Cuban by birth! American by the Grace of God!
  • 64 years old
  • Born on January 6, 1952 in Havana, Cuba.
  • Passed away on July 7, 2016 in Tucson, Arizona, United States.


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We love and miss you Daddy!

Please feel free to email me via the contact link. 

-Andrea Alentado Hague

Posted by Lesa Frady on 10th July 2018
Remembering you! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with so many of us in law enforcement. You were the greatest of mentors!
Posted by Ron Bayne on 7th July 2018
Thinking of you today Jose. Wish you were around to chat with.
Posted by Helen Maxwell on 10th July 2017
Jose, each day I sweep a wooden bridge by a thousand pound boulder with a metal plaque telling the story about your life. No excuses from you, even though you had a bumpy start in life, when Castro took over Cuba. You told me adversity only made you stronger. It is like your spirit is there where I pass each day. I say, "Hello." You left a mark on so many people's lives in so many countries. Truly, you will live forever.
Posted by Ron Bayne on 7th July 2017
Don Jose, I do miss you my man. So much of my classroom delivery today comes from what I had learned from you. You have left a legacy through many.
Posted by Cindi West on 29th May 2017
You have been gone almost a year now but I still think of you often. Sometimes I will pick up the phone to call you and realize I can't. I miss your friendship, sense of humor and passion for teaching. You made a significant impact on my life. I love and miss you Jose!
Posted by Mike Avey on 14th April 2017
Sr. Jose: I just learned of your passing and was saddened. I admire your passion, enthusiasm & diligence when you instructed our immersion class. On behalf of all the Tulsa Police Department Officers who attended the 2005 class, VAYA CON DIOS and MUCHAS GRACIAS. I use my Spanish skills everyday and am grateful to have known you. See you on the other side, Mi Amigo. Sincerely, Mike Avey Tulsa OK
Posted by Shavon Simpson Williams on 27th January 2017
You were amazing!!!! You made me more passionate about learn Spanish along with all of the unique and beautiful differences. You will truly be missed. My heart is broken!
Posted by Tony Chris Rodriguez on 8th January 2017
Jose: We known each other since Jr High. You were always a good friend. We lost contact after High School and after so many years we surprisely met again at FLETC in Glenco,GA. You were always a good friend, we will always miss you. Until we meet again. I will never forget you.
Posted by Fabian Suarez on 25th August 2016 truly were the most interesting man in the world! You will be sorely missed by your friends in the Michigan State Police. Through your training and friendship you touched many Troopers in our department. God bless and keep an eye on us all SeƱor.
Posted by Donna Cox on 17th August 2016
Hello partner. I will never forget you. We learned much from one another and for that I thank you. I only wish I could have helped more. Rest my friend. Always xoxo
Posted by Maria Miquel on 12th August 2016
Jose, I will always remember your kindness and, your smile. Thank You for your friendship. Until we meet again, RIP !
Posted by Jr Noriega on 12th August 2016
You will be missed my friend RIP.
Posted by Tony Rodriguez on 12th August 2016
Jose RIP. I remember those days in High School when we used to hang out. Remember the day that we reconnected in GLENCO after all those years had passed from high school. You invited me to your home and had dinner with your beautiful wife and gorgeous children. I also remember the days you used to come to Miami to visit and meet at Monty Trainer's and you spoke about how proud you were of your wife and children. Jose we loved you my friend. RIP we will someday meet again.
Posted by John Savona on 11th August 2016
Jose, You will be missed. I saw you as another father. I wish I had half the knowledge that you had. Thank you so much for sharing that knowledge. I have attended your Spanish for Law Enforcement Basic, Enhanced, Immersion, and Instructor Schools. I learned so much and they were so fun. Jose, you kept everyone laughing and what kept things so interesting is that sometimes I was not sure when you were serious or just relajando. I remember your saying "That excuse is as good as a screen door in a submarine. I want to thank you so much for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to advance in my Spanish Law Enforcement Career. Jose you are truly loved by many and have positively influenced many people. God bless you Jose and may you rest in peace. It was a pleasure meeting you and I will see you again in the House of the Lord.

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