Let the memory of Jonathan be with us forever
  • 16 years old
  • Born on March 14, 1995 .
  • Passed away on January 10, 2012 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Jonathan Kelley 16 years old , born on March 14, 1995 and passed away on January 10, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Curtis Rismiller on 14th March 2019
Posted by Curtis Rismiller on 10th January 2019
My Oh My, seven years already and I wonder what you would being doing today! Just watch over your sisters and your mom! New Kelly on the way! Make sure you put in a good word for all of us and someday we will be together again! Love you kid!
Posted by Curtis Rismiller on 2nd July 2018
Has anybody wondered why some leave this world so young? Miss you kid! Live your dreams, love you!
Posted by Curtis Rismiller on 14th March 2018
Happy 23rd Birthday Jonathan! Don't know what your doing in heaven but I hope it is one of your dreams! Love you kid!
Posted by Curtis Rismiller on 10th January 2018
Another year Jonathan, my how times flies by! I pray your hopes and dreams are happening in HEAVEN since they were missed on Earth! There is not a day goes by that the love for you is not felt by someone here! I think when the heartache begins here on Earth when someone leaves us, is the passageway to see God and his KINGDOM! Love you forever kiddo!
Posted by Pam Wells Rismiller on 20th September 2017
Wow another year almost gone. Time goes so fast. You , Alex, Curt;s dad, Nollie, Corrinia, Josie's Jim, Cassandra's new baby that miscarried.. so many in such a short time. I miss them all but you were my son. I brought you in this world and watched you leave. That was the hardest day of my life. I love you kiddo so much. To think you would be 22 now. The world is missing out on someone so special. See you when it's my turn.
Posted by Curtis Rismiller on 14th March 2017
Happy 22nd Birthday Jonathan! May the LORD give you a great birthday! Love you kiddo!
Posted by Curtis Rismiller on 11th January 2017
Another year has come and gone and my heart still aches! I wonder how good buddies you and Joey would have become if you were still here with us! Tears still flow my son, and how you are missed! Love you Jonathan and see you again when the time is right!
Posted by Curtis Rismiller on 14th March 2016
21st birthday already Just wish you were here with us tonight to go to Applebee's. Miss you kiddo! Love you
Posted by Curtis Rismiller on 10th January 2016
Here it is 2016, and the time goes so fast. Love you kid, and I pray you get to do the things in heaven you missed doing here. May all your hopes and dreams come true in heaven.
Posted by Pam Wells Rismiller on 19th November 2015
"It's so hard to imagine it's been near 4 years now that you've been gone.. my goodness my baby would be 21 his next birthday.. I was watching you mature and I believe at that age you would have been an excellent example for the world around you. Makes me proud I am your mom. I know a great portion of your maturity was from me. Many others had their hands in your maturity too. I am so glad you were able to spend that summer with your dad and your grandma.Life goes on we know and our angels guide us through each day.Losing those you love is so hard. Now you walk the streets of gold with my best friend. I wish you could have been here for him to meet. You would have loved him too. Now you two are friends forever.. One day I will join all of you and we will be together forever. I love you Jonathan."
Posted by Curtis Rismiller on 14th March 2015
Another birthday has come and it is hard to hold tears from flowing. We all miss you son and may God hold you in his arms and keep you safe. Happy Birthday Jonathan.
Posted by Amy Smith on 10th January 2015
You have been gone but not forgotten. You are missed and loved by so many people. Until we meet again, rest in peace!! God bless.
Posted by Amy Smith on 4th August 2014
"Jonathan" when I met your mom 10 years ago we clicked right away. Then we got to talking and my son Corey was in the same grade as yours. You were so little then and then at the age of 16 you were taken away like that, god only knew he wanted you at an early age. But you were to young to die. But I know you were such a good kid and brighten up many peoples lives that you came in contact with. Your mom has come a long way from the day you died, she is a strong woman and a great friend. Keep looking over all your friends and family, we will meet again someday, God bless!!!!!!
Posted by Cathy Connally on 4th August 2014
Hi Jonathan I met you through the eyes and words of your mother and your sister Cassandra. I know you must know my Heather who is in heaven with you too. Your mom misses you so much as does your sister I know you are a great young man and would have love to meet you. One day I will meet you with the rest of all of our kids, But your mom has told me what a wonderful young man you were so special and I know you were. But you left too soon as did my Heather, You are so special rest and soon we all will be together. Wish I could have met you Cathy Connally
Posted by Sheri Brown Kelley on 4th August 2014
Jonathan, I have known your Dad since Jr. High and we have been together since for over 2 years now. I know the pain he went through and still goes through on losing you . He loves you very much. I didn't get the chance to meet you but from all the stories your Dad , Grandma Joan have told me it seems that I have known you for along time. I do hope you have meet my daughter Misty who came to join your family a month ago. If you do , I know you will make her welcome and would you say Hi to Alex for me and tell Misty I Love and Miss her. Jonathan your whole family Love and Miss you a lot !!!!
Posted by Pam Wells Rismiller on 4th August 2014
I haven't been here much.. I go to you and Alex's grave usually. I think it really is still a shock. I can't figure it out or understand it. Makes no sense. So much is wrong with this world and yet these young kids have to die.. why not the ones doing the world harm. I constantly ask myself this question. The latest fad in this sick world-- people forgetting they have children in car seats-- seriously you forgot that you own a child?-- God trusted them with a treasure so special and they abuse it. I know every time a new child enters heaven your right there. Your the greatest sitter heaven has got and a wonderful leader so if I knew these families I could tell them not to worry my Jonathan is there looking after their little ones.. they'll be ok. I miss you so much Jonathan.. I LOVE YOU JONATHAN <3
Posted by Curtis Rismiller on 14th March 2013
Happy 18th BIRTHDAY, We all miss you so much. We all know HEAVEN is well taken care of with TEXAS RANGER Jonathan Kelley watching over it. LOVE YA"LL
Posted by Pam Wells Rismiller on 14th March 2013
It's been a while since I been here-I think about you all the time-I miss you so much and I know your taking special care of little Alex for us..I have 3 really special friends I talk to about you and it helps me to go from day to day-It's seems so odd to think about the fact that you are 18 today-We're gonna find a concert just special for you-All of us and Sandy are gonna go-I love you
Posted by Curtis Rismiller on 10th January 2013
One year of heartbreak has gone by and we all miss you son. Please watch over everyone. Love ya"ll.
Posted by Amber Kehl on 11th May 2012
my little brother was a wonderful young man and he loved helping everyone no matter who they were he loved being a uncle and he also was glad to be a uncle again
Posted by Curtis Rismiller on 11th May 2012
I went to Texas in 2002 and there was this little boy who love to play with his friends and family. My how time goes so fast and they grow. Then suddenly with no apparent reason, this fine young boy is called to a greater world and leaves us. My O my how we miss him. I hope you have as much love in heaven as you do here. LOVE YA"LL SON.
Posted by Jackie Cassidy on 11th May 2012
Jonathan, if you can see all that your mother writes about you, you will surely be smiling down on her. She loves you so much, and because of her, her new buddies love and miss you, too! <3
Posted by Pam Wells Rismiller on 10th May 2012
Jonathan was with us all a wonderful and very full and eventful 16 years. He learned the most important lesson in life and that was to be helpful to those around him whenever they needed it. He cared more about everyone else than he did himself.I want to find ways to continue that legacy in his honor. I loved my son very much and I miss him a lot.
Posted by Terri Chajko on 10th May 2012
i remember jonathan coming to my house to see my daughters and hang out he was a good kid he is very respectiful we love jonathan and we miss him soo much

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