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See Letter from Dad in 2005

Shared by Linda Young on October 15, 2011

In 2005, right before their 60th annniversary I asked Dad and Mom if they would each write the story of their lives.  They really did not want to but I would not let up. So this is the story that Dad wrote.  


Love to them both where ever they are.


Letter from Dad 2005

Shared by Linda Young on October 15, 2011

 The history of Paul Leroy Jordan

Born February 14, 1922 at Lawton Oklahoma at my grandmother's home on C Street.  I have no recollection of any experiences there.  Evidently Mom went up there from Burkbernette, Texas where the folks lived for my birth.  Then moved back to that location, shortly after I was born.  Because all pictures as a babe are from there.  Also I have no memories of there.  My first memories as a child are of St. Louis, Missouri where we lived at Seventh and Utah Streets.  I lay the absence of all memories due to an accident when I was about 6 years old.  A neighbor kid put me in his Radio Flyer wagon on top of a box he had in it.  The trouble was he went up a curb to the side walk and I fell off and fractured my skull right over my right eye.  I can remember trying to go through doors but walking into the jam instead and crying because it hurt.  I can remember 1927 when the town cellebrated Lindbergh's Transatlantic flight, the gas lights, the horse drawn fire engines and a policeman named Homer Guier, who rode a motorcycle.  Oh! Too, those gas lights had to be lit by the gas lighter in the evening and off in the morning at day break.  There was a confectionary store around the corner where my brother Charles, and I went to spend the pennies we had.  The old man who owned the store always told me to "beat it" after he handed the candy to me over the counter to me.

We left left St. Lous about 1929 and came to the county at High Drive that is, Mom, Dad, Lydia, Henry, Jearleen, Charles and myself.  Lydia had TB and died there. Charles and myself walked the street car tracks from home over Natural Bridge Road to school which was 3 miles going and coming.  We stayed in that location till 1937 when Mom and Dad decided to go on a farm in Lincoln County, Missouri. The farm was between Old Monroe and Ethyln, Missouri.  School was a walk of two and a half miles on the Old Burlington Railroad tracks, again in winter, summer, rain or shine.  St. Mary's was the name of the school and I finished my education there. This is where I met my wife of 60 years as of now. Then her name was Wilma Beckering.  She was already a cutie but I didn't pay much attention to her or any other girls at that time.  We graduated from the eighth grade and went our ways.  The times were of wars and rumors of wars. Wilma went to work at a hosiptal, I to Wurdack Electric.  Then FDR the president of the USA, after a fireside chat and promising the US would not go to war had to because Japan bombed our Republic of Hawaii.  I enlisted in the Navy Reserve.  Wilma took a job at Mines equipment, in St.Louis.  I bourded the USS San Juan, at San Deigo, California and did the Japs the way they did to the US. In the meantime, after so long a time I got a seven day leave and hurried home. Dad said to me "Let's go and see the Beckerings".  Remember Wilma's last name, so we did.  Wilma was there on a visit.  AND SHE WAS GROWN UP!  I went over to say hi and Dad said "Well! Aren't you going to kiss her?" My heart had already skipped a beat but I went to her and did kiss her, because she didn't back up.  No Email then so we wrote letters.  I got another leave and asked her if she would marry me.  She said she would think about it.  Being transferred to a brand new ship in April of 1945 fortunately I received my last leave and joyfuylly married My Wilma.  We have five children: Marilyn, Paul, Linda, Jim and Laurie.  So the rest will be ongoing.  And we have the hope together of living on earth in God's Kingdon with the joys of life everlasting as HE Himself has promised those having faith.  THIS IS ENOUGH.  Dad and Mom too, so don't forget we love you.   


Shared by Laurie Jordan on October 9, 2011

Dad was a friendly and popular guy, he loved people and had good etiquette. He has many close friends made them quickly. We never had to pay anyone to fix our cars or anything else. He could fix anything from plumbing to washers and dryers. I miss you so much alreadly Dad. He loved my Mom dearly. Told us often that when he saw her standing in front of the Beckerings house, he fell in love immediately. When he came home on leave fro the Navy they were married in 1945, they had 62 years together and had Marilyn, Paul, Linda James and Myself, Laurie. I remember he had stayed by my side after my surgery one night, even though i told him I wanted to be alone. He was worried about his girl. Dad loved to tell jokes and would always catch you by surprise with one. My heart hurts but I know he is suffering no longer. 

Paul Jordan

Shared by jacque totaro on October 8, 2011

My best friend is Laurie Jordan, and I had the priviledge of first meeting her father, Paul Jordan, in the Fall of 2007 at her housewarming party.  Mr. Jordan had a great sense of humor, and we immediately connected.  He was someone you just love'd to be around.  He was very proud when he spoke about World War II.  He also mentined his love for mechanical work, especially how we could maintain & fix anyone's lawn-mower.  He was a very smart man!!!

Unfortunately, the only other time I saw Mr. Jordan was approximately one year later when Laurie and I went to see him at his home in the Dardeen Priaire area in St. Peters, Missouri.  He was so thrilled we came to visit, and made it known that Laurie was his baby.  We sat on the back porch eating vanilla (oreo-type) cookies and drinking lemon-aid.  We stayed about 2 hours, and before we left, Mr. Jordan showed us all his art-work in his bedroom.  He loved drawing and painting.  He left that gift to his youngest daughter, Laurie, who is also an artist.  When we left, Mr. Jordan gave me a big hug.  He reminded me so much of my own father, who passed away April 2010.

I wish I could have spent more time with Mr. Jordan, as he was a very special man.  The good news is that Mr. Jordan is now in heaven with Laurie's mother, and is also dancing along with my father.  We love you Paul Jordan!!!


Jacque Totaro  

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