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Shared by rajan anantharaman on March 18, 2018

Jong.Lee had a special  way to.communicate:in his teaching,or interaction with others. I  recall his 

teaching of "GoodMorning",to students as well as to

participants ofthe L.I.M.A.C.O. N annual teacher 's

Conference.He  will be remembered for the energy.he put in to this event. 

Shared by rajan anantharaman on December 12, 2017

Jong Lee  had a kind heart   within  that he hid under  a strict   outer coat so to speak.  He  loved his students    ; they always  loved him in return.Jong  had the remarkable  ability to accept his errors  but  tomoveon helping someone on the way. Instead of " declaring his  religion" he went out of his way to help.I/we  are grateful recipients of his kind help many times
May he find Everlasting Peace

1st anniversary

Shared by Sherry Bologna on December 12, 2012

I really miss Dr.Lee. I keep a picture of him in my office at SUNY College at Old Westbury as well as in the Television Studio. Dr. Lee will ALWAYS be remembered. I am still in dibelief of his passing and somehow still hope that he will come down the halls again and into the TV Studio. Heaven has an angel.

Submitted by Agnes He (ICPS parent)

Shared by Lisa Lee on January 28, 2012

Few people have had an enduring impact on me after only a few encounters.  Dr. Lee was one of them.  I got to know Dr. Lee through my two children, who both were privileged to have attended the Institute of Creative Problem Solving for Gifted and Talented Students (my older child also had the honor of assisting Dr. Lee with the creation and maintenance of the Institute’s web page).  As an educator, a parent, and a first generation immigrant myself, I was deeply touched and inspired by Dr. Lee.  He embodies the best values from both American and Asian cultures.

To the Institute kids, his message was this-- do your very best, better than your best. But instead of the ‘tiger mom’ approach, Dr. Lee’s expectations for the kids were premised upon unconditional love, unconditional support, respect, and communication. For his own children, his love and warmth was contagious.

When my children were in class at the Institute, I usually waited for them in the hallway.  That’s when Dr. Lee would share stories about his own children.  He was so proud of them, not just of their visible achievements in life, but also of the (physical and emotional) journeys they have taken. 

Finally, while many first generation immigrants tend to be hesitant about fully participating in American life due to perceived deficiencies in the English language, Dr. Lee set a remarkable example of transcending those limitations, embracing all challenges and opportunities, and making substantive contributions to the betterment of the community and the country of his choice, by combining the Asian virtue of gratitude with the American can-do spirit. 

The Institute of Creative Problem Solving will always be part of my children’s memory and history.  Dr. Lee will always be remembered by our family.  His spirit lives on.

Agnes Weiyun He, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics and Asian Studies 
Department of Asian & Asian American Studies
SUNY - Stony Brook University


A warm, caring man

Shared by Claire Meirowitz on December 18, 2011

I worked with Dr. Lee at SUNY/Old Westbury in the '80s and '90s and found him to be a warm, caring individual, always concerned about doing more for others than he had already done.

I recall him taking me and our college designer to a Korean restaurant in Flushing. He was so enthusiastic about having us taste what to us were unfamiliar foods and flavors, and so passionate about wanting to share his love of this food with us.

His death is a real loss for all of us and for humanity.

Dr. Jong Pil Lee was an extraordinarily rare and remarkable man

Shared by Galit Blum on December 16, 2011

Last fall, as he did every fall for almost 20 years, Dr. Lee spoke to the parents of incoming students at the ICPS ( Institute of Creative Problem Solving for Gifted and Talented Students).  He was a little nervous as usual when he had to address a large crowd, but it did not show, and his wife was in the back listening, reassuring, always supporting, and he appreciated her.

I was fortunate enough to be in that room and hear his inspiring words that came from the heart. 

“Hug your children now” he said.  That was the essence of Jong Pil Lee.


Dr. Lee had a great understanding of gifted children and tried to relay that to their parents. His sense of family always came across, in the way he encouraged parents to support their children, love their children and volunteer, so their children can grow up to contribute to society as well.  He was so proud of his daughters and especially their volunteerism, following in the footsteps of their parents.

“You’re going to come to the program in just a few years, right?”  he used to tell my younger son, with his reassuring, encouraging smile.


He believed that with a little help, gifted children and their parents could change the world. He was a crusader, out to correct what was wrong with the American educational system.  Dr. Lee impressed me most with his sense of family, volunteerism and patriotism.  He had a way of getting people to extend themselves and be happily drafted to the cause.

