Jonathan N Goodman II (Jay)
  • Date of birth: Oct 27, 1998
  • Place of birth:
    Sumter, South Carolina, United States
Let the joy of Jay's life be with us always

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Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Selena Goodman on 29th October 2016

"This is my comfort, my consolation & my breath of fresh air in the midst of my depression and loss. Your word nourishes & repairs me, it revives my life & your promises restore me & make me whole. Psalm 119:50"

This tribute was added by courtney tucker on 27th October 2016

"Happy 18th birthday Jay!!! heaven gained an angel! you are loved and missed so very much. Cant wait until the day we meet again. Forever in our hearts. love, Courtney xoxoxo"

This tribute was added by Rondesha Kennedy on 27th October 2016

"Happy Birthday Jay!!!!I We miss you so very much.We love you always."

This tribute was added by Melody Kingwood on 27th October 2016

"Happy Birthday Jay! You are very much loved & missed!"

This tribute was added by courtney tucker on 10th September 2016






This tribute was added by Selena Goodman on 15th August 2016


This tribute was added by Selena Goodman on 5th August 2016

"I carried you every second of your life, and I will LOVE you every second of mine. It's almost a year that you have been gone, and you would think things would be a littler easier but they are not. The person who said time heals all wounds, never loss a child they deeply loved. I missed you and I will Always love you. Your momma"

This tribute was added by Chaness Raysor on 10th February 2016

"Hey Jay! I walked into school this morning and your memory case was on the pillar on the way to the gym. YOUR CASE! Perfect location for the baller you are. Seeing it up there made my heart smile. It was good seeing you in the halls again even though it's pieces of you and not actual flesh. Keep shining down on us until we can meet up again one day! #LongLiveJay"

This tribute was added by KeKe Kearse on 10th January 2016

"Hey Jay"

This tribute was added by KeKe Kearse on 3rd January 2016

"Jay! You have been on my mind every day lately. It was hard to watch your team mates play without you. You were on my mind during their games. I love you Jay and miss you so much. Continue to rest in peace baby"

This tribute was added by courtney tucker on 25th December 2015

"Everyday is bit a challenge, but holidays seem to be even more of a hassle, to text your phone and not get a respond seems so unreal! But it's something I have to live with. Can't wait to see you again! I know your Christmas will be beautiful, singing with the Angels! Merry Christmas to you! You are forever loved and will forever be missed!!! Xoxoxo"

This tribute was added by Allie Kemp on 5th December 2015

"Hey Jay, we all miss you so much! We think about you in everything we do, you were a great friend buddy! Last night we retired your jersey, I know you were there with us... You always are! I miss always seeing that sneaky little grin. Lol, we love you Jay! You'll forever be a Raider and always be one of my close friends! I know you are balling out in heaven! Continue to shine down on us bud... See you one day! #3 #33 #Play4Jay"

This tribute was added by Chaness Raysor on 29th November 2015

"Hey Jay! Tomorrow we go back to school and Ms. Smith gave us a packet to do. I know you wouldn't finish it and when she would ask you about it, you would just smile and shake your head no. Typical you. I miss your contagious smile and how you always pushed my stuff on top of my locker further back so I couldn't reach it. Now that it's basketball season, I know you are giving the court in Heaven hell, doing what you love. I miss you and can't wait to see you some day."

This tribute was added by courtney tucker on 27th October 2015

"I remember the first day momma bought you home... You were the cutest little boy I've seen with big bug eyes and a head full of curly hair.... I remember momma fixing you hotdogs everyday after school because u didn't want to eat anything else.... I remember yelling at you telling u to get out of my room... As time went by you began to blossom. You got taller, you were stronger, you were wise and oh so smart! You got so handsome and I remembered staring at your picture saying I can't wait to go to all your pro basketball games.... I was waiting, I was watching, you were making momma and daddy proud..... You were such a wonderful child! I remember before I got that call I gave you my car to go to the skating ring and you went to see girls instead... That was the last time I saw you smile... I remember smiling and saying Jay is really growing up.... It was always something special about you but only those that really knew you for who u were knew your special gift. I remember wondering how someone could be so perfect... And from that very moment I understood why you were the golden child..... You were an angel here on earth all along..!!!. Today you are 17. Happy birthday to my one and only Jay❤️"

This tribute was added by Selena Goodman on 27th October 2015

"Happy 17th Birthday my dear son!!!!!!!!!!!! I love  and miss you more than ever!!!!!!!! Love your momma"

