His Life

My brother

Growing up it was always just my mom and step dad and my two sisters and I .my other two sisters were both married with families of there own.and my brother was in the service then after leaving he resided in Sacramento .we weren't very close through my growing up years but as years passed he got very sick well we weren't sure he would make it.we all made it to the hospital then he pulled through.Joanne then started taking charge letting him know he needed to move to vegas so we could help him .he finally said ok and that's when my real relationship began with my brother. we did a lot of catching up and talked alot about sad things as well but I am so thankful for him getting sick for that moment to bring us together .I shared alot of my life's journeys with him and  it was for only a short time but to me it was one of the best gifts I could have received in life I miss him every day that goes by and I know he is in a better place pain free so I am thankful for that as well. brother I love and miss you