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First time smoking with bro

Shared by Nathan Ricker on May 1, 2013

First time smoking with my brother Jon, 2nd time altogether

Hanging out with Jon and Danielle at my moms pool, Jon had found "evidence" of my relations with my girlfriend at the time from a prior night and was bringin it up to me.. LOL  (semi inside story, sorry for not going into detail but not the topic of tonights story)


We were chilling at the pool and I was sharing with Jon my first experience of smoking with some friends (was 20 years old)

we smoked some of his ganja in a bowl while swimming.

I remeber feeling like nothing was happening, followed shortly after by uncontrollable fits of laughter and joy.

We hung out for a little bit and then headed down to the tavares police department; either   to pick up steven or visit, not sure which.

I do remeber stopping by Burger King and getting some grub and I remember demanding to let my "snowboarder" pay [snowboarder refers to capital one card at the time]

Once we arrived at the parking lot of Tavares police station, I remeber cops were driving their vehicles out of the parking lot past us, at some point I decided to flick off a cop as he drove by, the cop reversed and inquired if was just flicked off by passenger in back seat to which we explained it was a misunderstanding and afterwhich Jon and Danielle decided it be best for me to be at home versus the parking lot of police station so they took me back and went back for steven lol I also remeber sleeping very well that night :D

love and miss ya bro 

Shared by Dan Fuchs on November 17, 2010

This one was taken on O ctober 3, 2009 in Tampa, right before the Metallica concert. They ended up confiscating the plastic flask of booze that Jon was tucking into his pants, so that the venue could sell us piss warm, flat $9.00 shitty beers. The show was a freakin blast!!!!

Shared by Dan Fuchs on November 8, 2010

It's amazing all of the names and stuff that we've come up with for certain people; I was home sick again today working on my college finals when I felt up to it, and just thinking of all of the silly voices we did, and the names we came up with for people, and the life situations we would come up with for people that we didn't even really know, then discovering we were right over 60% of the time. That's one of the things that I truly miss about our friendship, how we could totally be ourselves when we were together. As weird or inmature as it often may have been, I will cherish those little things forever.


Love you, bro

Shared by Dan Fuchs on November 3, 2010

Not to bring any ugliness here, but some people need to have their facts straight before they go spouting off from their mouths about things that they only think that they have knowledge of. So, before you go and draw your own conclusions, get informed somehow about the truth. If you're uninformed about something, then keep your mouth shut before you give an opinion. are we clear? Jon was my best friend and like a younfer brother to me. While not perfect, he taught this cranky, angry person about forgiveness and true compassion. He was a brutally honest and giving person, and gave more than many self-proclaimed "givers" that I know. I will remember my bro forever, and by the way; who out there is truly perfect? That's what I thought.


Love you, Red Corn

The Water Trick

Shared by Danielle Ricker on October 21, 2010

This is a video of Jon doing his favorite trick he learned in middles school, only he is still doing it at the age of 28 :) I just love being able to hear his voice and remember his great sense of humor. I hope everyone else enjoys as well! 

Shared by Dan Fuchs on October 20, 2010

I remember one Saturday night about 6 years ago, Jon spent the night with us because we were going to St. Pete. the next day to watch the Yankees play the Rays. We cooked some shrimp with stir-fry vegetables and brown rice, which we all loved, and of course we knocked back a couple of 12-packs of beers. About 1:00am, we were ready to go to sleep, and Jon ended up sleeping in the top bunk in my kids bedroom, while the boys both slept on the bottom bunk. I slept on the floor, because we went through a ritual with my boys where I had to tell them "Helen and Dennis" stories every night so that they would go to sleep. For those of you who are not familliar with these stories, I will explain them in another post. Anyway, after about half an hour of telling stories and busting our guts laughing, all of us went to sleep and enjoyed a Yankee victory the following day.

Shared by Dan Fuchs on October 19, 2010

I remember about 8 years ago, I was building my sister-in-law's house in Yalaha, Fl. Her husband, bill, is a bit on the gullable side, and had a few instances of theft on the site, so Jon went to help me hang a wood ceiling one Saturday in the family room. We were both trying to think of some way to get Bill going, so we called him at work and told him that his 2 big over-head garage doors had been taken down and stolen. We never did tell him that we were only joking, so about an hour later a Sheriff deputy shows up and asked us what was going on. We both received a bit of a reprimand from the deputy, but Bill was quite relieved to realize that he still had $2,000.00 worth of garage doors still in place.

Shared by Dan Fuchs on October 14, 2010

I first met Jon when he was 8 years old. I was a carpenter working for his da, Mark, and we would run into one another over the next 9-10 years. From 2002 on, Jon and I became inseperable, as we would see each other on jobs or just socially. Although I am 18 years older than Jon, we both shared a love for doing insane things. We had both perfected our craft at the art of making prank phone calls, and making fun of just about any one and anything imaginable. We also began to work togethe a lot over the past four years, as I had obtained my state building contractor's license. My business partner, who is also my youngest brother Doug, would call on Jon to help us when we were slammed, and Jon would do the same with us. There was never a dull moment when we were together, and Jon was one of the very few people to get my very odd sense of humor and outlook on life. I dearly miss him, and when I drive down the road and think about something funny, especially with Helen or Dennis, I still want to pick up my phone and call him to tell him. When I realize that I cannot, my heart just sinks to the ground. I have not had the pleasure of meeting a whole lot of "real" people in my 46 years, but Jon was definitely one of them, and it was a true blessing, to say the least. God bless you, man; I will see you again someday. Your partner in the insane,


Dan Fuchs

Shared by Andrew Burger on October 14, 2010

I remember one time when me and my family came down from connnecticut to visit all our family in florida, we went to chuckee cheese and i was ridin in the car with jonothan and danielle and jon was prank calling people and saying the funniest stuff it was hilarious. His humor was so funny and smart. Also when jon was at His mansion and came to visit us at our house my mom said we had to chop wood and we did for like 3 hours with a horrible axe that bearly worked and made us so mad. Then we went to the bowling alley and my parents gave us the wrong key and my parents were gone somewhere and my friends parents had to pick us up. No madder what kind of thing we were doin or situation we were in it was allways so much more fun having jon around with all his jokes and ideas of funny stuff that we should do.

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