This tribute was added by Anna Brabham on 24th September 2015

"It's been a little over a month and this still doesn't seem real. As much as I wish you were here with us, I know you're up there playing basketball and making everything, even things that were serious, into a joke. Your personality and since of humor was like no other. Your laugh was contagious. The things you would do or say in class would always have everyone laughing, whether it was making random comments about our teachers or throwing pencils across the classroom, you would always find a way to make us laugh. The amount of stories I could share about Jay and the impact he's made on not only my life, but so many others in never ending. He will forever be apart of FAM. I cannot wait to see you again one day, Jay. You will forever be in my heart and you will NEVER be forgotten."

This tribute was added by courtney tucker on 21st September 2015

"Hey Jay! Whoever said this would get easier, lied. Whoever said that time heals all wounds probably never experienced loosing someone who they loved so much, an everlasting love. A  love that you couldn't describe because only actions were the best way to express. As I drive to work every morning I cry, I look at your picture On my dashboard and I cry. I look at it when I get off work and I cry..... I said too myself maybe I should take this picture down but then I say no I can't do that, because your watching me! I then said too myself I want to be able to stare at this picture one day and cry tears of joy but honestly it isn't possible. I was at lunch with my friend today and we were discussing her birthday plans you two have the same birthday. I was like OMG jay is a scorpion like me, no wonder he's so strong and tough. Idk why that just came to my head I was amazed. Any who I wish you would come back In my dreams and see me, let me know how heaven is? Is it cold up there, do y'all have a pool and sun so I can catch a Tan? No but seriously u know I love the sun. I could lay out and watch u play ball. I'm not gonna talk to much , just wanted u to know I was very sad today. But I'll continue to pray for strength, continue to watch over me and mom  please, we need love! I love u forever brother . Love your sister , COURTNEY"

This tribute was added by ZaTaveya Williams on 10th September 2015

"Heyy Jay! It all still doesn't seem real still especially when your song came on yesterday "Lean on Me".  I Love You And I Miss You So Much ! Sleep Easy"

This tribute was added by KeKe Kearse on 26th August 2015

"Was just thinking about you Jay.. Forever a WeenisGang. I love you and miss you so much"

This tribute was added by Joseph Dingle on 25th August 2015

"I met Jay only a few times, but his personality left a lasting impact that I
will never forget.  He was such a positive young man.  I wish I could have seen him more often."

This tribute was added by Gerzell Chaney on 24th August 2015

"Jay's journey was molded for his greater good, and it was exactly what it needed to be. It took each and every experience he encountered alone combined  with each experience he shared collectively with others to bring about his Celebration of Life. You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. I wish strength upon all of Jay's friends, family and loved ones. I wish you the peace and comfort Jay would have wished for you to have as you mourn his loss.

This tribute was added by Sharon Zion on 24th August 2015

"Jay, I never got to know you personally, but one thing I do know is that I have not seen anyone more loved by the BEHS family than you. I have known your Grandma, Mrs. Loretta P. Goodman, for the last 15 years. My heart aches for her, she loved you so much! Every time I ran into her we would always end up talking about you. I hope to visit her soon so she can tell me more about you. You will never be forgotten Jay."

This tribute was added by Sylenthia Arnold on 24th August 2015

"God's dearest child Jay, I never got a chance to meet you personally, but the nice things I would hear your mother say of you.  We have many dreams and goals of the future although sometimes not realizing that God holds the future. Your mother loves you but your God and creator loves you best. Resting in the arms of Jesus. Selena I will continue to pray for you and the family.   Exodus 33:14, Psalm 23 Love in Christ! Shirley Singleton"

This tribute was added by Jackie Pickett on 23rd August 2015

"Jay is my 1st cousin's son, I met Jay at my sister's son baptism and he had that beautiful smile on his face looking like his handsome father of course, my 1st cousin (Monte) he was so polite and had great manners. I saw him again at my aunt Loretta's surprise birthday party and still had that beautiful smile on his face and after the party we went to aunt Loretta's house and my cousin asked Jay what he wanted to do for his birthday and he replied,  I want to have a cookout and my cousin (his father) said ok we'll have you a cookout and his father asked him did he want to invite his friends and basketball team mates and he replied,  no sir just my family and I thought this is a family oriented young man and yes, he LOVED his family! I only wish that I could've spent more time with him to get to know him more because he touched a lot of lives and he was a loving person. It showed on yesterday how loving he was by the wonderful tributes that were given and the big crowd of people who paid their respects on yesterday, that spoke for itself and my cousin did a GREAT job raising him to be the GREAT (Goodman )that he was and It  hurts that he's gone but like my cousin said on yesterday, he's at PEACE and he has NO regrets and that says a lot for him because he's a man of God and he did everything he was suppose to do as his father on Earth and now he's resting with his father in Heaven! Take your rest sweet Jay, we LOVE YOU SO MUCH but God LOVES you BEST! I love you Jay!"

