Let the memory of Joseph be with us forever
  • 56 years old
  • Born on December 19, 1953 .
  • Passed away on August 6, 2010 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Joseph Doss 56 years old , born on December 19, 1953 and passed away on August 6, 2010. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Joseph Doss on 3rd August 2016
I hope anyone that reads this page knows the truth. If you do not let me tell you. Anita and my Father were never married so he was never any ones step father. My dad only had 3 kids my sisters and I. Anita has to be the biggest piece of trash loser i have ever met in my life. When my father passed she kept all of the items that were supposed to go to my dads relatives, Also how can you get on here and proclaim you love someone when in reality you are the reason he was at the morgue for days upon days because she had the insurance papers changed from me being beneficiary to her that was not my dads wish. She lied to my face during the most difficult time in my life. So she made away with what was my family's property and funds to pay dads remaining debts off that my siblings paid for. Just remember 1 thing Anita Dad told me towards the end when he was still in his right mind that you didn't mean anything to him and my Mom was the only women he ever truly loved. I sincerely hope you rot in hell you piece of trash for what you did.
Posted by Anita Cain on 21st May 2015
Hey babe it's me I haven't wrote to you in awhile but I'm sitting over here @ Misty ' s & I started thinking about you bc everywhere I look I see something that reminds me of you. We miss you every day. Our grandson Tanner graduated Monday the 18th & you'd be so proud of him. Our babygirl Jaicie is getting so big & she knows exactly who you're bc Tanner shows her pictures & tells her who you're. I love & miss you everyday & I'll never forget you babe. . I really don't think there will be anyone else in my life. I'll always love you no matter what.
Posted by Anita Cain on 21st May 2015
Here's a flower for you babe.
Posted by Anita Cain on 20th April 2015
Hey babe just thinking about you a lot today so I wanted to drop in & tell you how much I love & miss you. You'd be so proud of all of our kids & grandbabies. I'll TTYL baby. Love & miss you bunches.
Posted by Anita Cain on 11th August 2014
Hey baby it's been awhile since I last talked to you. Our granddaughter turned 2 yesterday & is getting so big. She knows who you're bc Tanner tells her everyday. I love you babysitter & miss you everyday.. Itll be 4 years tomorrow since we buried you but there's not a day that.! Don't think of you. Love you always & forever.
Posted by Anita Cain on 8th February 2014
Hey babe. Really been missing you the last few days. I really love you babe. I know now that there will never be anyone else . We will be together again one day & I can't wait to be in your arms again. Will be talking to you again soon. Love you babe & miss you every second of the day.
Posted by Anita Cain on 25th December 2013
Merry Christmas Joe. Dallas, Joanne, William , Ethen & all the rest of the family said Merry Christmas & to guide us in the right direction. They all said to tell you they love & miss you babe. Tell mom & dad we love & miss them too along with our precious grand babies & uncle bill.
Posted by Anita Cain on 24th December 2013
Hey babe it's now Christmas Eve & it's the 3rd one we've spent without you here with us but I know you're in a much better place. Going down to Mindy's to do gifts with the kids then I'm suppose to go to Dallas's for the night & Christmas dinner but Idk if I'm going or not. It's suppose to get easier as time goes by but it seems to be getting harder for me. I'll always love you baby & miss you like crazy. I'll talk to you tomorrow babe. Merry Christmas Eve.
Posted by Anita Cain on 19th December 2013
Hey babe Brenda & I came by to see you Tuesday & I had along talk with you. Happy 60th Birthday. You are missed & loved by so many . Do me a favor if you will. Please watch over Mitch BC he's really been missing you & I don't think he's been the same since you went to your forever home. I love & miss you dearly but I know that you're in a better place& that you're not suffering anymore & that makes it a lil bit easier to cope with. I'll talk to you in a few days babe. Love always & forever. .
Posted by Anita Cain on 14th December 2013
Hey babe. It's that time of year again & I can't quit thinking of you. I miss you so much & I thought it would get easier but it seems to be getting harder for me. Well your birthday is in 5 days then Christmas in 11 days . I decided that I will watch our grandbabies open their presents then I will be going home to lay around. I just wanted to drop in & let you know how much I love & miss you. I'll be talking to you again in a few days. Love you.
Posted by Deborah Hartsell LaPlant on 14th December 2013
Merry Christmas Joe, you can turn and look down the hill and wave at our Dad...a lot of memories you where a great ole school buddy you hung with one of my brothers...you are sadly missed By Anita and Family...see you later, ole buddy Deb
Posted by Debbie Peters on 14th December 2013
Posted by Anita Cain on 2nd November 2013
Hey babe sitting here thinking of you & missing you like always. I love you babe & nothing will ever change that. It's almost quarter after 1 & I need you now.
Posted by Misty Kaye on 2nd November 2013
Hey joe I love and miss you so much! You were the best step dad and best step parent anyone could of ever asked for! You lived my mom and her kids all of us so much! And we love you! The only step parent we had growing up. So glad it was you you never hurt us is anyway. Miss you every day please take care of my babies your gbabies and tell them about me :( kiss n hug them 4 me here's a
Posted by Anita Cain on 10th October 2013
Hey babe . Couldn't sleep so up talking to Brenda. I miss you so much & love you. I'll never stop loving you no matter what may happen in my future. I need you to do me a favor babe. Please watch over Dallas I can't stand losing him. Love you.
Posted by Anita Cain on 6th October 2013
I miss you so so much babe. I'll always love you & you'll be in my heart forever.

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