In memory of our beloved son, brother of Leenu and Kaalep, godson, nephew, cousin, and friend, leader, mentor Joosep Juhkam.

22 MARCH 2000 - 13 MAY 2021

Memorial Service
Tuesday May 25, 2021 at 11.30
Mission Memorial Park

1915 Ord Grove Ave
Seaside, CA 93955 USA
+1 831-394-1481

Born a millennial baby on a cold but sunny winter snow-covered day in Estonia and then…..

  • A New Yorker and survivor of 9/11
  • Thailand elementary school, sailing, swimming, boats and beaches 
  • Bangladesh middle school and rickshaw races, tiger searching, python hugger, coral reefs in Dhaka
  • USA high school, friends, football, skiing, camping, biking, boats yards in Rye Neck, New York
  • California Love - the ocean, the air, marine science, boat yard work in Monterey Bay, his close close friends and roommates
How do we remember Joosep?

Joosep IS diversity... a multi-country citizen with roots equally strong in multiple places, Estonia, Canada, USA--and living and studying in three different continents. A natural leader who shows empathy for others and is hard-working when it comes to doing anything. Joosep has always shown kindness and care to others...always willing to help, responsible, generous. Always good for a laugh….fun and funny, a bit of a prankster. Always relaxed, chill and easy going.

Joosep’s love of the ocean and beautiful sea life was genuine. Studying marine science, being a professional deep sea diver and boat driver and hoping to save the corals was his dream.

Did you know this about Joosep?

  • As a baby had a family nickname of ‘konn’ (Estonian for ‘frog’), and ‘banaani mees’ (Estonian for ‘banana man’, for his love of bananas)
  • Could play the drums, bass guitar, baritone horn, piano and recorder flute.
  • A drummer, guitarist and singer in a rock band from age 11-13 while living in Bangladesh; sang at the boys honor choir with performances in Bali and Hong Kong…. And also suffered Dengue fever not once but twice
  • A sailor and not afraid to manage his own boat, sometimes in rough waters in Thailand.
  • Chosen to be one of two team captains of the Rye Neck football team in his senior year, after having played only one year of football ever, during his junior year.
  • Lighting manager,  then stage manager in Rye Neck High School theatre productions
  • Declared ‘MOST HUGGABLE’ and with the ‘BEST LAUGH’ in his high school yearbook.
  • A brother of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity at Cal State Monterey
  • An excellent cook and provider of nourishment by the best of hugs
You always lived in the moment and enjoyed life in full.

You are in us, you are part of us, you are in our hearts forever Joosu...

 Head ja toredat seilamist ükskõik kus sa ka ei viibiks, me oleme sinuga, kallis Joose...

Posted by Chanaka Liyanage on May 16, 2021
Dear Robert and Tiia,
We are saddened with the news. We cannot begin to imagine what you are feeling but let us share our heart-felt condolence. Now and always, may loving memories bring you all peace, comfort, and strength! Our thoughts and prayers are with your family.
Posted by Jothirajah Karunehtira on May 16, 2021
Dear Robert,
It is very sad to learn that your son has passed away. I would like to extend my deepest condolences. May his soul rest in peace.
Posted by Kandasamy Mugunthan on May 16, 2021
Dear Robert,
My deepest condolences on the loss of your son. May your beautiful memories sustain and bring comfort to you during this difficult season. Please accept my deepest sympathies. ... May your memories of Joosep and the love of your family surround you and give you strength and peace in the days ahead.
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Posted by Edward Rees on June 2, 2021
Dear Robert and the entire Juhkam Family.

There are no words to properly express my condolences properly. I wish you all well in a very difficult time. What a life well lived. I am sad I never met him. 

Posted by Jorge Tito on June 1, 2021
We are all very sorry for Joosep tragic situation.
As he was a surfer, and a sea lover, we brought this sand artwork to share our love with him and all family.
Posted by Muradh Mohideen on May 30, 2021
Dear Robert,

I am so sorry to hear of your loss, please accept my deepest condolences. Cannot imagine what a difficult time this is for you and your family. Sending you thoughts and prayers.

Recent stories


Shared by Ryan Stanley on May 24, 2021
Another competitive nature story is the beginning of playing a game called spikeball. Spikeball is a game with a net held above ground by post, and played with a small rubber ball. The objective of this game is to work as a team, set the ball up well, and confuse the other team. For our first game ever we were on opposing sides, and Joosep enjoyed to slam the ball on the net sending it flying in random directions, this in turn made me have to run a long ways to track down. When you make a succesful track down, you rely on your teammate to get it, but my teammate Calvin couldn't get the job done. He kept slamming the ball and making me run in all directions trying to track it down. Eventually we lost the game and he gave me a little smirk which I took to heart, and challenged him to a 1 vs 1 determined to wipe that smirk off his face. Through this game he continued the same strategy even putting in some fake slams and confusing me. This game got very intense and there was probably sand in every part of my clothing, since you play at the beach. I won once and he got me a couple times, but when we played again we just decided to play on the same team to reduce my heartache, and keep me from running all over the place. He was better as a teammate that an opponent, and that's how I saw him in life as my teammate. Rest easy buddy I'm gonna miss getting heated about losing against you or with you, that competitive nature will never burn dry because of our great times. 

Video Game Nights

Shared by Ryan Stanley on May 24, 2021
Quite frequently during this last year Joosep would come over to my apartment to play video games. At my apartment I had a 55 inch TV, which was perfect to get entangled in video games on our many late nights. He would come over around 6:00 p.m., and we would be stuck playing video games until about 12:00 p.m. until I had to call it quits for class tomorrow. Our favorite game to play was called rocket league. Me and Joosep are very competitive people, just in nature, and this game was basically soccer but with cars and the objective was to score goals just like in regular soccer. We would play this game mode that was 2 vs 2 and me and him would be on a team together. We started out in a very low player level, and you have to work your way up through different rankings of random opponents, and often it gets harder. We starting to think we were pretty good at the game until we had a halt at Gold Division, and couldn't advance. Being in Gold Division was good but not great, and we only wanted greatness in this video game. This struggle of trying to advance to the next division continued for 7 months, and as you could imagine we were quite irritated with our playing. If I made a bad play or let a goal go in, he would rip into me, and if he made a bad play i would "joke" about how bad he was. This video game became less of a game and more of a definition of how we weren't gonna settle for just being Gold Division. Through struggle and adversity, the competitive nature of us took over, and we made it to the next division. Riding high off this accomplishment we played another game and got destroyed and sent back down a division. We both tasted greatness but it wasn't something we were ever able to reach again, and this made us dislike the game, as competitive men we just called the game rigged and stopped playing. This was how we both were striving to be better, and he was my favorite person to sit down with and struggle through either homework, or even a dumb video game. I'm gonna miss these times, and miss having that competitive nature with my best friend.
Shared by Calvin Dye Wisner on May 24, 2021
I think my favorite Joosep story was the first time we went to Pffeifer. This was at the start of quarantine and we were the only two people left in the apartment. So, we decided to go on an adventure to a beach that neither of us had been to before. The car ride down was filled with laughs and good music. When we arrived the beach was completely empty. It was beautiful. I surfed for a little bit while he stood watch. I remember just getting slammed, the waves were pretty big. I took comfort tho knowing that my best friend was watching. I still take comfort in that and still feel him watching whenever I paddle out. After the session we explored the woods, wadded through tide pools, and climbed rocks. It was such a magical day and I’m so happy to have shared that with him. Whenever I start to spin out about this whole situation I think about that day and the many amazing things we did together. I’m glad I have those memories to hold on to