This tribute was added by KeKe Kearse on 23rd August 2015

"Jay your celebration was beautiful❤ You are really missed. Our greatest memory was at eSmart over the summer. I spent 2 amazing weeks with you. I will always cherish those memories. Did you hear what your daddy said?  He is at peace. And for a father to say that over his child,  especially in this condition, it touched me and Now I am at peace. I love you Jay. Gone but never forgotten"

This tribute was added by Lisa Keech on 23rd August 2015

"Jay, the Celebration of Your Life was beautiful.  Your sweet humble spirit touched the lives of so many both near and far and it was shown with such an outpouring of Love.  Your dad spoke very eloquently and is so very proud of you (but you already knew that).  You will live on forever in our hearts.... Sleep on sweet baby!"

This tribute was added by Shanea Garvin on 22nd August 2015

"I will always remember Jay as a jokester. He would always walk into math class late with that little smirk on his face and we all had this little joke that that day would be the day that he was "going camping". He never failed to make me nor the entire class laugh. He will be missed greatly from BEHS, but especially from class of 2017. Rest easy Jay."

This tribute was added by Justin Higgins on 22nd August 2015

"We are surround by a great cloud of witnesses of which Jay is now a part. He has left a standard and mark on every path given him  the opportunity to trod. May his life encourage and challenge you to present your best."

This tribute was added by Shantea Wilson on 22nd August 2015

"May the God of comfort and peace be your strength.. My condolences to your family and friends!"

This tribute was added by Doshamire Nelson on 22nd August 2015

"I love you Jay. I miss you so much"

This tribute was added by Phoenix Robinson on 22nd August 2015

"I only met you once at you Aunt Lisa's wedding.  However, I knew of you because of how much she spoke of you and the time you spent together. I'm so glad that you've gone to see Jesus but so sad at the same time.
Praying that God continues to hold your family in his loving arms.  Thanking God for the gift of your life to all of us."

This tribute was added by Selena Goodman on 21st August 2015

"My dearest Jay I saw you today and I must say that if I never believed in Angels I do now. Because you my son looked like an Angel taking a nap. You looked so peaceful, my son. And when I kissed your face it was so soft. I know you thought you were to old to kiss your momma but I had to get my last kiss:)))) i'm laying this flower tonite in your honor but the flowers tomorrow represent my love for you. I know how you are about me crying so I'm going to try my best.I won't make any promises because every tear drop signifies my love for you and one day these will be tears of joy just knowing what a great young man you were. Eventhough I may never totally put all the pieces together, everyday things seem to make a little more sense. I miss you my love continue to sleep in peace!!!!"

This tribute was added by courtney tucker on 21st August 2015

"Hello Jay! I got to see you today.... And I must say My heart is a little at ease... You look so peaceful!! You looked like a sleeping angel. You had a little grin on your face like you always do. That means I know your up in heaven cracking jokes with the Angels and God. I'm sure your keeping him good company.... How many points did you score today? I know it's a lot;). Don't try to challenge God to a game, you know you will win and our God is a jealous God lol. I wanted to lay a flower for you.... Just to let you know how I felt when I saw you earlier.... Continue to watch over us. I miss you a lot. But I know your in a way better place. Can't wait to see u again! Don't get too tall on me! Love you always! Xoxoxo"

This tribute was added by Elizabeth Bryant on 21st August 2015

"The impact that Jay made in this world in such a short time is a model for us all.  Jay cared about others and his caring and gentle nature will live on in others through his organ donations.  WOW!! Well done Jay! We will miss you at BEHS!"

This tribute was added by Hyacinth Kinley on 20th August 2015

"There's no greater pain than the pain of parents in bereavement for a child.  I will continue to pray for the Goodman family as you go through this awful transition.  The word of God says we are to Trust Him when we don't understand... Proverbs 3:5. My heart goes out to you (all).  
The Kinley Family in Sumter, SC
God Bless."

