Joe and his collectables

Shared by Lynda Sheldon on March 25, 2014

Joe had 3 things that he collected the most, those being Eagles, Buffalow's, and M&M"s decanters and anything that had M&M's on it including clothing, blankets and toys. ( Joe at one time had over 200 collected and displayed and very proud of all of them) It was a big conversation topic for him and his friends.

  I had fun adding to his collection as I was able, and before he would put them on the shelf he always ate the m&m candy out of the ones that came with it.  dont know how he kept from turning into a M&M himself lol. Im sure that once I have the space to display them for him again I will continue to get ones that he dosent already have. I will get them in his memory. I loved and will forever love this man.

Joe pays us a visit.

Shared by Lynda Sheldon on March 23, 2014

Joe has been away from us for a little over 3 months now, but I really believe he has been here to visit.

  I know we cqnt see him but he lets us ( mostly the kids) know he is around.  Strange things happen that shouldnt be possible such as locking the patio door from the inside when the kids are outside and have no way of locking it.  The lock that is locked is usually one that they never even lock. Joe always loved Mandys long hair and liked lightly tugging on it, so a few times now while Mandy is standing there talking to me she feels a slight tug on her hair and she just smiles, and we know it is Joe.

  Now and then the dogs while outside in the back yard will lay there looking at the bedroom window as if there was something there and cisco will act all weird. by the time we come in to check it out, whatever they saw is no longer there and cisco acts like he is back to normal again.

  I dont really know how else to explain this other than to say that Joe has paid us a few visits to let us know he is still with us and that he is happy and healthy now.

  God Bless you Joe,  I love you with all my heart.



Shared by Lynda Sheldon on January 9, 2014

Joe had to be the best thing that ever happened to me, and pretty much a one of a kind. Joe was very big hearted and would give the shirt off of his back to anyone, and was always willing to help his family whenever there was a need.

  Joe always put himself on the back burner which really upset me quite often.  I would send him to the store to buy himself things that he needed but when he came home he had not bought himself anything but had bought me things that he thought I would like.

Joe would tell me that when he walked into walmart he always heard his name being called over to the womans clothing section and he couldnt leave there until he found something for me.  Im glad that he always had good taste and never bought me things that I didnt like.

Joe was never happy with not being able to work to bring in more income and when id tell him that he was bringing in money through social security he always said it was never enough and that not being able to work made him feel less than a man. Although I tried hard to change his mind on that I was never able to accomplish that one.  He was a stubborn man but he would rather reffer to it as being strong willed or persistant..

Joe although he never realized it had many friends that thought the world of him but he didnt have the ability to believe it,

  Joe was pretty much a hermit and seldom ventured out of the house unless he had to go somewhere that he had no control over such as a dr appt.  He did however love going to the thrift stores and his favorite was the salvation army.  He would just ride his power chair and go see what bargans he could find. ( he always found several lol)

Joe most of our married lives had a lot of pain but he seemed to get control over most of it because he didnt like taking a lot of pain pills that didnt often work.

Joe was a one of a kind and I will forever miss and love him. I could never replace him and im not going to even try to.

I love you baby, you were/are the best that ever happened to me.


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