This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Jordy mcCann 14 years old , born on June 11, 1996 and passed away on December 9, 2010. We will remember her forever.
Posted by rita artz on December 14, 2010
to the mccann family,i am so sad to hear about jordan,such a happy beautiful child. i know you will forever miss her.just know that she is safe in god's hands.what a beautiful angel he has.kathy,you have always been one of my angels
Posted by Darlene Martin on December 14, 2010
Jordan and the entire McCann family have touched so many hearts. I loved Jordan's desire to be honest in all situations. This tribute is amazing and I thank Taylor for being such a great friend to take the time for all of us to see Jordan in all facets of her life. Jordan will never be forgotten and I hope others will live by her example.
Posted by Doreen Merritt on December 14, 2010
To the McCann family,
Your in our hearts and prayers. Jordan was a special little girl who touched our hearts,especially my son Josh who went to Berkshire with her. We pray that they will find a cure for this disease soon.
Posted by Karen Brummet-King on December 14, 2010
Kathy, Joey and family I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I have been thinking of you all everyday, and will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Jordan is truly an angel at peace and totally healed, she was so blessed here on earth to have such totally loving and strong parents. Much Love to you both.
Posted by Melissa Starlings on December 13, 2010
Jordan was so sweet. When I saw her outside she would always come and say Hello. She will be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with her parents and those who were close to her.
Posted by Doris De Jong on December 13, 2010
Mc Canns
We have been friends for a very long time. The pain of losing a child is hard, but God is there with comfort. I only met Jordie a few times, but she was such a delight. We read together each time. I still remember her smiling face, God Bless.The music is so apropriate . The pictures delightful. She is beautiful. Joey, she is you.
Posted by JET GERHOLD-PRESSLEY on December 13, 2010
Joey and Family my prayers are with you and your family god has a very special angel .
Posted by Phyllis Pitt on December 13, 2010
To the McCann family: I am so sorry for your lost. Kathy I am praying for you and Joey during this time. When you worked for Quest you always had an encourging word for me so during this time. Let me just say, that there will be times when a smile or a tear will fall down your face and it will be okay because you will remember the gift of your daughter that was given to you.I big hug to you both.
Posted by Blanca Romero on December 13, 2010
I've learned in life that you do not have to necessarily know someone personally for their life to impact yours! I am deeply sorrowful for your separation from Jordy. However, I celebrate the victory in Christ knowing that she has returned to God where she will suffer no more pain. May your family rest in the Peace of God which surpasses all understanding! Sending you all that there is...L*O*V*E
Posted by Kevin Booth on December 13, 2010
Joey and Family
 No words can heal the pain you are feeling and experiencing right now.Please know that you are all in my prayers and thoughts.I never met Jordan but I remember Joey and I being in Hopkins together when my daughter was fighting Leukemia and remember the love that beamed from him when he spoke of her.Take comfort in knowing that through our Lord you will see Jordan again one day.
Posted by Louise Swedo on December 13, 2010
So sorry to hear about your loss. I have seen comments from FB on her struggles over the past few years but did not know her personally. Your loss is heaven's gain. Remember you will see her whole again in heaven! Louise Swedo (formerly Youngs)
Posted by Donita Stewart on December 13, 2010
Hi Joey,
I am a very good friend of your sister Roxanne. What a beautiful angel Jordy is! I am so sorry to hear about your loss. My prayers are with you and your family. God be with you always
Posted by David Saul on December 13, 2010
Joey and Family,
I wanted to let you know that the prayer circle is much bigger than you know and that prayers of support through God’s love, peace, and understanding are going out for your family. A loved one who is in our heart shall never be far away.
Posted by stacey mcintyre on December 13, 2010
Joey & Cathy, Our hearts go out to you and your family. We know that Jordy will be missed greatly. You are in our prayers and if you need anything please call. Remember, we are all called home some sooner then others, but we will all be together in the end. Love and Peace be with you.

