Let the memory of Joseph be with us forever
  • 47 years old
  • Born on November 22, 1965 .
  • Passed away on September 29, 2013 .

This memorial website was created to collect memories of our loved one.  Most especially for Joe's son, Bryson. 

Bryson is so young and has great concern that he will not remember Joe as well as those of us that had years to spend with him.  He seeks out stories from others so he can continue to learn about Joe.  Truth be told we all continue to learn from the sharing of others.

Please help us to build on those memories.  All that is collected will remain here indefinitely as well as will be digitally transferred into a keepsake book.

Browse the site as much as you like and add tributes, stories, pictures, videos -  anything you feel would help us build a special place of cherished memories.    Please share the site link with others so they may contribute as well.

Thank you!  Tina Higgins

Posted by Barry Doughty on 22nd November 2018
Joe taught me early on to have a grateful heart and to be thankful at all times no matter what curve ball life threw my way. Today I carry an Attitude of Gratitude within my Spirit and this us a gift that helps connect to others Spirit.
Posted by Dawn Dyess on 22nd November 2017
Joe and I didn’t “click” when we met the 1st time. Several years later we connected on FB on a cold Sunday morning. He was in a deer stand & I was fake farming
Posted by Barry Doughty on 29th September 2017
4 years and not a day goes by that I don't think about Joe Higgins and the life lessons he taught me and numerous others. 2 things I frequently share with others is "It's a lot harder to fall if you walk real real slow" and "Recovery is a marathon, not a sprint". Joe lives on in and through my spirit and I'm forever grateful to have known him and to have been mentored by him.
Posted by Barry Doughty on 29th September 2016
3 years and each day Joe Higgins penetrates my heart, mind and spirit. We went to Clarksdale Mississippi last night to an NA meeting at Mainline Recovery, a place Joe called sacred ground. Chuck C carried the message and of course Joe Higgins was mentioned and his spirit was with us. WE all love and miss YOU Joe.
Posted by Johnny Mayo on 29th September 2016
Another year ... So much has changed for me. Joe's memory remains the same. I can only hope I'm handling life, including myself, in a way he would approve of. I'm sharing some of what he taught me with the crowd in Charlotte NC. I guess you could say Joe is becoming part of NC recovery now. The dove hunting pics come up on FB memory. I truly miss those days. With love to the memory and the family, Johnny Mayo
Posted by Chuck Cullum on 29th September 2016
When I first met Joe was back in 2009.I had bout 60 daysclean Joe told me to sit down and shut up because I didn't know anything about staying clean..almost 8 years later I still sit down and shut up!!!! Very grateful for him.He was a humongous _building block in my recovery.Love you so much.JFT.....WE DO RECOVER!!!!!
Posted by Barry Doughty on 22nd November 2015
I continue to freely give away all the things Joe gave me on a daily basis. There isn't a day goes by that Joe's Light shines and I'm so grateful to have known him and I'm forever grateful that he was willing to help bring Light and Love into my life. Love you Joe
Posted by Johnny Mayo on 22nd November 2015
Another year has gone by. The pain of losing a friend has eased but the memories are stronger. He is still quoted in our circles. He is still a corner stone in many lives. Bryson should be proud that his Dad touched so many ppl. I will remember Joe forever with a smile, a reverence and respect.
Posted by Johnny Mayo on 29th September 2015
I think of Joe regularly. His self confidence was "catching" I sometimes called him just too get a booster for myself. Every time I see a big Bronco I still can't help but look to see the driver. His mark was left and many ppl are continuing to get the good stuff he shared with us all.
Posted by Nikki Nissen on 30th September 2014
Joe was such a generous man. I met him first via phone call in 2009. He said he wanted to "help" with the convention. "Make coffee or whatever". I was open but skeptical. I was so impressed with him. I am not easily impressed. Not long after a home group in the delta had a fundraiser to get an air conditioner so Joe goes to support. And brings and air conditioner. Ha. Always something with that Joe. He told me I put skin on his God and I had never heard that before. It was a deep thought and still brings tears to my eyes. What a loving genuine man. He loved his family so much. He talked about his kids and Tina all the time. I miss him. I was glad to know him for five short years. I still can't believe he's gone. That's not fair. Someone told me a long time ago that people die because they've learned all they were here to learn and they've taught all they were here to teach. When I think about that it makes sense that Joe finished early. He was always on to school you.
Posted by Kenneth Daughtrey on 30th September 2014
Joe had so many qualities that I admired and envied. He always had a calm, cool, collected, and reality-based way of looking at any situation and was always willing to help you find a reasonable solution to the problem.....All during the course of a good cup of coffee.
Posted by Johnny Mayo on 29th September 2014
