Posted by Lynn Groombridge on February 23, 2021
So it’s gone from day to night 10.21 pm we lost you on a cold Friday night I’ve pushed through today but I miss you so much jordy there’s so much we haven’t been able to do with you when we should of ... I’ll never except the loss we have lost it’s to big to ever except ... my kids will love you always and wish they could have you back if only for a night the throwing of your hat through the front door the scream JORDYS here mummy from Rylies mouth but it’s still echoes in our house if you listen hard enough .... I love you .. you better be waiting for me when I come to we’re you are until then I know your watching over us all all my love always everyday ( mumma no2 ❤️
Posted by Chris Mackie on February 23, 2021
Jordan.......the boy my kids and myself adored. There has been a hole since you left us that can’t and won’t be replaced.
I miss you more than most would care to imagine. I know you’re up there doing your thing. And watching and probably laughing at the nuttiness of us all.
Fly high brother, we will meet again one day, keep looking after your mother like you and your brothers do. Bless up, love you always. ❤️
Posted by Charlotte Jellis on February 23, 2021
Forever going to be missed jordy! You was a little brother to me but acted more like the big brother making sure I got home safely even from down the road! Your parents raised a gentleman! Forever missing your goofy laugh! Rest in peace angel!❤️❤️
Posted by Courtney Mat on February 23, 2021
Miss you always and forever my big brother Jordan rest in peace my angel love u forever Jordan world
Posted by Nickymay Carter on February 23, 2021
I will never stop loving you my guardian angel!
Until I hold you once again in my arms.
      Love your mumma!❤

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