This tribute was added by Rondesha Kennedy on 20th August 2015

"Hello Jay! I am still struggling with the fact that you are gone.You Shannon and I spent so much time together.I have so many memories.I am so happy we got to spend time together before God called you home.I believe he made that happend for a reason.The night before Sua's funeral we had so much fun we stayed up late eating pizza and looking at t.v. I didnt think that would be our last time together.My house is full of memories of you.How you would lay cross my bed and look at t.v. with me when Shannon would get on your nerves.How you and Shannon carved yall names in the bunk bed.I fussed when it happend now I look at it and smile.You always loved being with me you would tell your momma" I want to go over to Desha's house". I hope she know I always took good care of you when you were with me, and Im glad to know she trusted me with you.I Love you soooo much Jay.I want you to be Shannon's guardian angel he always looked up to you like a brother he needs your gudiance.Please be that voice in his ear to steer him in the right direction.He says he wants to make you proud.I am going to miss you.Thank you for being a blessing to me and Shannon I never had a dull moment with you boys.I will love you always...Desha"

This tribute was added by Kingwood Vanburen on 20th August 2015

"When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight."
- Kahlil Gibran

Jay has been a Blessing to so many people in his 16 years; may we honor him by being the same to others. May we never forget that although Jay is no longer with us in the physical, he will remain with us forever in our hearts."

This tribute was added by Kingwood Vanburen on 20th August 2015

"When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.
- Kahlil Gibran

Jay has been a Blessing to so many people in his 16 years; may we honor him by being the same to others. May we never forget that although Jay is no longer with us in the physical, he will remain with us forever in our hearts."

This tribute was added by Kingwood Vanburen on 20th August 2015

"When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.
- Kahlil Gibran

Jay has been a Blessing to so many people in his 16 years; may we honor him by being the same to others. May we never forget that although Jay is no longer with us in the physical, he will remain with us forever in our hearts."

This tribute was added by Mary Lib Zeigler on 20th August 2015

"I will always remember Jay as a polite, quiet young man in my English class. He rarely spoke unless I called on him; however, he had a sweet and ready smile. On the basketball court, Jay focused totally! The joy he found there radiated from him. He will be missed both during our school day and during basketball season. Today he sits by the side of the ultimate Teacher and Coach; he has graduated from this world to his true home in Heaven. Rest in peace, Jay!"

This tribute was added by dakotah dawson on 20th August 2015

"I didn't know Jay personlly but I saw him around school and he always had a smile on his face. The world lossed a great person."

This tribute was added by Amber Murdock on 20th August 2015

"Jay, I've known you since you came to bamberg, but Having Chemistry Honors with you made me really see what kind of person you were. You were smart, and very funny, and you would always pick on me and call me weird names. I mean, you were sooooo whitty and sarcastic with EVERYBODY, but the funniest thing was NOBODY could ever stay mad at you, because you had that much of an effect on everyone. There was never a time that I never saw you smiling. Rest easy Jay, you will truly be missed."

This tribute was added by Miranda Costa on 20th August 2015

"Jay always had a smile on his face and he would always play around when i would tell Kelsey to wait on me he would tell me i could catch up or something, but he always made everyone laugh! I know he's playing ball up in Heaven and we'll miss him on the court this year. You will be forever in our hearts and forever missed, Jay."

This tribute was added by Reedy DeRienzo on 20th August 2015

"Everytime I saw Jay around school, he always had a smile on his face. I remember cheering for him, along with the other cheerleaders,from the stands and hearing Kelsey Martinos voice over everyone! He will be missed this year as school continues and basketball begins."

This tribute was added by Mitchell Robinson on 20th August 2015

"I didn't really know Jay personally but I do remember the loving smile he carried on his face at all times. He left his mark on many people. My heart goes out to the Goodman family and everyone who was close to Jay. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers. Rest easy Jay."

This tribute was added by Cody Kinsey on 20th August 2015

"I will always remember Jay with a smile on his face. He always made me smile when i was having a bad day. His presence would light up a room. He will be missed"

This tribute was added by Cyntasia Wright on 20th August 2015

"I remember when you first  came to our school and we took the map test that day, me and Noah were messing with you because you scored higher than us on the map test even though we were older. You always had a smile on your face and you were one of the best ball players I know. Fly High Jay"

This tribute was added by Rosalynn Brown on 19th August 2015

"Jay, you will always be a star shining bright in your parents eyes and to all that knew you. Your mother always talked so highly of you and she truly loved you with all her heart.  God saw that your work was done here on earth, and called you home to be with him. Continue to shine your rays of love down on your parents and all of us. Rest easy and know that you will be missed."

