Posted by Donna Zimmerman on October 23, 2021
Joey, it has been 6 years since you left us. It's not getting easier, I'm just learning to cope better. I wish you were here to see your amazing grandkids, nieces, and nephews, even your great ones all grown up. I hope you are celebrating your birthday in heaven with mommy and daddy. I'm so jealous if mom baked her famous cupcakes for you. Till we meet again. Forever loved     Donna
Posted by Mike Travers on February 17, 2017
It is very difficult to believe that it has been two years...All I can say is that a day does not pass that I do not think about you. A crisp cold day with the smell of diesel in the air always makes me think of the times we spent together working on trucks. You are the only person that would teach his son to drive a manual in a tri-axle dump truck. I miss you and hope that you are having a great time!! Keep on eye of the kids. Love you
Posted by Theresa Travers on February 24, 2015
Hi Poppy, it's Shannon. I miss you very much. I love you so much! You were a great poppy.
Posted by Donna Zimmerman on February 23, 2015
Thou we had drifted apart over the years, that special place in my heart for my brother was always there. We had to grow up way too fast, but I always knew I could count on you to make me a better cook. oops did I say that- yes everyone, my dad MADE my brother eat my burnt turkeys, chicken, and just about anything I tried to make THEN made him tell me how good it was. I would give anything for you to taste my culinary masterpieces now!  My comfort is knowing you are with mommy and daddy now. You left a truly remarkable family here, but left them with the memories of a lifetime. Till we meet again,  Love and miss you, Donna
Posted by Theresa Travers on February 21, 2015
Joe, I was 19 when I first met you. Back then I always looked at you as a tough badass yet hardworking man who always worked on In my eyes, you always were rough and tough, but always loved hanging out with your family. There were many of many times Michael would invite me over and we all hung out at the house. I remember sitting in the kitchen smoking cigarettes and shooting the breeze with you and Teri. After a few years, surprise!!! I was pregnant! It was then I saw a change in you....when Joey was born, I saw another side of you. I witnessed you, the tough badass turn into the most loving grandparent. I saw a soft side of you that I've never seen, the way you would look at him and hold him was something you never forget. Then four more years later....suprise! We had Shannon. Now with a little girl around you became even more loving..that little girl would dress you up with jewelry or whatever and you would just let her do it! Now you had no choice to soften Both of my kids were always about their "poppy". Through the years up until your death, I witnessed the most beautiful thing, you loving my kids everyday. That meant the world to me. Although I was not into the hunting thing, I was thankful that you took Joey out and taught him things, I felt safe knowing he was with you and not getting into I can't even tell you how heartbroken I am for everyone. You will be missed so much by all of us. Please be the Angel on my kids shoulders. And like you always said, "Stay out of trouble". xoxoxo
Posted by Glenn Simpson on February 21, 2015
Teri, We are all saddened by the loss of Joe. We were best friends since grammar school. He taught me to drive a stick, work on cars, smoke cigarettes, and was my best man at my wedding. We hunted, camped, raced, went to school, and just spent time together. We buried my dad and then his dad together. I worked at both of his gas stations where I learned a lot about the workings of cars. When I introduced him to you I could tell he was smitten. He never looked away again.
Posted by Lisa Capko on February 20, 2015
Steve, I am very sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.
Posted by Sharon Zubec on February 20, 2015
I am so sorry to hear of the loss of Joey, my prayers and thoughts are with the whole family. Bless you all and R. I. P. Joey "
Posted by Jose Franceschi on February 20, 2015
JOE at this time I am SADDENED to lost such a good friend and in my heart a brother. It is my honor to say for the last 20+ years I was able to call you a friend and a brother. I know you have found comfort and with your HELP and STRENGTH your family and friends will also find comfort. I will always keep your memories alive in my heart.
All my thoughts and prayers are with YOU and YOUR FAMILY.
Posted by Eileen McCauley on February 20, 2015
What an incredible loss to a wonderful family... May he rest in peace
Posted by Mike Travers on February 19, 2015
Dad, no words can express of I feel. All I can say is I Love You and Thank you. Please watch over Joey and Shannon.
Posted by jean n bob price on February 19, 2015
So sorry for your loss.Our thoughts and prayers are with you.Joe will be missed.Such a good neighbor and friend for 22 years.
Posted by Patti Donofrio on February 19, 2015
So sorry to hear of Joey's passing. Although we hadn't seen each other since we were kids, I'm sure he will be sadly missed by all.
My thoughts and prayers are with his family at this difficult time.
Posted by Chic Simmler on February 19, 2015
Teri I"m so sorry to hear about Joe...he will be missed but is looking over you and your family. My thoughts and prayers are with you ya!

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