his Life

Joe's truck

For many years Joe wanted a pickup truck, but do to cost he always said that the only one he would own would be a toy truck.

  One day do to a rental truck accident he was able to get enough money to buy a real one, and he took such pride in it although the upkeep was hard for him to do so he did the best he could for as long as he could.

  If he had gotten a lawsuit settlement he had plans on getting it fixed up from the inside out.  Unfortunatly he didnt live long enough to get anything done and the lawsuit didnt work out so that not even I could get it done for him.

  Although I know that Joe would want me to have a safe car to drive it tore me up to have to get rid of his prize position that he loved so much even though it was in such sad shape and needed a lot of work. Watching the tow truck pull away with it made me feel like I was giving part of him away.  I know I will have a car soon and that he would be happy that im a lot safer driving now.

I also know that Joe would be happy if I was able to find the car that I have wanted for a long time. ( a lot like the GEO metro that we had at one time)


Joe was born in Matropolis Il on March 1st, 1944.  He out lived his late sister Sandy, His dad Jim Sheldon, and his step dad Robert McPheeters.

  Joe had several female friends and was married 2 times before me,  His late wife Diane had his heart for a few years and gave him a son Named Floyd.

  Diane was taken from him way to soon when she was killed by a drunk driver, and he never really ever got through the greaving  period, so it left a huge impact on him

 Joe was always the funny man with a usually dry sence of humor, but had the ability of making people laugh.

  Joe had this funny little silly dance that he would do for me that made me laugh everytime.  He also had his on language that he reffered to as "Engelmalish", where words he would say were distorted words of the english language.  As a example the word Orange he would say it as urnge, Mustard would be said as mussie and so on.  He was quite the ham.

Joe had 2 best friends, one being his late Black Lab "harley" who was like a medical dog but mostly his best friend. @ was his chi dog named cisco who Joe reffered to as a mountain goat because of the way the dog would run up his stomach and chest and purch himself on Joes shoulder and lay across Joes chest.  It was always so cute.  Cisco loved Joe very much.