jolly did not know a stranger. I think Uncle Jolly knew every person in Marianna or they knew him. He would go from table to table to talk with just about everyone. Uncle Jolly was never too busy to stop to talk with people or share a story. Often, I would kid with him about this and jokingly refer to him as "Mr. Mayor". He got a real kick out of this. The family will miss you sorely, as will, the community of Marianna ...Travel well and God Bless you Uncle Jolly.

Your Nephew,


Gone but not forgotten!!

Shared by Caleb Toole on January 27, 2012
My grandpa was the most amazing person you could ever meet. Not only was he extremely smart, but he was also a very lovIng and caring man. I have soo many memories i have shared with my papaw while growing up, and the main ones i remember were the times where we went fishing on great grandpa Toole's farm. I will always miss my papaw, even though i wish i could see him one more time i know that he is with me by looking down on me in heaven. Ultimately he is in the kingdom of heaven and he is no longer suffering; therefore i hope that everyone realizes that he is watching over all of the Toole family and other family members as well. I will always love and never forget my amazing loving, very caring, and extremely funny grandpa. PAPAW :) love you always and forever!!!!

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