Joseph Anthony Suarez

Joe's journey in life was far more purposeful than he could have ever recognized.  He gave a new meaning to the phrase "living in the moment."  For 27 years we were beyond blessed to have him in our life; he made a difference in the world and to every life he touched.  His personality was incredibly funny, loving, genuine, he absolutely loved celebrations of any kind, he brought laughter and moments of warm joy to any occasion.  He had many extraordinary qualities/characteristics; far too many to try to write down, but one of his greatest was that smile!  His smile was contagious, it was a beaming light that illuminated his presence in every way.  On your worst day, he could make you feel happy just by talking to him.  Joe had that "something special" about him, one of his friends referred his personality to the word, "vibe."  He just had it, all of it, and he shared that vibe with everyone who knew him.  He had a way of seeing the good in people, no matter what bad they had done. If for whatever reason you got mad at Joe, forget about staying mad at him it just didn't happen.  All he had to do was smile at you and suddenly whatever it was that caused you to be angry, well it would be forgotten and he could have you laughing in seconds.  He gave his heart and soul to his family, his friends, and the simple things in life. He was a Brother, Uncle, Grandson, Godfather, Godson, Nephew, Cousin, Best Friend, and so many things to so many people but first and foremost he was "Our Son" and we shared him with the world for 27 years, which was not long enough.  Our world has become much quieter, but I know for sure heaven has definitely got much louder♥️.  We will forever miss his presence, but I know his spirit lives on forever. God grant us peace