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Johnny was certainly a free spirit and full of life!  We had a lot of fun times in my teen years and certainly never a dull moment when hanging out! Loved having him as my neighbor and friend! I also had fun times in the OBX with Johnny.  Fly High my friend you are free from any struggles now!  You will surely be missed!  

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I remember growing up all of us together having fun hanging out while our dads were at work. We were a neighborhood kids making long life memories... Angel and Johnny, me and Audrey, TJ. Matt and Mark, joy and Love, Andrew, Tonya, Gina,  Becky, Scotty, and so many more... When our dads were working the same shift at the plant,  Johnny would let himself in our house, fix some cereal, turn on the TV, and wait for me to wake up, so we could hang out,,, Lol... Jonny was aways kind and fun to be around.. i miss us riding bikes in and hanging out in the old neighborhood... Sending love and prayers Angel to you and your family... Angel S Avery❤

Shared by Angel Avery on 30th January 2019

Thanks Ashley!  Was so blessed & thankful to have the same group of awesome friends growing up.  We spent a ton of time together.  Miss his wild and crazy tail!❤️

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