• 69 years old
  • Born on January 6, 1931 .
  • Passed away on September 16, 2000 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved husband, father, brother, uncle and friend, Joseph L. Robinson who passed away on Sept 16, 2000. May his memory forever live in our hearts. He will be forever missed...

Posted by Violet Walton on September 16, 2015
Uncle Joe, you will never be forgotten!
Posted by Violet Walton on September 18, 2013
Remembering the legacy and the life of a beloved MAN!!!! A blessing to everyone who knew him.
Posted by Erma Robinson Driver on September 16, 2013
Hi Daddy,
I miss you everyday!  However, I have learned to celebrate your birthday and not the day you left us. Your legacy lives on so greatly in me and Leta and our children too. May you find comfort in the arms of Jesus!
Posted by Jean Brown on January 14, 2010
Uncle Joseph,
I still remember you with such fondness. I can smile when I think of all the wonderful times we shared at our family reunions. I miss you and my Mom. You are forever in our hearts.
Posted by Gilda Williams on January 10, 2010
Uncle Joseph, We miss you. Most importantly, we miss that warm grin and those wonderful hunting trips to Boligee. God Bless. Forever in our heart. Gilda, Joe, Elizabeth and Joe Joe
Posted by Violet Walton on January 10, 2010
"Hi Uncle Joe, I know all is well with your soul. Thanks for bringing laughter and joy to our home when I was a little girl and thanks for teaching me how to play cards you were so much fun to watch!"
Posted by Violet Walton on January 10, 2010
"Uncle Joe, I can't tell you how much my mom misses you. Not only were you her brother but you were her friend. She could always count on you. She talks about you often you bring a smile to her face."
Posted by Eric Brooks on January 9, 2010
hey grandpa...I been thinking about u a lot. I'm proud to be a grandson of a man
that was so strong and loyal... And I look like you everyday with age...I love
you and will always miss you.
Posted by Lucy Robinson on January 9, 2010
Dear Joseph, you are gone but never forgotten. I will always carry you in my heart each day. Thank you for years of memories. Lucy
Posted by Andrell Thomas on January 9, 2010
To The Robinson family: May you keep the fond memories alive and Peace be with you.

Merle, now you understand that through his firmness he only wanted the best for you and Laine.
Posted by Joseph Brooks on January 8, 2010
Dear Grandpa, I miss you. Thanks for the fond memories. Our visits to Gary were special for me and Eric. We would always go to the grocery store to select our own cereal. Love always, JP.
Posted by Monique Watson on January 8, 2010
To my dear friend Merleta in memory of her beloved father Joseph Robinson. May God bless and keep you and your family as you reflect on the life and fond memories of your dad. Love, Mo
Posted by P Belcher on January 8, 2010
Erma and Merlita, what a wonderful tribute to Uncle Joseph. This reminds me of his loving smile and laugh. Phillis Branch-Belcher
Posted by Nicole Washington on January 7, 2010
From: Emily Chettie Robinson Washington
Joseph, I truly miss you and your stories. They were always so funny.
Your Baby Sister
Posted by Nicole Washington on January 7, 2010
Uncle Joseph,
  I just wanted you to know that I'm doing well. I miss you. Love Always!!
Posted by Morris Driver on January 7, 2010
Thanks Mr.Robinson for you hard work and the love that you put into your family. You molded an great person in Erma. I have a great woman in her and I thank you and Mrs. Robinson. We miss you.
Posted by Tuwana Alford on January 7, 2010
mr.robinson, you were always so nice to me when i was at your home visiting merleta. i miss you but i know you are doing just fine where you are. love you, always, tuwana bowling alford
Posted by Erma Robinson Driver on January 7, 2010
Hi daddy, did you ever know that you were my hero? I now realize that real love never dies--Thank you for "training us in the way that a child should go". We have not departed from it.
I love you!
Posted by D.J. Byers on January 7, 2010
Hey Grandpa,it's me D.J. I miss you so much.Even though i have dim memories of you,i can never forget your wonderful smile and you calling me "junoir".I will forever love and charish you in my heart
Posted by Merleta Robinson-Byers on January 6, 2010
Daddy I miss you so much! There is not a day that goes by that you are not in my thoughts and my heart. Thank you so much for loving us. We are blessed to have had you in our lives. I love you.
Posted by Raisa Byers on January 6, 2010
Hello Granddaddy, its your only granddaughter. Im 21, & I wish you were here to give me great advice on adulthood. I really miss your words of wisdom. U speak to me thru my mom daily. I love you. =)
Posted by David Byers on January 6, 2010
Hi Mr. Robinson we miss you and wish you were here. Tell my mom and brothers hello. I told you I would take good care of Leta and I am. You will always be with us. God Bless!!!!!

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