His Life

Beloved Son, Brother, Husband, Father, PaPa and Friend.


Jon began his life living on a farm in Braman Oklahoma, with his loving Mom, Dad and Sister (Dorothy, Neal  and Patty Tripp). Jon loved to share stories about living on the farm, watching his Dad, Grandpa and Uncle Harvest Wheat and how he loved to spend the night on the farm with Granpa and Gramma Tripp.  

In 1963 the Tripp family began a new adventure and moved to Anahiem California.  Jon enjoyed many aspects of his life and grew to thoroughly enjoy fast Motorcycles, Cars and Airplanes.

He  graduated in 1971 from Orange High School and I met him soon after graduation.  We were married November 4, 1972 at the young age of 19.

Jon joined the United States Army in 1973.   During active duty, Jon served at Fort Lewis Washington working as a Helicopter Sheet Metal Mechanic which increased his interest for all types of aircraft.  

In November 1975 he was the proud father of Lisa Marie.  Shortly after Lisa arrived so did his orders to serve an 18 month tour in Fairbanks Alaska, he was frustrated and disappointed that he would miss her first year. 

When Jon returned in early 1977 we were transferred to Fort Carson -Colorado Springs.  Jon loved the country side of Colorado and enjoyed being with his family.   In March of 1979 we were blessed again and he was so excited to welcome his "very own son"....Jeff.  But again was disappointed that the Army took away yet another first year.  Jon received orders to serve in Seoul Korea for 18 months.

Jon returned from Korea in early 1981 and received an Hornorable discharge from service in 1982.  We moved back to California and lived in Orange, rented a home across the street from where Jon attended grade school and we loved being back with his family and friends. Eventually we where we able to buy our first home right down the street and Jon began his career with MC Donnell Douglas in 1985.  Through his experience with the Army and McDonnell Douglas, Jon developed a strong interest in aircraft repair and eventualy promoted into an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer where he gained extensive knowledge of Aircraft Maintenance and Repair. 

1998 Jon left McDonnell Douglas/Boeing and joined Source One Spares with Seth Hall.  He continued to do the work he loved and Seth provided lots of opportunity and growth for Jon. Because of his strong technical knowledge and ability to make the sell for clients he earned the name  "Golden Bear" among his friends in the Aviation Industy. Jon enjoyed his adventure with Source One and was proud that he was able to help find solutions to modify parts for Source One. To quote Seth...."he was invaluable and helped the growth of our business".  I'm sure he is out there as Seth's Co-Pilot in some way. 

October 2002 Jon started his own business doing what he loved....assisting Aviation Companies to repair and modify various Commerical Aircraft.  In December of 2002, we moved to the place he ONLY dreamed he would be....Rancho Las Palmas Country Club-Rancho Mirage California.  Jon enjoyed developing his own business working with a small circle of Aviation Companies which developed into some very special friendships along the way.   He enjoyed improving his golf game and we made a fantastic circle of friends. Jon loved to tell the story of how crazy we thought we were when we decided to start a new business (with ZERO clients), sell our home in orange County, buy a new home in a country club community where we didn't know anyone.......all over the course of 3 months- October, November and December of 2002.   Soon after we moved in he made friends, found golf partners and became involved with the Rancho Las Palmas Men's Golf Association. He served as Treasurer, Vice President and President during 2004-2009. He was so proud and constantly wished "our DADS" (Neal and Tom) were able to see how we grew in our life together especially since Neal enjoyed playing a game of golf after he retired and both Dads enjoyed thier weekends watching  PGA golf events on TV. 

Not only were we blessed to be living in what Jon referred to as Paradise, we were also blessed with two fabulous grandsons......Connor and Cameron.  Jon absolutely adored his grandsons.   He frequently told me he understood why our DADS were so glad to be PAPA to their grandkids....hearing them call him PaPa over the phone just melted his heart. 

In March of 2007 our lives changed forever when we got the devastating news that Jon had Stage 4 Lung Cancer that matastacized to Bone Cancer causing Jon to begin Chemo Theapy Treatment and undergo a Hip replacement. Jon lost his battle February 5, 2010, he died knowing he had the love of his family and friends and knew we were proud of his accomplishments.   

Jon was a Kind, Gentle, Caring, Generous and Compassionate Man with a Heart full of LOVE. He respected and cherised his family and friends, he will live on FOREVER in so many hearts.