Your Cowboy Hat

Shared by Sandy Wright on February 19, 2017

     I remember so clearly the day you bought that cowboy hat. We were on our way to Phx, from Vegas. You and Jerri in her car, me in my car. We were just comming into Wickenburg & due to construction it had taken us forever. We stopped at Jack in Box to eat. You dissapeared for what seemed a long time... then we saw you... walking in, a big smile on your face, a lil skip in your step, head held high & wearing that Cowboy hat... you said it was "calling my name" & asked me how i liked it, i said "it's definitely you".... you gave me that wink of your eye, for the last time... along w/ a nod... I miss those winks we shared... they made me feel special, thank you for your friendship & thank you for the  "winks".

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