Jonathan was a very active child and young man.  He played team baseball and football, stunt rode his BMX bike doing jumps and tricks, he ollied on a skateboard and enjoyed surfing.  There were lots of injuries along the way, but not much seemed to stop him.  He was always driven and determined, with little to no fear.  He liked to draw and jam out on the electric guitar to Ozzy and Metallica, with the amp blasting!

Jonathan loved to have a good time with his friends.  He was very charming. He had a huge heart and never had a problem telling his friends and family that he loved them, you knewbecause he would wrap his arms around you and tell you with a big old kiss to the forehead!  He was crazy about his niece and nephew, Abbey and Casey, and they were equally as crazy about their "Uncle Johnny".  

Jonathan lived and experienced life! He didn’t let fears or obstacles hold him back.

This was something my brother told me often. 

So true! ❤️