Stacey & Daniel
Posted by Doc Iler on December 13, 2010
Joey and family: I know that this is a difficult time for you, but your little Angel has overcome this world and is resting from all the labors she endured in this life. Take solace and comfort in the Word of God which says to us, "For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens."
Posted by Lorraine Pritts on December 12, 2010
Jordan was not only my goddaughter but my best friend. Her constant smile and quick wit kept me going. She never complained about her many trials and tribulations caused by her disease.Everyone and anyone who ever met her fell in love with her and I will always be so proud of her. I love you Jordie Pie and I will never forget you!
Posted by pat wisniewski on December 12, 2010
Hi Joey, I only know you from karaoke and never got to meet your daughter in person.....however, I know how special she was to you and many, and I feel like I knew her through you......I'm sure she was just wonderful....just like you are....God Bless your little angel who is now at peace....and I hope you can be also, knowing she's in a much better place, called Heaven, with her Heavenly Father.
Posted by Yvonne Kuehn on December 12, 2010
McCann Family - I enjoyed seeing pictures of Jordan on Facebook. She was always smiling. Having someone that you loved pass away is hard. Always remember the great times you had with her. She will always be around you. You will have bad and good days but she is now running and playing free with no pain in Heaven. She is your Guardian Angel.
Posted by Erin Kroft on December 12, 2010
I always loved Jordan's sense of humor, attitude and her style! It was so neat how much she enjoyed everything Japanese. Every time I see anime, I think of her. 
I will never forget her reading to me from her japanese-themed books at my desk, and explaining to me every detail in the books. :) She was a joy to be around.
She will always be loved and remembered on the PCRU.
Posted by lee hickey on December 12, 2010
Posted by Donna Himes on December 12, 2010
Joey your friends at Key Yacht Club would like to send you and your family our prayers and condolances. If there is anything we can do please contact us.
Posted by Sandy Owens on December 12, 2010
Kathy and Joey: I am so sorry to hear of your lost. Jordan was a beautiful young lady and while I have lost touch with your over the years I can still remember her smiling face when I worked at Quest with Kathy. My prayers are with you and your family during this time.
Posted by Elizabeth Thornton on December 12, 2010
What a beautiful, courageous, angel! So loved by many, and as the tribute song says, gone too soon.
Posted by Taylor Vanbeber on December 11, 2010
I made this website because my bestfrien jordan passed away she suffered from methylmalonic acidemia for ther was no cure. She suffered a great deal in her 14 yrs here but never let her get her down always smiling that is what i remeber most about her. i want to try to raise money for a cure for what her and her sister have. you are gone but never forgotten i love you and know you are in heaven
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Posted by linda cox on December 11, 2019
It seems it was just yesterday that the world was a little sadder because an angel was called home. I still look at your bedroom window when a light comes on knowing your spirit is embraced in the dwelling. 
Posted by Lorraine Pritts on December 9, 2019
Not a day goes by that I don't think about you and miss you. I know you are watching from Heaven and I can't wait to be reunited with you and all my loved ones! Keep watching over your Mom, Dad and Jenna!
Posted by Roxanne Sadler on December 9, 2019
9 years since you went to heaven, and your life still shines on in all of our hearts. You were the sweetest child, and smartest too! We miss you and love you! We know you are watching us with love. I love you so much it hurts....

Aunt Wocky Dittle
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Precious Child

Shared by Roxanne Sadler on December 16, 2010






In my dreams, you are alive and well
Precious child, precious child
In my mind, I see you clear as a bell
Precious child, precious child
In my soul, there is a hole
That can never be filled
But in my heart, there is hope
'Cause you are with me still

In my heart, you live on
Always there never gone
Precious child, you left too soon
Tho' it may be true that we're apart
You will live forever... in my heart

In my plans, I was the first to leave
Precious child, precious child
But in this world, I was left here to grieve
Precious child, my precious child

In my soul, there is a hole
That can never be filled
But in my heart there is hope
And you are with me still

In my heart you live on
Always there, never gone
Precious child, you left too soon,
Tho' it may be true that we're apart
You will live forever... in my heart

God knows I want to hold you,
See you, touch you
And I know there's a heaven
And someday I will again
Please know you are not forgotten until then

In my heart you live on
Always there never gone
Precious child, you left too soon
Tho' it may be true that we're apart
You will live forever... in my heart

My special cousin..Jordan Alexandra

Shared by Tina Barranco on December 13, 2010

Jordan Alexandra was a very special person in my life.  I remember going to the Ocean with Uncle Joey and Aunt Kathy and staying there to help out with Jordan.  From the very first time I held her I knew she was a special child.  Jordan always made me laugh.  She had an amazing memory and could tell you a story verbatim months even years  down the road.  Jordan had a heart bigger than anyone I have ever met.  I regret not coming to see her more these last few years but she has always been in my heart.  You see, once Jordan was around you, you had a piece of her in your heart to carry with you always.  My daughter Lily was a great Joy in Jordans life.  I can't remember a time that Jordan was around Lily that she wasn't snuggling her and kissing her.  Whenever Lily was around Jordan wanted to hold her and teach her things.  Jordan was so bright and no matter what trials she faced she remained strong for all of those that she loved so much.  She never let you see the pain or frustration.  She wanted to show you that she could do it on her own.  Jordan you will always be my special girl.  I love you baby girl!!!  Love Cousin Tina

Jordan was a gift

Shared by Roxanne Sadler on December 13, 2010

Jordan McCann was a gift.

She was a gift to her family, friends and all who ever met her. Like her parents, she welcomed others right into their hearts. Jordan and her parents are the type that when you went to comfort them, you were the one comforted. She was wordy and bright, smart and funny. She made you laugh, until she made you cry. She was a special light that shone wherever she went.

Jesus is a gift – a free gift, Jordan had that gift in her heart, and that is why we know she is with her Heavenly Father. We are thankful that God let us share her for the 14+ years. She was here to show us pure, innocent, unconditional love. Jordan is there with Jesus waiting for all of us to come home. She knew this earth was not her home – she was just passing through. She is really home now, with her precious Lord Jesus. I know Jordan would like to see you again, and you can if you know Jesus. Jesus died so we might live. If you ask God to forgive you of your sins and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, he will come into your heart and make you a new creature. You will be in the family of God and you will get to see Jordan again - healthy, happy, walking, talking, totally free of pain for the first time. She is waiting for all of her friends and loved ones to join her when it’s their time to leave this earth! What a day of rejoicing that will be. God bless you Jordan, and thank you for that special place you have left in all of our hearts. We love you more than you know. Your Aunt Wocky Dittle