My Beautiful Sister

Shared by Ronda VanderMeer on March 16, 2022
Sometimes when I first wake I think that you're still here, and for a fleeting moment the clouds all disappear.
For you brought endless sunshine until you went away, and now I miss you desperately each minute of the day.
You would not like to see me sad so what I try to do is live a bright and happy life in memory of you.
For though I'll always miss you and it's dreadful being apart, I haven't really lost you, you're still here in my heart.

I see you, hear you and feel your love each and every day...not just in my heart but through your children and grand babies.

Give Dad, Grandma and Papa Bud big hugs from your big sis.

I love you Sister... you forever will be the wind beneath my wings!

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