Shared by Danielle VOnner on October 18, 2010

I will never forget the day our daughter was born!  Im so blessed n happy that I was lefted with something frm u to enjoy everyday until I come back home to u! U didnt kno what to do. U was all over the place. I swear u losted ur head. I had to drive myself to the hospital cause u couldnt even get Angelous in the car. LOL. I remember u called Lil Derrick as soon as we got in the car. We still didnt even have a name picked out. U n Lil Derrick thought I was crazy cause I was the one driving. LOL. But u never lefted my side. U stayed in the hospital the whole time. U just kept tellin me how much u loved me n appicated me for havin ur baby. When Ashanti came out, we saw u drop that tear as much as u tried not to show it. I told u i was gonna beat ur ass as soon as I had Ashanti for me havin to go through all this pain. LOL. I just pushed Ashanti out n told u just to come a little bit closer so I could beat ur ass. LOL. N then ur face after the dr said "Ok, one more push", u said "wait theres another baby", LOL n that was the funniest part. When the plasta came out, u should have seen ur face. I thought u could handle all this. U always pasted out. But u was very proud of me. Our daughter will never forget u n I wont let her.


Love always and forever, ur wife,

Danielle Vonner

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