This tribute was added by Selena Goodman on 19th August 2015

"My dear dear dear Jay who would have known that Thurs. Aug. 13th would be the worst day of my entire life. I had you on my mind all that week and I called your dad and ask him  to have you called. I got a called but it was not the call I was expecting. Your dad told me that you were being air lifted to Palmetto Richland Memorial. And as Kirk and I drove to Columbia I felt  an ache in my heart that I have never felt before. I knew it was bad. People all over the world were praying for you and I realized that God could have healed you but He chose to call you on home. In all actuality He did healed you He performed the ultimate healing everything is new now. No more hurts, no more pain, no more sorrows. I miss you, my love, words can't even begin to express how I feel but the pain gets a little better everyday. When I hear about all the lives you have impacted and all the great things you were doing it bring tears of joy to my heart. I know you made it to heaven already actually you transitioned at the accident site. You didn't go through any pain whatsoever. Monday morning when I was doing my daily devotion I said "Good morning Jay" and I heard you reply "Good morning momma I'm ok!!! I know you are full of joy now because you can play basketball all day!!! And guess what the ball is made of GOLD!!!! I LOVE YOU SON!!! YOUR MOMMA"

This tribute was added by Linda Deibel on 19th August 2015

"Jay, I will remember you as a gentle, softspoken young man who loved basketball. You will be missed, but remembered by many!"

This tribute was added by Vivian Conner-Brown on 19th August 2015

"You will be forever missed Jay....I am so sad about all this. Praying for your mommy & daddy nonstop"

This tribute was added by Pahtrece Ishere on 19th August 2015

"Jay. I remember you as a sweet little boy running around your grandmothers house. You were always asking questions. One of the most respectful children I have ever met in my life.Full of love and curiosity..  I'm sorry I didn't get to see the wonderful young man you have grown to be. But knowing your family I know you made them nothing less than proud. We love you Jay."

This tribute was added by Javon White on 19th August 2015

"Pooh as I remember was the most beautiful baby . Jay as you grew up I did not personally get to hang out with  you but always was so highly spoke of by your mother my friend and mentor. Tears comes to my eyes as I remember how quiet, handsome and sweet you was as a little guy. From the pictures I can always see that same look you had at 4. You was always dressed so cute with your matching hat and scarf . You know how your mother do you with all those clothes. Me and your mother was just catching up on how great you was doing in school, sports and just beginning to drive.Your life will continue to impact so many people each day. Even while we can't see you here on earth we can keep you close by our hearts. Your mother, father , sister and others loves you dearly and you keep watching over them. Selena, Jonathan and Courtney God will always be here for you all never forget the memories and the sunshine Jay gave each of you. I will continue to keep you all covered with God's help. I love you all."

This tribute was added by Deidra Brown on 19th August 2015

"What a wonderful child, full of manners, and very talented. I remember coming to your house with Courtney and you almost knocked her down because you was so happy to see her.  Therefore You're love for your sister surpass any bickering that went on between you too. Watch over her, your mom, and your neice and nephew. You are missed.  You and your accomplishments at such a young age will never be forgotten. Enjoy paradise sweetheart."

This tribute was added by nakesha Richardson on 19th August 2015

"I remember Jay and Shannon running around as very young boys. I remember Sua in another room letting anybody have it. Jay was always a quiet young man when I saw him but he would always smile and be very polite. God makes no mistakes and I am praying for my long time friend Courtney, Selena and all other family and friends. Be strong!! Love myself and the Richardson family"

This tribute was added by courtney tucker on 18th August 2015

"Evening Jay!  You've been on my mind a lot. And since you have left me here on earth, alone, I feel empty. I was just beginning to build a closer relationship with you.... That's when I understood you and accepted you for who u really were. I was so proud when mom would call and say your going to LSU" or you got your drivers license. I was like wow Jay is really growing up! Now he can babysit his niece and nephew! ;) I remember Alana letting you hold her when she wouldn't let anyone else hold her. At that moment I knew it was something very special about you! You were an angel all along! Sent here to watch over us! And although I won't be able to attend your games and sit front row seat. I can't wait to see you in heaven!  I'm gonna be your personal cheerleader! I love you forever and always! Love your sister Courtney! Xoxoxo"

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