Last year I was honored to work with Dr. Lee on the Institute website. I was fortunate to spend hours with Dr. Lee listening to his message trying to condense it, transfer it to the quick short manner that the medium required.  How do you condense a life’s work and the essence of such a special person into content for the Institute website?

Dr. Lee was remarkably modest and humble, at first he refused to have any mention of himself on the website.  He only reluctantly agreed that I list a few of his many accomplishments and awards, only because it made the Institute look good and could help the children.


Dr. Lee greatly appreciated any support of the Institute, whether it was monetary support, or volunteer work.  He was always quick with a warm heartfelt thank you and sincere acknowledgement of others. 


Dr. Jong Pil Lee was an extraordinarily rare and remarkable man.

I was honored and blessed to have met him along my life’s journey.


With his passing Dr. Jong Pil Lee leaves a great big void in our hearts.


TIME 2000 students at LIMACON

Shared by Alice Artzt on December 15, 2011


On behalf of myself and the TIME 2000 students at Queens College who are preparing to become secondary mathematics teachers, I would like to thank Dr. Lee for the lasting lessons he has taught us through his example and his words of wisdom. Every year at the LIMACON conference Dr. Lee would ask the TIME 2000 students to rise from their seats and take a pledge to devote themselves to becoming good mathematics teachers, be good to their students, and help America. After every conference the TIME 2000 students shared how special they felt to be recognized so publicly. Wherever you are Dr. Lee you should know that the graduates of TIME 2000 are keeping their promise to you and the undergraduates have every intention to do so. You have left your mark on them and in turn they will impact their students with your message of responsibility to work hard to use their gifts to impact the mathematical competencies and attitudes of American students. Thank you for sharing your childlike, idealistic spirit with my students. As you always said, you and I were partners in our quest to help improve mathematics education in America. It was my honor to partner with you for such an endeavor, and I will continue to partner with you by spreading and following your advice to never giving up working hard to give back to society. Although you will be forever missed, you will be forever remembered.

Ardent Supporter of Art

Shared by Hyewon YI on December 14, 2011

I am very saddened by the passing of Jong Pil Lee, who was a frequent visitor of Amelie A Wallace Gallery and supportive of our exhibition programs. As a friend, he was almost like a parental figure to me. I am one of the few Korean faculty members at SUNY College at Old Westbury. He has been a role model to me. His kindness, sense of humor, and appreciation for Korean women (describing them as "most loyal, trustworthy and beautiful") will be remembered. The photo was taken during the opening of "The Borders" at Amelie A. Wallace Gallery in March 2009. 

Shared by Leslie Knipe on December 14, 2011

Dr. Lee was a good friend to all of us in the Publications/Public and Media Relations Department, at SUNY College at Old Westbury. A thoughtful caring man who always visited the department to see how we were, offer some good advice, laughs, and to thank us for a job well done. He was a wonderful collegue and friend and will be missed by all of us.

Shared by Tom Dahl on December 14, 2011

What a great guy he was. I had the opportunity to work with him on a project for ICPS while my son attended last year. I saw him quite a few times during the school year, and was impressed by his love of country, his love of kids, and most importantly his extraordinary love of his family.

Jong Pil Lee will be missed. But more than most, he will be warmly remembered by thousands of people, including many kids. Long in the future, those kids will reflect on his kindness and his exhortations to work hard and succeed. 

He brought out the best in those around him. What a wonderful legacy. I hope he rests in peace, borne up with the kind thoughts of all whom he touched.

Just a remembrance

Shared by Thomas DelGiudice on December 14, 2011
Jong I will miss you sir. You were always full of praise and showed your appreciation for any good work one performed for the school. You were quite frankly a force of nature. It is very tough to lose that but I will always carry that spirit with me. Thank You Jong and to your family I am so sorry for your loss. He always spoke of you all. He by his love for you always reminder all of us the impotence of family.

Dr. Lee will be forever missed!

Shared by Sherry Bologna on December 13, 2011

Dr. Lee was a blessing to all who knew him. He was very humble and caring, not to mention brilliant. He had a wonderful sense of humor and really touched the lives of everyone who knew him. He shared his daughter's wedding photos with me b/c I got married at a similar time and he was so proud of his familly. I could tell he was very family oriented. I also enjoyed working with him at SUNY and watching him prep for the LIMACON Math conferences. He was a joy. I will always, always, remember Dr. Jong Pil Lee, with fondness and love. I know he is now with the Lord. Thank you Lord for the time we had here with him, may God be with his family & friends.

"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him." - 1 Corinthians 2:9

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