I met Joe back in the late 80's. I left the Jackson area for a while. Soon after I came back to Jackson in 2009. I remet Joe. Several of us traveled a bit. Made memories that will last forever ! The love he had for his wife & son was amazing, I soon found out why, his wife & son are amazing ! Joe helped me begin to understand what "becoming entirely ready" ment. (Getting my spiritual life in order, keeping it in order. So that in the events that are to take place as I go through life I will be able to endure.) I didn't know exactly what this ment until I heard he had passed. At that moment, instead of coming apart at the seams... I endured, I stayed the course. This has continued to serve me well. Joe lives on in the many lives he touched. I hope I can be as he was. With love to the family, Johnny M
Posted by Joseph Nissen on 29th September 2014
There’s not much that can be said that someone else hasn't already said or thought of. Joe was a lot of things to a lot of people. I think he was everything that God wants us to be. Like many others, Joe gave me what my father was unable to give in a lot of ways. In 2002, my father had a massive stroke that affected him in many ways, as well as other factors. It’s certainly not that my father didn't want to give me things a good father should; it’s that he simply couldn't. One of the things Joe did for me was to give me a lot of what my father couldn't. He never tried to take my father’s place; instead, he just tried to be my friend. I took the opportunity to tell him this one day; it’s something I’m extremely glad I did. On the lighter side, Joe was a very funny guy. He was secure enough to make fun of himself. Better yet, he was humble enough to make fun of himself. He was able take other people’s seemingly uncomfortable situations and them comfortable with humor. Joe was well known to do this; his humor always caught us off guard, yet his timing was perfect. When I was younger I enjoyed deer hunting. For various reasons I gave it up; I fell out of love with it. Later in life, I began to get back in touch with my past and the things I loved. Joe invited me out to hunt a couple of times before I took him up on the offer. I didn’t have a rifle, hunting clothes, or much of anything. It didn’t matter to Joe. He just wanted me out there. Joe was a good teacher. He taught me more about deer hunting, but more importantly he taught me about life most of the time we were hunting. He invited me back after that first hunt for many more hunts and he was always more thrilled than I was when I killed a deer. He taught me how to enjoy hunting more than I ever had; I had fallen back in love with hunting. More than anything else, Joe loved his family. Bryson is very young and Joe’s legacy might end up being what is passed on to him more than anything else. To me, Bryson’s success in life is what Joe always had in mind while raising him. Joe thought that most men give 100% at work, but not at home. He believed that more effort should be given at home than anywhere else. Joe loved to help people and be of service to them in many different ways. He would spend hours talking to people every day, but when he got home he would always tell me he had to go be with his family. Family, that’s thing Joe valued the most.
Posted by Barry Doughty on 29th September 2014
Joe was my go to guy and no matter what life presented me he was always willing to share his experience and provide a different perspective. He taught me it's a lot harder to fall if I walk real slow and that recovery is a marathon not a sprint. He gave me a couple of nicknames with the first being "Turbo" and the second being "Knucklehead" and boy oh boy he had me right on both. He taught me how to grow up and become a man and he would tell me things like "You're finding your place in society" and "God will put you right where you're suppose to be" He taught me what family really meant and I learned by watching him love his family,
Posted by Jeff Jones on 29th September 2014
Well it's been a year today that I lost one of my best friends. I stink at writing so just bare with me. I met Jo on a sandbar on the big black river. We pretty much hit it off right away. I loved to hunt as much as him. We started going hunting together and then working on junky jeeps and boats and bows and guns and pretty much everything. He was about as funny a man as I have ever been around. I laughed more when I was with him than any other. He should have been a comedian. You never knew what was gonna come out of his mouth! We had some great times together. Bryson, one day your gonna read this and I want you to call me and I will tell you every story you want to hear! I know I won't forget em because i think about em all the time. I guess God needed a funny angel because boy did he get one.
Posted by Dawn Dyess on 29th September 2014
First let me say not a day goes by I don't think of Joe & you & Bryson. Joe use to call me & say: "listen to this" or "you're not going to believe this." I loved those phone calls. He never failed to make me laugh.
Posted by John Smith on 29th September 2014
Joe is in my thoughts everyday. Its hard to believe that a friendship that developed in high school would have been rekindled 23 years later and become so close. He has instilled in me to never give up on myself by d keep pulling the wagon and as long as i do that and continue to take the high road at every choice I encounter.Joe told me God always has a plan for things to work out no matter if I understand or see what the plan of God is. Joe will always be in my life due to the positive mentor-ship he taught me. I hope that I can touch the lives of people as he did before I leave this world. I know that one day I will see him again in God's house and know that God will be laughing beacuse Joe kept everyone laughing and smiling.

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